Friday, December 30, 2011

You want the truth? Ask a cop. You want it printed ask The East Haven Vine

The saga of the worst East Haven Police Commissioners Board in the history of the Town of East Haven continued on Tuesday night where the vendettas of personal attacks continued. In probable retaliation for Chief Gallo telling the members of the Police Commission they were forbidden to be on the grounds of the EHPD the Board voted unanimously to uphold a 1973 rule from the East Haven Department Manual that said the Chief of the Department must be an electorate of the Town of East Haven. Are these Commissioners for real? Here we have the United States Department of Justice investigating our rules and regulations which they site as being outdated and these buffoons pull out a 39 year old out dated policy and expect that we the public don’t see further retaliation? Message to the Police Commission, you’re nothing but an appointed civilian oversight board that sets policies and procedures, you don’t run the East Haven Police Department.

That leads me to my next topic of who, what, when and why. We all know the issue that spearheaded the Department of Justice investigation to racial profiling came with the February 2009 arrest of Father James Manship for interfering with Officers David Cari and Dennis Spaulding while they were investigating the sale of license plates at the My Country Store on Main Street.  Those events led this current board to seek an investigation of the incident from Chief Gallo. Chairman Brow had asked Chief Gallo about the events of that arrest and if he believed the arrest met the criteria expected. The Chief responded that indeed everything that the officers fell into compliance. I guess that wasn’t enough for Chairman Brown because at the May 25, 2010 East Haven Board of Police Commissioners meeting Commissioner Krebs made a motion “to request that the Chief States Attorney’s Office conduct an investigation into the arrest of Fr. James Manship.” (May 25, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes)  All of the Commissioners voted in favor. Then on June 4, 2010 Chairman Brow wrote a letter to Kevin Kane from the Chief States Attorney’s Office requesting a challenge of Chief Gallo review of the incident. In his letter Chairman Brow was upset that the East Haven Board of Police Commissioners was not privy to any written reports or communications from the New Haven State’s Attorney’s Office. Chairman Brow was seeking answers to the following questions.

1)      Did the arrest have sufficient probable cause?

2)      Were the police officers lawfully on the premise?

3)      Were the officers reports accurate and truthful?

Brow indicated that it was essential to have this reviewed because the arrest of Fr. Manship was dismissed in court.

Here is the letter written to Kevin Kane, Chief State's Attorney's Office

I guess though that was not enough for Chairman Brow. Because on June 28, 2010 Chairman Brow, WITHOUT East Haven Police Commission Board approval wrote a letter to Mr. Luis Saucedo from the United State Department of Justice enclosing the letter Mr. Brow wrote to the Chief States Attorney’s Office and enclosed editorials from the New Haven Register.  Since Mr. Brow is such a conformist about process and procedure maybe he can answer the question of why he took it upon himself to write to the Department of Justice and thus possibly exposing the Town of East Haven’s liability further? Where was the Town Attorney in this decision?

Here is the letter written to the Department of Justice authored by Mr. Fred Brow

Where was the advice to the Board from the Town Attorney because on June 30, 2010 Mr. Kane responded to Mr. Brow and stated in his letter. “Following the arrest of the Reverend Manship the Office of The State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of New Haven thoroughly reviewed all pertinent circumstances. That office determined that no prosecutable criminal conduct had occurred during the investigation or arrest.

Here is the response letter from Mr. Kane that came 2 days after Mr. Brow took it upon himself to write to the United States Department of Justice.

Still not getting his way the tenacious Mr. Brow kept pushing the issue now looking for the State's Prosecutor, Michael Dearington in New Haven to intervene. Mr. Brow wrote this letter on July 19, 2011.

Sometime the same day Mr. Brow must have been happier than a clam because he finally received acknowledgement for his efforts. The United States Department of Justice returned a letter to Mr, Brow thanking him for his materials he provided in his June 28, 2011 letter.

At that point the Chairman had no right, in his position, to go before anyone else without the permission of the Board or the Town Attorney. Fred Brow’s sneaky one handed communication with the United States Department of Justice says two things. First, he is most certainly after Chief Gallo and that he had every intention to put his interests over the people of East Haven. His actions could have severe financial implications to every taxpayer in the Town of East Haven and also continued the battle between the Administration and the East Haven Police Department. Instead of trying to work within the East Haven Police Department Mr. Brow took the approach that I am the Chairman, you are the subordinate, you do what I say when I say and if you don't well we will see what happens. Thanks Mr. Brow for placing the Town of East Haven in the limelight.

On July 23, 2011 Mr. Brow was in receipt of a letter that came from New Haven's Prosecutor, States Attorney Michael Dearington stating the the case against Fr. Manship was dismissed and that there will be no further action taken. Basically he was told by Mr. Dearington we see nothing wrong here and we are not going forward with your request.

Then at the next Board of Police Commission Meeting, August 31, 2010 Detective Thomas Russell read a statement aloud that at the time were unknown to the general public. That the East Haven Board of Police Commissioners, The Mayor and her Administrators had called the Officers of the EHPD "troubled", made public comments about officers being arrested but was most revealing at the time is Tom said exactly what I am reporting. That this Commission stepped out of it's bounds. In addition, Officer David Cari, one of the targets in the Fr. Manship arrest plead his case to the Board looking for these letters clearing him of any wrong doing in the Manship arrest to be placed in his file. The response from Mr. Brow...."The matter has been forwarded to the DOJ and he could not   comment on the content." (August 2010 Board of Police Commissioners Minutes). Gee Mr. Brow, I wonder why? Could it be that now you are a witness in the case since you were sending information to the DOJ?

