Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is Capone and Ruocco serious? Capone's answer to Economic Development in East Haven...2 years 11 months

When rumors were circulating around Town that James Krebs was up for the job of Economic Development one could argue that while Mr. Krebs is an older gentleman he certainly has the Education being a graduate of Wharton School of Business. In addiiton of Jim's years of knowing just about everyone in Town to help foster deals to improve East Haven's Economic Development. But when I read that the Town of East Haven hired a 25 year old for the position I said, well he's got to be a Yalie, with an Economics Degree or something to that equivalent. Someone with pure brilliance that will help fill the 78 vacant store fronts this Administration has left us.
But he's not a Yale graduate, he's not a Wharton graduate, he's a Graduate Student from Southern Connecticut State University with just 2 years and 11 months experience in the work place and not one day of Economic Development experience. capone is at it again! Hiring people who just have no business of being in the positions they hold. The East Haven Vine has found his resume and you can look for yourself.

This is directly from LinkedIn. For those who don't know what LinkedIn is it's a place where business professionals create their own profiles to market themselves in the business world.

Mayor April....Are you really seriously thinking this is the answer to our problems? Alex seems like a very nice kid but he has ZERO experience and you're setting him up for failure.

I apologize for the cut and paste of LinkedIn it doesn't covert well to Blogger.

Good luck Alex. You're going to need it.
Alexander Sulpasso
Housing Market Valuation Analyst at Platinum Associates Investments and Real-estate

Location Greater New York City Area

Industry Government Administration

Alexander Sulpasso's Overview

·         Housing Market Valuation Analyst at Platinum Associates Investments and Real-estate


·         Intern at National Governors Association
·         Research Assistant at Public Agenda
·         District Manager at New Haven Register


·         Southern Connecticut State University
·         Southern Connecticut State University


5 connections

 Alexander Sulpasso's Summary

I have always been able to handle a demanding schedule. I have excellent time management skills and am highly energergetic. My experience in multiple management positions developed my exceptional organization skills. I am very driven and am self motivated. I can be trusted to do the work without supervision. More importantly, I have great interpersonal skills and enjoy working in a team atmosphere. I think logistically and am always willing to learn, take advice, and then implement a plan of action. From my work experience and educational background, I have a well developed “common sense” factor and can think quickly.

The overall goal is to find meaningful employment in government, a nonprofit organization, or mission driven public sector position.


I have excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint (electronic filing system) and can quickly learn any computer program. Most importantly I have excellent analytical skills and am extremely detailed oriented. And have exercised both my analytical skills and thoroughness in research projects, data management, and editing/revising finance reports.

Alexander Sulpasso's Experience

Housing Market Valuation Analyst

Platinum Associates Investments and Real-estate

Real Estate industry

May 2010 – Present (1 year 4 months)

As a Valuation Analyst, on a daily basis, I analyze real estate market data to establish the fair market value of properties under foreclosure. After analyzing data, I compile detailed reports to present with the valuation findings.


Nonprofit; Public Policy industry

January 2010 – May 2010 (5 months)

Primarily on a daily basis I assisted in the day to day operations of the Office of Management Consulting and Training (OMCT). OMCT is the department within NGA responsible for training governors and governor staff. Assist the director of OMCT in contacting and maintaining relationships between NGA and current governors, former governors, and governor staff.

Research Assistant

Nonprofit; Public Policy industry

January 2010 – May 2010 (5 months)

I coordinated events and assembled research with Public Agenda of Public Education Network a non-profit bipartisan organization which expresses educational needs with the 50 states. The events coordination included drafting invitation language, establishing a venue, receiving questions, answering questions, updating documents, and explaining complex issue such as the national debt numbers and how the national debt affects the educational development of the American public. The research, for Public Agenda, primarily focused on affects on the national debt and included sources such as, Congressional legislation, State Budget reports, Congressional Budget Office data, Office of Budget Management, Internal Revues Service, and many others.

District Manager

Public Company; Newspapers industry

September 2008 – April 2009 (8 months)

Manage the daily operation of newspaper distribution demands for the East Haven, Hamden and Wallingford area. Also, Compile detailed expenses reports, employee time sheets, and customer relations. Most importantly, supervise, hire, and train a staff of 13+ independent contractors and ensure accurate deliveries.

