Wednesday, August 17, 2011

East Haven, it's plain and simple. A vote for Joe Maturo is a vote for April.

So is there a deal out there between Joe Maturo and April Capone? One would think so because it seems that these 2007 foes are in agreement on one thing, neither one of these two wants John Finkle to be Mayor of the Town of East Haven.

What would either one gain by giving a nod and a wink to each other? Well they could be mutually beneficial to each other for personal gain. It's obvious that April Capone loves being the Mayor of East Haven and in a one to one battle for the seat against John Finkle she is a loser. However, with Joe Maturo entering the race on the 3rd line April could pull out a victory with Maturo pulling away votes from both and gives enough to April to prevail.

What could be the reason why? Why would Joe Maturo want to do this? What's in it for Joe? Well maybe it's all in the family. Not many people know that Joe's oldest daughter still works for the Town of East Haven and has not faced the wrath of other politically appointed personal. When April came to office the attack was on any supporter of Joe Maturo. Sarah Morill, for example, was forced from her position as Community Development Coordinator. At the time Sarah was the Republican Chairperson from the Town of Hamden. There were others that had no union protection that were forced out, all except Joe's daughter who I believe is now in a secured union position.

Now what I am saying might be a reach, but could be the reason why Joe could make a deal. We also know that Joe Maturo has no love loss for John Finkle. Simply put Joe Maturo could simply not want John Finkle to be Mayor out of spite. Therefore, by running, could jeopardize John Fnkle's chances and be the ultimate payback for the well-known vindictive former Mayor.

One question though should be asked. If Joe Maturo was so confident that he would beat John Finkle in a Republican Primary why would he not want to face him? Could it be that Joe Maturo's knows that head to head against John Finkle he is a loser? Let’s think about this in perspective. In 2007 over 4,000 people said NO to Joe Maturo and fired him. He lost by just 25 votes. In 2009, John Finkle had over 4,000 votes. What makes anyone think that people have changed their minds in either way? To me it seems that the real loser is Joe Maturo because in a three way race, he of anyone has to show that what happened in 2007 was just a mistake. I seriously doubt people think it was a mistake.

Many of the big issues on why Joe was fired as Mayor was because he acted like a playboy, was arrogant and thought he was untouchable. He took advantage of the Office of Mayor by taking 10 weeks of vacation and when in town was out of the office most of the time. Well, a leopard never changes his spots. Just for example, after this past weekend's events on the Town Green Joe Maturo was off again heading to Las Vegas and Colorado for another vacation. Sounds like a real serious candidate!  Leaving for vacation just after announcing his third line run! One would think he'd take every opportunity to knock on doors and be in the public eye and tell everyone why he wants to be Mayor again. Joe is taking this 3rd line run as a sad side show and continues to dishonor the people of East Haven and mostly himself.

Now let’s look at one person that is behind this run third line run of Joe Maturo. As I mentioned in my last article Joe's Administration was also responsible for his termination as Mayor. Joe's number two, Art DeSorbo, was a major reason for Joe's downfall. Known for his abrasive and also vindictive style of management Art was Joe's strong arm and used threats and intimidation to bully his way through political red tape. When a board or commissioner would be against a proposal it was Art DeSorbo that would sit at the head table and stare down the commissioners. Many times when something controversial would come before the Town Council Art DeSorbo would be there counting votes and making sure that everyone would fall within line. I also was witness to many of Art's rants and raves and his statements or "getting" anyone who went against him.

Art DeSorbo is also an elected Republican Town Committee Member and also sits on the Republican State Central Committee. So you can see the political power and influence that he pushes around. Frankly, because Mr. DeSorbo is supporting a non-endorsed candidate he should immediately resign from the East Haven Republican Town Committee and the Republican State Central Committee.

Frankly, many people told me personally the reason why they didn't vote for John Finkle in 2009 was because they thought that Art DeSorbo was going to play a big role in a Finkle Administration. That was never true and today is a certainty to never happen. In reality, could it be that the reason why Art DeSorbo is supporting a Joe Maturo Administration is because he needs a job as does many of Joe supporters? Do you the reader want to see a return of Art DeSorbo to a position in Town Hall?

There are others too that support a Joe Maturo run on a third line that are less visible. They will be discussed in a later article. The bottom line... It's plain and simple that a vote for Joe Maturo is a vote for April Capone. If you the reader are serious about REAL change then you need to support John Finkle because his people don't need jobs, they want honest government and not the same old same old. Joe Maturo's past administration needs to stay that way and we need to fire April Capone so we can get our town back!

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