It is also very evident that this East Haven Police Commission has willfully deceived the public by making statements that it was not involved in the bring the Department of Justice to the Town. From Mr. Brow’s letter dated on June 28, 2010 it is very evident that Mr. Brow’s intention was to draw more attention to the Town of East Haven thus inviting more attention to a bad situation already. Did he and this Board actually call the Department of Justice? I really don’t know and we may never know what truly happened prior to June 4, 2010 but one thing is for sure that Fred Brow and this Police Commission are a wrecking crew geared to get Chief Gallo. In Fred Brow’s own words from the DOJ findings. “We need a change at the top and now his efforts to hold Gallo to a 1973 rule book to make him be an elector in the Town of East Haven is just plain retaliation.
Who does Fred Brow think he’s fooling? Who does James Krebs think he's fooling? At the December 27, 2011 Board of Police Commissioners meeting you hear me make a statement that I hope that none of the Board was involved. My exchange with both Mr. Brow and Mr. Krebs tells it all. From frame 7:10 to 8:53 you hear me ask for an apology from the Board for Officer Mike Sorbo and Sgt. Ed Lennon for their treatment by the DOJ, The Mayor, The Administration and especially the Board. Their response? Paraphrasing,  "Apology for what?" Mr. Krebs said, "We didn' initiate anything. Since we didn't initiate anything we shouldn't apologize. My response, "I hope what you said was a true statement, that it wasn't started by anyone on this Board." Mr. Krebs, "It's a true statement as far as I'm concerned." You watch the video and you decide if this Board if lying. I know they are because the proof is right above. (EHBOPC Meeting) Courtesy of East Haven Politics, Ed Foley.

Thanks for hanging in there and following this story. For my friends at the East Haven Police Department I wish you and your families a Safe and Healthy New Year. You are our heroes because everyday you go to work not knowing what will be. The truth will come out and I hope this is the start of many victories to come.

God Bless..   

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where is the PUBLIC Apology from Capone, Hongo and the Board of Police Commissioners?

Three days after the United States Department of Justice held a press conference followed by FORMER Mayor April Capone and FORMER Deputy Director Paul Hongo we all are waiting for a PUBLIC apology from the FORMER Mayor and her sidekick Paul Hongo. Why? Well as we discovered one of the Plantiff's in the case Mr. Yadanny Garcia, attempted to withdraw his charges on Officer Michael Sorbo and Sgt. Lennon because he lied about what happened to him on August 8, 2009. It is was reported by Mr. Garcia that the officers used excessive force, beat and tased him that was never true.!

As quoted by FORMER Mayor April Capone, in the East Haven Patch, "Capone: DOJ's Findings 'No Surprise'

Capone — who lost last month's re-election attempt by a handful of votes to returning and current Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. — said she was aware of the nature and certain aspects of the Justice Department's investigation, but was not allowed to comment on the case while it was ongoing.

Because of this, she said, others attempted to fill that information gap with "rumors" and false information suggesting that the Justice Department's investigation was not as serious at it was.

"This is very serious... to hear anyone deny this is a problem or an issue with the police department is frightening," Capone said of officers engaging in racial discrimination against Latino residents.

So if FORMER Mayor Capone is so concerned about justice for all where is her compassion for the two officers who were falsely accused of committing a crime against Mr. Garcia. Why is she not leading the charge to question the Federal Government's investigation that now has falsely accused two of her officers? Why isn't she? Because plain and simple April Capone is full of crap.

April Capone could care less about East Haven or any of the people of East Haven and that also goes for Paul Hongo. You see the day after April Capone Almon lost the election her home went up for sale. Look here.....

Her sidekick Paul Hongo also never lived in East Haven and as far as I and many of us here in East Haven could care less about your taxes or you as residents of the Town of East Haven.

So if these two really cared about East Haven why is the FORMER Mayor moving out of town? Could it be she knew this was coming down and she wanted to get out of Dodge? Then of course we couldn't forget this famous quote after FORMER Mayor April was handed her defeat.

We really didn’t think this would turn out this way,” Capone told WTNH-TV News 8, “but at the end of the day, the voters choose the person whose values and work ethic closely resembles theirs, and, you know, that’s their choice, and I respect that, and that’s what makes it a democracy.”

I usually let the readers decide but readers.....April Capone is lying right through her teeth when she gets on the news and says she's sad for the Taxpayers of East Haven. She could give a damn about you or anyone else. FORMER Mayor April's machine was hell bent on destroying the very fabric of this Town and to remake it in her own vision that is still unknown. But one thing is for sure everything FORMER Mayor April did and said was based on vendetta. Just look at who is the Chairman of the Police Commission, Fred Brow and the four casts of characters.

Fred Brow, like the vicious little chihuahua, just has to keep going until the very end but Fred we also know your game. You see if you can remember back to 1997 Fred Brow was a VERY BIG Joe Maturo supporter until Joe said no to him being put of the Board of Police Commissioners he held his breathe and as soon as April won he was put on the EH Police Commission. Who knew that Joe Maturo had such insight to the disposition of Mr. Brow. Joe I guess knew that the Napoleon syndrome ran in this mans veins and that he could be such a hazard. Good call Joe.

James Krebs who has the audacity to serve while owing the Town of East Haven hundreds of dollars in back taxes and drives around a vehicle registered out of Town. What kind of example does this man set for upholding the laws of the Town of East Haven. I've called for him to step down but he's going to keep on the mission.

James Civitello  the public servant with the scowl on his face. He's another one that has been seen driving around Town with a Maine license plate although it is a rare sighting. I wonder why we always see Mr. Civitello walking on foot around Town and not using his car? Inquring minds would like to know.

Frank Perigrossi just a follower and doesn't have the guts to stand up to the other commissioners when they are wrong. You see Frank knows that they are wrong because he wore the gun and badge for years maybe he's just waiting for Brow and Krebs to be kicked off the Board in February. We could only hope that this once respected former cop will start to do the right thing.