Alexander Sulpasso's Education

Southern Connecticut State University

Masters of Science, Public Policy and Admin

2010 – 2012 (expected)

3.8 of 4.0 GPA

Southern Connecticut State University

2005 – 2010


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

East Haven, it's plain and simple. A vote for Joe Maturo is a vote for April.

So is there a deal out there between Joe Maturo and April Capone? One would think so because it seems that these 2007 foes are in agreement on one thing, neither one of these two wants John Finkle to be Mayor of the Town of East Haven.

What would either one gain by giving a nod and a wink to each other? Well they could be mutually beneficial to each other for personal gain. It's obvious that April Capone loves being the Mayor of East Haven and in a one to one battle for the seat against John Finkle she is a loser. However, with Joe Maturo entering the race on the 3rd line April could pull out a victory with Maturo pulling away votes from both and gives enough to April to prevail.

What could be the reason why? Why would Joe Maturo want to do this? What's in it for Joe? Well maybe it's all in the family. Not many people know that Joe's oldest daughter still works for the Town of East Haven and has not faced the wrath of other politically appointed personal. When April came to office the attack was on any supporter of Joe Maturo. Sarah Morill, for example, was forced from her position as Community Development Coordinator. At the time Sarah was the Republican Chairperson from the Town of Hamden. There were others that had no union protection that were forced out, all except Joe's daughter who I believe is now in a secured union position.

Now what I am saying might be a reach, but could be the reason why Joe could make a deal. We also know that Joe Maturo has no love loss for John Finkle. Simply put Joe Maturo could simply not want John Finkle to be Mayor out of spite. Therefore, by running, could jeopardize John Fnkle's chances and be the ultimate payback for the well-known vindictive former Mayor.

One question though should be asked. If Joe Maturo was so confident that he would beat John Finkle in a Republican Primary why would he not want to face him? Could it be that Joe Maturo's knows that head to head against John Finkle he is a loser? Let’s think about this in perspective. In 2007 over 4,000 people said NO to Joe Maturo and fired him. He lost by just 25 votes. In 2009, John Finkle had over 4,000 votes. What makes anyone think that people have changed their minds in either way? To me it seems that the real loser is Joe Maturo because in a three way race, he of anyone has to show that what happened in 2007 was just a mistake. I seriously doubt people think it was a mistake.

Many of the big issues on why Joe was fired as Mayor was because he acted like a playboy, was arrogant and thought he was untouchable. He took advantage of the Office of Mayor by taking 10 weeks of vacation and when in town was out of the office most of the time. Well, a leopard never changes his spots. Just for example, after this past weekend's events on the Town Green Joe Maturo was off again heading to Las Vegas and Colorado for another vacation. Sounds like a real serious candidate!  Leaving for vacation just after announcing his third line run! One would think he'd take every opportunity to knock on doors and be in the public eye and tell everyone why he wants to be Mayor again. Joe is taking this 3rd line run as a sad side show and continues to dishonor the people of East Haven and mostly himself.

Now let’s look at one person that is behind this run third line run of Joe Maturo. As I mentioned in my last article Joe's Administration was also responsible for his termination as Mayor. Joe's number two, Art DeSorbo, was a major reason for Joe's downfall. Known for his abrasive and also vindictive style of management Art was Joe's strong arm and used threats and intimidation to bully his way through political red tape. When a board or commissioner would be against a proposal it was Art DeSorbo that would sit at the head table and stare down the commissioners. Many times when something controversial would come before the Town Council Art DeSorbo would be there counting votes and making sure that everyone would fall within line. I also was witness to many of Art's rants and raves and his statements or "getting" anyone who went against him.

Art DeSorbo is also an elected Republican Town Committee Member and also sits on the Republican State Central Committee. So you can see the political power and influence that he pushes around. Frankly, because Mr. DeSorbo is supporting a non-endorsed candidate he should immediately resign from the East Haven Republican Town Committee and the Republican State Central Committee.

