Thursday, February 25, 2016

To Defend Our Town The Vine Has Returned and Will Remain

This past election saw many things in East Haven that were historic. For the first time in many years a viable Independent candidate ran for Mayor with a slate of candidates for various boards and although the Independent Candidate did not prevail you could see by the election results that the MAJORITY of East Haven residents did not choose Joe Maturo even though he won in a three man race.

Out of 7,287 votes cast 4,005 rejected Joe Maturo as Mayor. That's 55% of the East Haven population that either chose the Democrat candidate Michael Speer or the Independent candidate Sal Maltese. Do you think Joe Maturo would realize that he is not the man who once commanded 65% of the popular vote? Does Joe Maturo still think he can govern this way? See the 2015 Election Results

Maturo is playing with fire with the Old High School once again. Ignoring what the people of East Haven truly wanted done with this property through a vote at the ballot box. The MAJORITY of the residents of the Town of East Haven did not choose 55 and older residential units to be housed at 200 Tyler Street. The scary thing is Joe Maturo thinks he's smarter than all of us by setting up the Blue Ribbon Commission. Three fifths of the members were political donors to Maturo's Campaign and the remainder of the Blue Ribbon Committee are political appointees of the Maturo Administration,

Commission Members            Contributions                          Commission

Marlene Asid                                $210.00                                  None Listed
Paul Carbo                                    $575.00                                  Republican Town Chairman
Steven DeLucia                            $190.00                                  Fire Commission
Bob Lemoncelli                                  0                                       Economic Development
Chuck Lang                                        0                                       Zoning Board of Appeals

Boards and Commissions

Maturo for Mayor 2015 Finance Reports

Where is the transparency we were all promised? The Chairman, Paul Carbo steered this committee based on one single lie that educational component of the use of 200 Tyler Street was decided by the Board of Education. When the Vine checked the facts it was discovered that there was no Board of Education vote in fact what truly happened was Sal Brancoti,  Joe Maturo's Director of Administration, called John Finkle, Chairman and asked John to write a letter to him telling him he had no use for the property. When you ask Chairman Paul Carbo he said it was a consensus of the Board of Education. When pressed for a definition Mr. Carbo proceeded with his vote to the remainder of the Blue Ribbon Commission.

Here's the letter to prove it. 

Under the Maturo Administration transparency does not exist. We hope that the reemergence of the East Haven Vine will help you clearly see that this Administration is not working in your best interests and we know that this Administration is on fire to complete the sale of the Old High School before the next election, The Vine encourages you all to get to every meeting possible. Zoning Board, Town Council especially.

It's nice to be back thank you for all who always ask. I'm hope you'll continue to be an avid reader.

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