Carl Perez here's an interesting character. Nice when you talk face to face. Always looking for approval. Tells the men in the rank and file he's going to support them and at the very first opportunity he sticks it to them. Also uses his authority on the Police Commission to flex muscle on Taylor Avenue to place Emergency Orders for no parking signs during the St. Vincent de Paul Church carnival.  Oh I forgot he lives right across the street. Little self serving aren't we Carl? Then of course we can't forget the sign on the bridge during the election incident where The Commissioner didn't like the sign and made a big stink about it.

As I wrote earlier in the week every one of these men with the exception of Perigrossi is a member of the East Haven Democratic Town Committee serving under Gene Ruocco. Their mission is to keep at any cost Democratic Control of the Town and that even means embarrassing the Town just to get to Chief Len Gallo. You see what the general public doesn't know is this has been a political show since the very first meeting on what to do about Chief Len Gallo the actual target.

Back in 2007 the men who are held in confidence met with Mayor April and Town Attorney CoFrancesco to discuss what to do about the Chief. The two men said we need to be diplomatic, fair and retire the Chief but it was Patty who said she wanted a "pint" of his blood and there was the beginnings of the drama and the end result of a very politically charged and weak DOJ investigation. You see Patty and the Chief go back to New Haven where she was terminated as the City Attorney. It's all about the vendetta and where there is vendetta there is never room for an apology, how sad!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Racial Profiling or Political Profiling....What's the difference?

It's great to be back! Sorry for the obvious absence but I've been working very long hours and not able to write. So I've been following this story about the DOJ and the East Haven PD for the past few days and at first I was very alarmed by the story breaking but as I continued to watch the television newscasts I could not help but see some profiling myself. Yes I did see some political profiling. I saw all the former Democratic Administration and some of the current East Haven Board of Police Commissioners at the DOJ Press Conference but NOT ONE of the accused, any of the current Administration or any Republicans from East Haven at the DOJ Press Conference.

Could political profiling be as serious as racial profiling? Well I guess it's all in the eyes of the beholder. You see political profiling can be just as serious as racial profiling. Think about it. Is it really any different? In political profiling you hate so much. In racial profiling there is hatred too. In political profiling you target and defame your opponent. In racial profiling you target and defame your victim. In some cases, political profiling ends up in violence against your target as does racial profiling. So the question is will the DOJ look into the political profiling that FORMER Mayor April Capone, Paul Hongo, Fr. Manship, Frank Capone, James Krebs and Fred Brow are conducting? How is it that at this press conference NOT one of the current administration knew anything about the press conference but everyone of the Capone Administration did? Could the United States Department of Justice be favoring one side over the other? Could it be that the DOJ is collaborating in Political Profiling with the former Democratic Administration? Could it be that President Obama's attorney's have zeroed in on East Haven because it is a community of not intolerance of Latino's but a community that holds it's citizens and visitors ACCOUNTABLE for their actions? East Haven unlike New Haven is not a haven for lawlessness and a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and despite what the DOJ thinks or says pulling people over for driving illegally registered cars, having no insurance and no drivers license is JUST CAUSE. In addition why has the DOJ conveniently left off the conviction rates for those illegals? Could it be that they are close to 100%?

Now tonight we discover what I've suspected all along, that some of the plaintiff's in the case against the EHPD want out because they have committed perjury. This Garcia character is a real winner. He accuses Officer Michael Sorbo and Sgt. Ed Lennon of participating in assaulting him and if you know these two officers like I do you would never believe it.

In the 15 years I have known Mike Sorbo I have never once seen him ever lift a finger to anyone in a violent way. He is one of the most subdued people I have ever met. He has a soft heart and cares about human beings. He served as the DARE Officer for several years and every DARE graduation I attended the kids just loved him. He wears Badge #1 for a reason because he's a long serving officer who gets along with just about everyone.

Although I have not known Sgt. Eddie Lennon that long I do know the man and he is a very soft spoken person and non confrontational. Having him participate in what Garcia has said happened on August 8, 2009 is just not in Eddie's character and simply not believable!

Now we learn that from Sgt. Montagna's report that Garcia was going through a DUI Checkpoint, tried to evade it and became combative while he was being placed under arrest. Now that I can believe! Because the "CONSEQUENCES" of going through a DUI checkpoint under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not being licensed and or registered will trigger an citation up to and including arrest. In addition running from the Police after being detained will also trigger "CONSEQUENCES" and may result in physical restraint up to and including deadly physical force if the life of a Police Officer is placed at risk. So as we East Haven parents have learned from our DARE Officer that doing bad things leads to "CONSEQUENCES". Thanks Officer Mike, I understand. I don't drink and drive. I register my vehicles and make sure they are insured and best of all I maintain my citizenship so I can retain all of my Constitutional Rights afforded to me.

So now I have a question for the great United States Department of Justice. In the hundreds of interviews and reviews did not one of the agents know the character of this supposed victim of Latino profiling, Mr. Garcia? Did anyone of these Agents seriously look at the careers of these two officers and say I will afford them the benefit of doubt? Could it be that the Department of Justice Report could have some serious and erroneous flaws in it? Could it be that United States Department of Justice could be wrong and only listening to one side? I'm a Republican in the Town of East Haven and I've have never been questioned about the East Haven Police but it's amazing that there were 6 politically connected Democrats at the the DOJ's press conference.

Could it be that Officer Mike Sorbo could be the victim of political profiling? Wasn't Officer Sorbo the Policer Officer who filled out the arrest warrant that led to FORMER Mayor April Capone's arrest? Wasn't it a fact that in 2007 Officer Mike ran for Town Council in District 2 on the Republican ticket? Wasn't also the fact that FORMER Mayor April said in a recorded phone call to the EHPD that she was tired of Officer Sorbo playing "cute" down at the beach? Could it be that this was the incident that sparked the war between Mayor April and the East Haven Police Department? Could it be that the East Haven Police Department is the victim of political profiling?

The sad part about this whole thing is there are no crimes on the books for political profiling and there should be! It's just as dangerous and both sides play the game to the detriment to the victims who many times don't want anything to do with it. Do you see the similarities?

