Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Joe Maturo MUST RESIGN his office for comments he makes about Latino Community

Tonight I have been receiving a flurry of bad news phone calls one after the other regarding what is going on in East Haven. First and foremost, I stand united with the East Haven Police Department and I know many of our residents do too. I believe in our men and women in blue and will stand with them shoulder to shoulder in this fight with the United States Government but what I will not stand for as a taxpayer in the Town of East Haven is for our leader, our Mayor, to pour more salt on the wound.

WPIX in New York, a station I watched for many years sent their reporter Mario Diaz to Town Hall to interview Mayor Maturo and when he asked the Mayor what he plans on doing for the Latino Community today, Joe Maturo responded "I might have Tacos when I go home." he then tried to catch his idiotic statement by babbling like a fool but it showed Joe Maturo's arrogance and immaturity to hold command of the highest office in East Haven.

That comment was an insult not only to the Latino Community but all residents of the Town of East Haven. It was uncalled for, inresponsible and wreckless and I call on the Town Council to immediately ask for Joe Maturo's resignation. It is clearly evident that Joe Maturo's judgement and perception of what has happened today is in question. It's time for the Chairman of the Town Council to invoke the powers of Office of Mayor until a Special Election can be held in 3 months where we can get some responsible leadership at the helm that can perform during a crisis.

In the interest of our Police Department, we need a change in leadership so we have a fighting chance to save our East Haven Police Department and our Town from further public relations damage. Our Police certainly didn't need these words and it is certain that they don't condone it either.

For the residents of the Town of East Haven stand for what is right and call for Joe Maturo's resignation now!

Please click on this link to review the interview with Mario Diaz and Joe Maturo.