Thursday, March 3, 2011

Deputy Director case postponed again

The Ralph Mauro saga continues as once again Mr. Mauro was asked to plea his case before the judge for his alleged illegal possession of firearms and possession of a stolen weapon, all felonies. Once again, for the 14th time Mr. Mauro's case was continued until March 30th. Read about the case here

It is simply outrageous that this administration continues to allow Mr. Mauro the right to continue working while these charges are before the court. It is cowardly that Mr. Mauro refuses to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. His making a mockery of the judicial system should not be a surprise, the Capone Almon Administration is no stranger to that either. We all remember the famous beach parking issue where The Mayor and her Assistant Erica Berg were arrested for interfering with a Police Officer. Those charges were later dropped and the Mayor went on a charity tour with her mug shot further making a mockery of our judicial system.

This administration also continues the suspension of Chief Gallo for alleged violations of the East Haven Police Department policy and procedures, paying two police chiefs but allows Mr. Mauro to continue to work while he has been accused of a crime.

But what do we expect from an Administration that has nothing but contempt for the law enforcement community and it's judicial system? Let's hope the people of East Haven remember this coming November and vote this cast of characters out of office.