I know the FBI, DOJ, State Department and other Governmental Agencies are watching everything and reading everything in the Town, this blog included and I welcome it. Maybe they should look at the CONSEQUENCES of political profiling and maybe they could understand what many of us already know that FORMER Mayor Capone, Paul Hongo, Frank Capone,  Fr. Manship, James Krebs and Fred Brow play that game very well!

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Truth about East Haven’s Workplace Policies and Zero Tolerance under Paul Hongo

I had to take a deep breath after reading Paul Hongo’s latest article in the East Haven Patch and when I was done laughing I said to myself Paul Hongo is nothing but a blatant hypocrite. The nerve of Mr. Hongo to call Sargent John Miller a liar! It just seems to me that Mr. Paul Hongo, FORMER Deputy Director of Town Affairs is just venting, stomping his feet and in complete denial that he lost his job. Well I have news for you Mr. Hongo, if you worked for me you would have lost your job whether or not April Capone was Mayor. Your ability to “squash” situations that occurred under your watch at your discretion for political favor would have been just cause to terminate you.

I am speaking specifically about a case that occurred this past year when a subordinate of one of your departments was solicited via email to attend a trip with a manager. When the employee balked and refused to submit to the sexual advances in the email guess who she called Mr. Hongo? Yes, yours truly. You see Mr. Hongo, I have a Master’s Degree in Labor Relations and therefore I am a subject matter expert in these cases. My advice to your employee was two-fold, they could call the union and inform them of the situation or they could hire an attorney and sue the Town of East Haven for documented sexual harassment. Your employee made the right decision to call the union, although we thought at the time, not to hire an attorney but to work through the union and your office to get resolution to the situation. At first, things were moving along very appropriately. There were meetings between the union, you and the complainant and then there were direct conversations with the individual who committed the offense.  It looked like something was going to be done under the “Zero Tolerance” policy you quote, but guess what Mr. Hongo? Nothing happened. You squashed it, you didn’t bring that Manager up on charges, run his name through the press or bring them before their board now did you Mr. Hongo? <Paul is probably stuttering as he’s reading> It’s ok Paul, I know the whole story because I was behind the scenes guiding this entire process on behalf of your employee who did a fantastic job and was at times more concerned about not embarrassing the Town of East Haven unlike you do.

 It’s so sad Paul that you are willing to sell your soul for the demise of Sargent John Miller because he posted a blog up on the Police Officers Union bulletin board. The blog, by the way was not a blog that he authored and when he was made aware of the offensive blog it was removed. Technically Mr. Hongo you and your Board of Police Commissioners have no proof of the author of the blog and your target of Sgt. Miller is plain wrong and borders harassment. It was after the discovery of the blog posting the “offended” employee filed a grievance and a CHRO complaint. As the Human Resources guru of East Haven what did you do to try and protect the Town of East Haven from these charges? or was your advice to file the grievance and CHRO? It's funny because these two cases were happening simultaneously and both have very different outcomes. Mr. Hongo, what did you do in your investigation to determine if you may have had another case of inappropriate behavior of a Manager with their employee? In the blog at the Police Department, it references a sexual relationship between the two. What did you do or say to the Manager involved in the blog? Did you ask if what was written in the blog is true? I know the answer, no you didn't and nothing was done! As for the Police Commissioner, who really cares, he’s not an employee but an appointee of the Mayor. Really Mr. Hongo what have you done to protect anyone but your political buddies?

There is also another situation with the East Haven Police Department that Mr. Hongo became directly involved in. Mr. Hongo was caught “running his mouth” about a consensual relationship between a male and female police officer. One of the officers was legally separated and they began to date. Because Mr. Hongo had a problem with the male officer, he disparaged his name every time he had the chance to. It took the involvement of the East Haven Police Local 1662 and the Union Attorney to shut Mr. Hongo up.

 < Can you see the bobble head rocking back and forth in your mind? I can.>

How sad that it has to come to this. Mr. Hongo you are nothing more than a political hack and a sensationalist at that. Whose business is it to discuss a consensual adult relationship with anyone, especially the person who has the Human Resources knowledge and was the former Local 1298 CWA President?

Mr. Hongo if you had such a “zero tolerance” for work place violence why in fact did you stand for the Mayor’s decision to allow Ralph Mauro to continue to work while he was being brought up on felony gun charges? If you were so concerned about the well- being of the employees of the Town of East Haven why did you not place Mr. Mauro on administrative leave?  You after all according to your blog you're the subject matter expert on Human Resources, correct Mr. Hongo?

Now for the hard core truth Mr. Hongo, you are a phony and a hypocrite. You are disingenuous in writing stories about your version of the truth. The facts are the facts Mr. Hongo, an employee of the Town of East Haven who had a legitimate, documented sexual harassment case had no justice served because you thought it best to keep it out of the public eye, you kept it between the Union and the Town.  But when it came to Sgt. Miller you played politics and wrote your article blasting the Union President, Sgt. John Miller.  Face it Mr. Hongo this case only arose because the Union leveled a no-confidence vote against the administration. Sgt. Miller is a hero cop that saved the lives of fellow officers in the line of duty and he and the members of Local 1662 did not agree with the way you, the Mayor, the Board of Police Commissioners and Inspector Nappi was running the Police Department. Mr. Hongo I ask just who the hell do you think you are? 

Now that the truth and FULL DISCLOSURE has been granted to the people of East Haven, I now dare you to respond, but be prepared to have it all come out Mr. Hongo. Failure to provide equal treatment as the Chief Human Resources person makes you liable regardless of whether or not you are an employee of the Town of East Haven. You were the man in charge of all labor matters and you failed to provide equal treatment and zero tolerance Mr. Hongo. Maybe the Federal Government should investigate you and your Administration for not following a consistent and fair practices in governing these types of matters. 