Frankly, many people told me personally the reason why they didn't vote for John Finkle in 2009 was because they thought that Art DeSorbo was going to play a big role in a Finkle Administration. That was never true and today is a certainty to never happen. In reality, could it be that the reason why Art DeSorbo is supporting a Joe Maturo Administration is because he needs a job as does many of Joe supporters? Do you the reader want to see a return of Art DeSorbo to a position in Town Hall?

There are others too that support a Joe Maturo run on a third line that are less visible. They will be discussed in a later article. The bottom line... It's plain and simple that a vote for Joe Maturo is a vote for April Capone. If you the reader are serious about REAL change then you need to support John Finkle because his people don't need jobs, they want honest government and not the same old same old. Joe Maturo's past administration needs to stay that way and we need to fire April Capone so we can get our town back!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Follow up to the July 27th Board of Police Commissioners Meeting

If I didn't mention it in my last article on the Board of Police Commissioners,  I wrote a letter to Acting Chief Nappi requesting that I receive a copy of the statistical data that is used to detemine where and when the East Haven Police Department uses the DUI/DWI checkpoints throughout town. The current meeting is being played on channel 19 if you'd like to see it live.

Acting Chief Nappi decalred that the lcoations are determined were designated and assigned by Sargent Lennon with the assistance of this so called statistical data. I find that rather odd that a lower ranking officer would make that decison and not the top two men of the Department? We were told that we had to hire Deputy Chief Mannion by Mr. Paul Hongo because we had to assemble command back into the rank and file of the Police Department. Well if that is the case why isn't this decision at least being made by Manion? But not to worry I didn't let this one go. I have requested and Freedom of Information Request on the statistical data and received word from Town Attorney Patrticia Cofranceseco last week that I should be receiving "a response under seperate cover."

There is at least one good thing that did come out of that meeting on the 27th of July, the patrol at the Town Beach is back! After being told by Chairmain Brow that the SRO, DARE Program and the Community Patrol Officer were in "negotiations" amazingly <tounge and cheek> they listened because the Administration got caught. They know what is going on down at the beach. Just last week when I took my daughter down to field 4 in the dugouts was the stench of urine, beer bottle and condom wrappers. I suggest the Community Officer patrol that area very closely along with the Grove cause there is some work to do over there! 

The facts are that this East Haven Board of Police Commissioners are playing games with the safety and well being of the people of East Haven and this author will hold them to account by being at every Police Commission meeting I can attend and will continue to ask the pointed questions until our Police Department is back to doing what it's supposed to do, protect the citizens of our Town.

Stay tuned for Town Attorney Cofrancesco's response. I can assure you it will be very interesting.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The past (Joe), the present (April), and the future (John Finkle)

So now it's official. Joe Maturo has announced that he will run for Mayor this November. But before we get all giddy about the prospects of a return of Joe lets look at how and why we got here.

After 1997 when former Mayor Hank Luzzi's policies caused his downfall Joe Maturo swept into office and took East Haven by storm. Back then Joe Maturo was an honest, young and determined indivdual who I believe had the best interests of the people of East Haven. I so much believed in him that I actaully approached him to serve and in 2000 I was appointed to the East Haven Town Council.


While on the East Haven Town Council (serving 7 years) I became a thorn in the side of Joe Maturo not because I wanted to be a pain but because of what I witnessed and heard. The very first issue that caused a divide between myself and Joe Maturo was his request of a additional retirement pack for holding the seat of Mayor. The terms of that request was an $11,000 pension for every year served matched at 100%. I balked at this because while I had no problem with Joe Maturo putting HIS money away for his retirement I didn't think is was right nor fair for the taxpayers of the Town to give him something that many of them don't get themselves. When I voted against Joe he became angry and vindictive towards me and demanded that his Republican council vote 15-0 for him. The vote came to 13-2 with Councilman Sand voting with me.

Do you see similarities with the current East Haven Town Council under Capone? Yes you do. There are Council members balking and not returning and even some that have switched parties to show their frustration to the political mess that April Capone has brought to East Haven. Is this change you voted for? Is this what the people of East Haven need?