These stories I write about here are true cases here in the Town of East Haven but I can assure you and the people involved that the East Haven Vine will protect the sources and the names of the people involved. It is not the intention of this blog to embarrass any employee but to only print the truth and to disqualify Mr. Hongo's statements and writings.

Lastly Mr. Hongo…..Just go away. You’ve been fired by the people of East Haven.  We don’t want to read your LIES anymore.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

East Haven Board of Police Commissioners saga continues...February 1 can't come soon enough.

Tonight at 7:00pm (November 29, 2011) there was supposed to be a Police Commissioners meeting several hours after Mayor Joe Maturo continued his impressive pledge of putting Chief Len Gallo back on the job after serving 19 months on ice. However, the East Haven Board of Police Commissioners failed to get a quorum so the meeting was canceled. Just one word describes this latest action, COWARDS.

For a Police Commission who can find the time to hold a Special Meeting at a moments notice, I find it truly unbelievable that Commissioners James Krebs, Joe Civitello and Carl Perez could not attend tonight's meeting. This unsavory gang of five are becoming the biggest disgrace to serve on any boards in the history of the Town of East Haven and all because of a word and actions I can't stand, vendetta.

Each and every member of this DIS-honorable Board should hang their heads in shame for what they have put this Town through. They know the wrath has been issued through the ballot box and by the "Special Meeting" they held against Sgt John Miller, their days are numbered. This Board should also know they and certain members of their Administration are the reason why Mayor April lost the election. All these attacks against our Police Department, accusations, denial of hearings for both Gallo and Spaudling, removal of the K9 unit and DARE programs made people fed up. All of these items I bring up were all brought through vendetta for Chief Len Gallo and it's absolutely disgusting.

I applaud Joe Maturo's actions today because Joe knows what many of us already knew, there wasn't enough evidence in the first place to remove Len Gallo. So Mayor April and Town Attorney Patty CoFrancesco decided to be the bully and the bully pulpit and put the taxpayers on the hook for 19 months allowing Len to sit home. Still to this day, we're hearing from the FORMER Assistant Director, Paul Hongo on his justification of why Capone's Administration placed Gallo on leave. I have one message for Mr. Hongo. Cut the crap, cut the lies and stay in Trumbull. You've done enough damage to our Town. Please just go away and let us move on and heal from the last 4 years.

Not being in Mayor Joe's inner circle, I can say so far, this Mayor has conducted the business of the Town the way it should be, in the best interests of the Taxpayer and for the safety of us all. Soon I hope to see the East Haven Police Department back out on the street conducting Community Policing, arresting drug dealers, conducting DUI/DWI check's at locations where they make sense, the return of our K9, the return of our DARE program, keeping the peace and sending a clear message to those who break the laws of our Town, that our Chief has returned and the rule of law has as well. And if you commit a crime in the Town of East Haven you will be dealt with in the most professional police manner but you will be dealt with and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

This kangaroo commission should just stay home until February 1st when we will usher in two new commissioners to replace Fred Brow and the man who owes more than just an apology, Mr. James Krebs. These two leading men remind me of what George Bailey said to Old Man Potter in It's a Wonderful Life, "You're nothing but a warped frustrated old man." In this case two warped frustrated old men. But I think you get my point. February 1, 2012 can't come fast enough.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The New East Haven Board of Education….Take a listen, you’ll like what you see and hear!

Last night, I attended the East Haven Board of Education meeting and was treated  to what should be on every board and commission in this Town, a bi-partisan spirit. After Tom Hennessey was sworn in he gave the best speech I have ever heard by any elected official in my 16 years being a resident. Tom spoke very clearly about holding everyone, including the Administration accountable and he didn’t care for the blame game, grandstanding and finger pointing. He told the East Haven Board of Education members that they were a team, not here for the Democrats, Republicans,  their own personal agendas but only for the children of the Town and the Taxpayers. 

Tom echoed the words I have been saying for years, that it doesn’t matter what party you belong to that affiliation is to be checked at the door.  Maybe just with that type of management of the Board of Education we can finally get out of the bottom of the pile and get to work! Tom was also very serious about controlling costs and spending and he put his words into immediate action by placing BOE approval on any purchase order over $2,500.00. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Finally someone in Government is walking the walk and talking the talk! This decision was based on the expenditure of $11,000.00 on mulch that no one knows where it went to.  Frankly, this practice has been going on for years at the Board of Education and with a man like Tom Hennessey at the controls I think the East Haven Board of Education may just have had its star born!

As for the Town side of the budget Mayor Maturo and his rekindled Administrators should take a close look to what Hennessey is doing up at the BOE. Making wise financial decisions is going to be the key to trying to roll back the 17% tax increase everyone is talking about.  It’s going to be a very personal and somewhat delicate balance between what is best for the Taxpayers and conducting the business of the Town.  Hard choices will have to be made based on business decisions not vendetta and politics. It will be very hard for this cast of characters because their past motive of operation is just that, vendetta.  Joe Maturo, though, I think is getting it. I must say so far he is doing the right thing. In a meeting with the Police Union officials he told them what happened 4 years ago is in the past and we’re going to leave it there. AMEN! AMEN AMEN! That was the best thing Mayor Maturo could do for the Police Department and the Taxpayers. Stop the war with the EHPD and let them do their jobs!

Over the past 4 years this Town has been ripped to shreds because of partisan bickering between the Democrats and the Republicans. You see figures like  Democratic Town Chairman Gene Ruocco  make everything about the Democrats and how they can do no wrong when in fact they were doing many things wrong. This blog was born because even the newly electronic news feed jumped on board with the Democrats and began to promote their agenda. This Town should have only one agenda and that is how can we help each other to increase the values of our homes, make East Haven a safer community, and improve our schools and our community so we can once again be the town of choice along the shoreline. Today, almost like the civil war we are so divided and angry. It’s time to stop the bickering and come together. I am so tired of fighting. Honestly, the Capone Administration wore me down to the bone and I don’t think I could have handled another two years of arrogance and contempt for the people of East Haven.

So on this eve of Thanksgiving lets count our blessings. Heal the wounds of bitter partisanship and realize that we are all a community here. We are all in this together and the only way out is to work like Tom Hennessey said, like a TEAM.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, going forward this blog will make every attempt to try and promote the good of East Haven but with more of a watch dog approach.

Tomorrow, I will be attempting to practice what I preach by being  at the East Haven Community Center tomorrow at 8am. I will be working with the East Haven Rotary making sure that some of my neighbors will have a solid meal for at least one day and one night.  It’s a step in the right direction we should all take notice of and realize that we are all neighbors and friends.  Stop down and lend a hand we’d love to see everyone!
Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Calling all Cars....The East Haven Police Commission has a Tax Evader!

In the continuing series of "Just who the hell do they think they are?" our second badge of honor lies on Police Commissioner James Krebs. As we all know the East Haven Police Commission has been front and center of the entire controversy with the East Haven Police Department and Mayor April.

One would think that a position of Police Commissioner should be bestowed on a person of character, honor and moral fiber. Does Mr. Krebs pass the litmus test? Well we can start by checking out taxes. As you may have heard Mayor April tell everyone that it is the single most important thing to pay one's taxes. She even had made note that she sent the assessor out to check on out of state plates and those who didn't pay their tax bills.

Low and behold the Vine did some research of Mr. Krebs' taxes and discovered that Mr. Krebs owes as of April 29, 2011 $856.64 in BACK TAXES on a 1987 Lincoln Continental. Just how could that be? Mr. Krebs sits on the highly prestigious East Haven Police Commission. You know the board that holds everyone feet to the fire! You know the board that makes sure everyone is held to account for their actions. The one that tries and convicts without due process. So how could Mr. Brow not be aware of this? How could April Capone not do her vetting? But the biggest question of them all is around the car that Mr. Krebs currently drives....Where is that  car registered because according to The East Haven Tax Office there are no motor vehicles registered to Mr. Krebs in the Town of East Haven? Furthermore, State law says the if a vehicle is housed at a residence for more than 6 months IT MUST BE REGISTERED in the Town it resides in! Oh no! Could it be that a Police Commissioner in the Town of East Haven has violated the Motor Vehicle laws of the State of Connecticut?

So Mr Krebs, can you answer the question of why you didn't pay your car taxes? Can you explain how you can sit in judgment of others for allegedly not following the law when you yourself don't follow the law?
Mr. Krebs should immediately resign from the East Haven Board of Police Commissioners for failing to hold his position with honor, honesty and disclosure.

Lastly, it's only $856.64 maybe the Democratic Town Committee can help out since the $88K they raised couldn't get Mayor April back in. It's the least they could do for you for holding court over your kangaroo court of a Police Commission.

Unfortunately the link feature is broken on Blogger so if you would like a hard copy of the tax report from the Town of East Haven just email me at

Monday, November 14, 2011

SIGNAL 4, Officer Needs Assistance!!!

**Signal 4, OFFICER NEEDS ASSISTANCE*** Union President, Sergeant, father, and hero-- Sergeant JOHN MILLLER-- is under attack by the recently defeated Capone administration, with 4 days left in office, a special meeting of the Police Commissioners was called, to bring charges, up to and including termination, against SGT John Miller. Come to the Town Hall tomorrow at 6:00pm in support of union President JOHN MILLER.***** The special meeting is suppose to start at 7:00pm

A second time around Maturo needs to realize who put him in office

Joe Maturo Jr has won his most narrowest decision just by 34 votes. Both April  Capone and Joe Maturo are polarizing figures in East Haven politics and both of them have big ego's, thus the problems begin. If Joe Maturo is going to have a successful two years he must come to grips with two things, first he was not the first choice of the Republican Party and secondly he owes his election to the withdrawal of the Republican nominee John Finkle. There is no doubt that if John stayed in the race as a Republican and Joe as the 3rd line candidate April Capone would still be sitting in the office of Mayor.

Don't get me wrong I am VERY glad to see the exit of April Capone and her cast of characters but I certainly do not forget the fact that it was Joe Maturo's last term in office that caused her to become Mayor in the first place.

I do like what I am hearing from Joe Maturo, that he's here for the people etc. Now you just have to show it. Show the people that the old Joe that was fired in 2007 will never resurface. Show the people that you will not be vindictive and punitive and that you will tolerate open and honest discussion. Be fair with your Board and Commission appointments because you are supposed to be here for the people of East Haven, not yourself.

I know that Joe made some campaign promises. Some will be very easy to accomplish and I expect the first one will start right at the East Haven PD when the 3 Chief issue will be resolved. The more challenging one will be the roll back of the 17% tax increase. While I've heard that it is virtually impossible to do I would not count Joe Maturo out on that. Joe is a fiscal conservative and knows what he is doing with finances. His philosophy will inspire the new culture in Town Hall that there is not an open check book and that we must be prudent in all areas. Lastly, and this is the biggest one, bringing East Haven's reputation back to good standing. I know Joe pretty well and he is not a big press guy so I wouldn't expect the weekly press conferences we've seen for the past 4 years. I would expect him to go about his business under the radar screen, which it is the way it is supposed to be. But what we can not return to is the absentee Mayor who is out playing golf or on vacation in Florida. These were proven downfalls for Joe Maturo.

The people have elected you Joe, we're counting on you to get this Town straight and we will be there for you but you have to be there for us too.

Here's to a successful Maturo Administration! East Haven needs it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ok East Haven Take a breath it's time to heal and get to work to rebuild the EHPD

A terrible 4 year chapter has closed and hopefully the only memory we will have of Mayor April is her picture on the wall with the former Mayors. Now it's time to pick up the pieces and begin a new, or at least have it perceived that way since Joe Maturo is certainly not new to the political landscape of East Haven.