After ten years in office you gain a reputation and a record that can not be disputed. Joe Maturo served as Mayor of the Town of East Haven during good economic times when building new homes and renovations on existing homes in East Haven was at the height of the boom. In many cases Joe Maturo and his Administration used his appointed Boards and Commission as weapons to push through his agenda and even strong armed Town Council appointed boards. In one case Joe Maturo and his Administration used his this weapon against one of our own commissioners on the Zoning Board of Appeals. This commissioner who will remain nameless, had an application before the Zoning Board of Appeals to build an addition to his home but was told it would be denied unless he voted yes to every application that came through the Mayor's office.  Eventually, the strong arm prevailed and this ZBA member became compromised and eventually resigned his position.

Under April Capone it didn't take long for her to gain a reputation. Ever the glory hound, you can always find this Mayor in front a micrphone and podium. From the onset of her appointment she repaid the election contributions of several of her now appointed officials and made good on promises to repay with nepotisim. She brought back Officer Robert Nappi from retirement in a controversal decision caused by Mayor Maturo. Nappi was also was a financial contributor to her election campaign. Her Inland Wetlands Board is now causing grief in the Riverside neighborhood by circumventing procedure by allowing expired applications to be approved.

I don't make this up I just put it all together!


In Joe Maturo's 10 years in office he went to war with our East Haven Police Department on several occassions. Using his Police Commissioners to do most of the dirty work. First it was promotions which led a Sargent to file a CHRO's complaint and eventually settle for over $200K years later. Then it was the use of the media to drag that Sargent's personal life and his family through the mud in a deplorable public display. It was also votes of no confidence from the police union which eventually led to the Police Union publically endorsing a candidate (April Capone Almon). So in essence Joe war with the Police Department caused the election of April Capone.

Currently, we have a second war ongoing with the East Haven Police Department. April Capone's self appointed board of Police Comissioners have led the way to deny due process, actively participate in the suspension of Chief Gallo, appoint a Deputy Chief while reducing man power in the field. Her Administration has violated the collective bargaining agreement and create unnecessary grievances by suspending police officers without due cause. Instead of working with our Police Department we now have the last two Mayors the past 14 years involved in a long protracted war with the men and women in blue.

The embarrasment Mayor Joe had caused and the current Mayor has done is not what this Town needs. We need a Mayor that will stand by the men and women of the East Haven Police Department. We need a person to calm down the rhetoric and send a clear message to that all the nonsense will stop.


Joe didn't leave the elected officals out either. Frustrated with the Board of Finance he went to war with them over several financial issues. Then Joe Maturo called for the Board of Finance to be dissolved and then pubilcally berated them in the East Haven Courier. In the meanwhile as the Head of the Board of Finance he rarely ever attended a meeting, stating that it was unnecessary for him to be there. Could it be that Joe Maturo didn't want to be there because he left the Town on auto-pilot? Could it be that Joe Maturo prefered to be in Florida or at a game of golf than keeping the eye on the ball?

To her credit April Capone is at every meeting but is completely clueless to the financial situation of this Town! At first denying there was a deficit she then began to blame everyone under the sun except her Administration for the current fiscal deficits we have. Her economic development plan has left East Haven with over 78 vacant store fronts as reported by the East Haven Vine. She has no plan, she has no answers except to raise you taxes over 17% in 2010 and then come back in 2011 and insult you by saying she cut your taxes by .25%.

It's called the shell game and both Joe Maturo and April Capone are experts at playing the game.


People of East Haven you have seen the Past and the Present and to me there really is no difference. In the past under Joe Maturo you had to deal with vendictive policy, threats and shakedowns. If you didn't comply with his demands you were yelled at, treated like a fool and cast out. While I have no inner knowledge of the April Capone Administration is doesn't seem very different. Certainly one would have to ask this very simple question, "Why would anyone want to go back to the days of old when they are no different from the present day?"

We need real  and effective change. We need new blood with new vision not some old retread that promises to bring back the days of old and we certainly need to fire April Capone this November. We need honest and transparent government. Just look at the people behind the scenes in both administrations.

The only way East Haven is going to rid itself of all the current drama is to elect John Finkle. Here is what John Finkle is going to do http://www.johnfinkleformayor.com/issues.html

Take a look, a very hard look and realize that we need REAL change.

Stay tuned for more on this November's election!