There is a lot of work to be done and first things first. I would expect before the end of November that Joe Maturo will deliver on his campaign promise of solving the 3 Police Chief's. I would expect that Acting Chief Guy Nappi will either return to his former role as Inspector or he will turn in his retirement papers. One way or another, Aprils Games are over and whatever you call the current situation at the EHPD, Acting Chief Nappi will not be running the EHPD. That change will be significant because I would also expect the return of Chief Len Gallo. The status of Deputy Chief Mannion is not clear although I would imagine that he eventually will be leaving.

Come February 2012 will be the next significant impact to the EHPD and that is the appointment of two new Police Commissioners. Commissioner Fred Brow and James Krebs terms are up. These two Commissioners are a large part of the problem within the East Haven Police Department and will not be missed. I would expect Joe Maturo to appoint two Republicans to the Commission and the make up of the Board to be 2 Republicans 2 Democrats and 1 Unaffiliated. The two remaining Democrats Jospeh Civitello and Carl Perz I would assume will continue to follow Gene Ruocco ways and vote against moving the department forward. The wild card will be whether or not Frank Piergrossi will play ball with the Democrats or Republicans. Lastly, at least until February 2013 this board will not be in Republican hands and it's not certain who will assume the Chairmanship after Fred Brow's departure.

One thing for sure is that the East Haven Police Department is at the brink and Mayor April, Fred Brow, James Krebs and Patricia CoFrancesco will not be here anymore to inflict more damage. It's time that everyone take a deep breath and begin to heal the wounds inflicted not for just the betterment of the EHPD but the Town as a whole. The Capone Administration has inflicted major negative perceptions of the East Haven Police Department and we all know that the one of the driving forces was Patricia CoFrancesco, Town Attorney. It is a well known fact that CoFrancesco and Mayor April had one mission, to get rid of Chief Len Gallo because they had a vendetta against him. The end result they both lost their jobs and the taxpayers are paying for it and Chief Gallo will be returning at some point. We the people need to send a strong message to Town Hall and say this can never happen again, police work and politics do not mix well.

Joe Maturo needs to take the high road and with grace and dignity restore order to the East Haven Police Department by putting everyone at ease and promise no retailation for those who supported April or Acting Chief Nappe. Following that Joe Maturo needs to let the Police know they can go ahead so do their jobs and not worry about facing retailation. We need our Police to be re-engaged in the job of Police work and not politics. Being that Joe was a public safety employee I know he understands the importance of that role and it's my belief he will restore order.

Another key thing to remember is the importance of resistance. Just 3 months ago there was a large rally outside of Town Hall supporting our East Haven Police Department. If you recall Gene Ruocco, Acting Chief Nappi and the Board of Police Comissioners were very concerned. You had Gene Ruocco calling this a "small insignificant group:, Acting Chief Nappi calling in the State Police and Fred Brow asking me if I was the leader of the group. What we didn't know then was just in a few short months we made a difference by letting the Town know that we had enough and we wanted change. Some got the change they wanted with Joe Maturo, some like me supported John Finkle but despite who was supporting who we certainly didn't support what April Capone was doing. Don't lose your voice! Read, digest and understand what your government is doing and take action when necessary!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Spoiled Child went too far and has been cast out by the people!

“We really didn’t think this would turn out this way,” Capone told WTNH-TV News 8, “but at the end of the day, the voters choose the person whose values and work ethic closely resembles theirs, and, you know, that’s their choice, and I respect that, and that’s what makes it a democracy.”

So that is what your Mayor thinks of the people of the Town of East Haven? I don’t find this statement insulting I find it indicative of Mayor April’s behavior since Day 1. She despised Joe Maturo so let me do a little “devil in the details” of what Ms. Capone truly means by this statement.

The word “values” in this statement implies Joe’s outlook on things and his standards. In the 2007 campaign April Capone said Joe Maturo was a liar, implied that he was a thief and corrupt. As for the work ethic she said that Joe abused his office by taking 10 weeks of vacation, played golf and ran the Town like a playboy.

Get it now fellow East Haven residents? This is not the East Haven Vine making these assumptions these are factual words being spoken with real quotes and statements that April Capone has made in the past and the present.

My response to Mayor Capone…..Just who the hell do you think you are? Who are you calling a liar, thief and corrupt? Whose work ethic are you questioning? For those 3,900 people that voted for Joe Maturo I gather you’re just that, not even worthy of anything. You’re too stupid to realize what you did by voting for anyone else but April.

See it now people? You can’t live without “The Queen” being in charge of your life. You need her and her big government ideas to survive. This all from a person from day 1 was the BIGGEST liar of them all. Remember the “Executive” from Verizon Wireless? Yeah right. She sold cell phones and couldn’t even hold on to that job. Remember the line, “I left my position to concentrate on running for Mayor”. While we’ll never truly know the real story the possibilities of what really happened makes a great punch line. Or how about “If you vote for John Finkle he’ll raise your taxes”; then Mayor Capone 5 months later, raised your taxes 17%. Shall I go on because I could make a laundry list of all the lies Mayor April Capone laid on the people of East Haven?

Getting the message now everyone? Now for the work ethic statement she made. I am not a native East Havener. I was born and raised in New York but have spent the majority of my working adult life right here in East Haven and I wouldn’t trade any of these people for anyone! Because I live here in East Haven I know so many people with such a wealth of talent and expertise that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I know a ton of electricians, a few plumbers, fencing guys, oil company owners, AT&T workers, Builders, Fire Fighters, Police, Sanitation, Public Works amongst many others who I am proud to call my friends, my neighbors and my family. Some of these people that the Mayor is referring to are the very people that built my home and later expanded it. I have two college degrees but am an idiot with a hammer and nails and couldn't even build a bird house without instructions. Well, I think I could do it but hang in there with me I’m trying to lay out a point!

These people who voted for the other guy and not The Queen have more ethics in the dirt under their working fingers than Mayor Capone ever could imagine. These men and women are the back bone of our working class community that Mayor Capone slapped continually in the face until they couldn’t take it anymore. Hopefully Saturday we will hear the beginning of the last of her. Again Mayor Capone just who the hell do you think you are?     

So as the final counts are being drawn on Saturday morning and you are hopefully out the door, this East Haven resident won’t use a back handed remark to imply stupidity but direct words. Mayor April Capone win or lose Saturday you are by far the most incompetent Mayor this Town has ever seen. You are the most disingenuous person I have ever met and I for one am glad you and your three ring circus will be forever leaving this Town.

How’s that for telling it like it is Mayor April?  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Maturo Victory sounds a stinging rebuke to Capone and her policies

Well it's not quite over just yet. A Saturday recount of electronic machines which are not supposed to fail should deliver the "change" that East Haveners sought last night. If all goes the way of Joe Maturo he will be back as East Haven's Mayor. Is this the change we really needed? Only Joe Maturo can answer that question and a lot is going to depend on the person himself. Joe should be proud of himself for accomplishing what I thought he couldn't do and reclaim the office of Mayor. Now like in 2007 when April Capone took office is his time to shine but it's going to take a lot of hard work and no politics to fix many of East Haven's problems. Immediately I see three things changing for the better.

1) The East Haven Police Department. Since the day April Capone rose her hand and took office she declared war on Chief Len Gallo. She was waiting and waiting and finally took her shot and placed him on paid Administrative Leave. This situation has been going on for over 19 months and by Thanksgiving I expect that Joe Maturo will return Chief Gallo and the EHPD can begin to heal the deep wounds that April Capone caused.

2) Economic Development. There is no doubt that Joe Maturo's election will send a positive ripple effect throughout the business community. April Capone's policies were a COMPLETE failure. This thread showed, April was asleep at the wheel and had over 78 vacant store fronts. Joe Maturo's Administration brought in Home Depot, Car Max and several other businesses and they will not make idiotic statements like April did in saying giving tax incentives to come to East Haven was a mistake.

3) East Haven's Image. From the moment April took office there were a slew of media and cameras everywhere and the Theatre major was in love with seeing herself all over the news. Press conferences, photo ops and every waking moment trying to give herself stature was in itself repulsive and not what this Town needed. East Haven is not Hartford, Bridgeport or New Haven. We are a working class Town of people who don't want their Town all over the news. We don't like the fame, the negative press and most of all our Mayor trying to make a name for themselves. I certainly look forward to the destruction of the mobile podium and restoring East Haven back to it's humble roots.

Many people have asked me personally if I supported Joe and what will happen to the Vine if he should win. The answer is no I did not and the East Haven Vine is going nowhere. If anything the East Haven Vine has exposed many things that were happening in Town Hall and a Joe Maturo Administration will face the same scrutiny. While this is not official until Saturday it seems the people of East Haven have spoken and finally the Queen is leaving the throne. AMEN!

Stay Tuned

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let see what Joe Maturo is made of. Can he really commit to REAL CHANGE and bring East Haven back from the Brink?

So this week my emails have been burning up with people telling me that I need to come around for the cause. "You've got to support Joe because anything is better than April Capone." Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm sorry, even though I was born and raised in New York and spent most of my adult life in East Haven I still have the Missouri attitude of "Show Me".

So let’s give Joe the chance to show what he's going to do differently than our current disaster of a Mayor. I'd like to see exactly why this resident and taxpayer should change their stance and throw support behind Joe Maturo.

Here are some of the most important campaign issues that the people of East Haven have raised to me.

  1. Economic Development. What are Joe Maturo's ideas and plans to right the ship and make the Town of East Haven a thriving force? Hint, we don't want to hear, "When Joe was Mayor, things were great. That was then this is now. It's obvious that Capone's idea is to hire a Part Time inexperienced novice to handle this important position. We need to know the plan, the timeline and expectations.
  2. Police Department. Both April and Joe have done their fair share of wrecking our Police Department. However, to be fair April has done the most. What will Joe Maturo do to solve this problem and if he does prevail as Mayor? Will Maturo make a promise and commitment to a non-retaliatory policy for those remaining Police personnel that helped force him from office in 2007? It seems that our PD is the emotional trigger point for both Mayors and they just can't help themselves from trying to run the Department. Will a Joe Maturo Administration restore the DARE program, School Resource Officer, DUI Checkpoints on Main Street and a Community Officer to the Shore? Will a Maturo Administration make the commitment to uphold the law and process illegal aliens that use our resources and drain our tax base? Simply put will a Maturo Administration come out publically and say "I support the East Haven Police Department and will commit to bring stability and pride back!"
  3. Charter Revision. Both Capone and Maturo have promised Charter revision but neither have ever lifted a finger to update our Charter. Is a Joe Maturo Administration committed to ending nepotism, corruption and make the Tax Payer first? John Finkle was committed to instituting major and drastic changes where all Town Employees would have to disclose any relationship with any vendors that do business with the Town of East Haven. Finkle was also committed to creating a civilian review board to review all non-civil service positions to make sure that political appointments and favors would stop. Our Public Works Department and key positions in Town Hall are plagued with this nepotism problem. Ralph Mauro, the Mayor's Deputy Assistant, has hired many family members for example and Mayor Capone could care less.
  4. Taxes. What will a Joe Maturo Administration do to reverse the 17% tax increase April Capone laid on us after she said if you elect John Finkle he'll raise your taxes? What is Maturo's plan to reel in the deficit this Town is running? What is Maturo's plan to put the brakes on excessive bonding while still making sure the infrastructure remains intact? What type of tax policies will Maturo institute to mend this dysfunctional finance department?
  5. Change. Are the people of East Haven going to see a different Joe Maturo on the campaign trail and then the switch back to 2007 Joe? Will Joe Maturo commit REAL change by making the commitment that he will not hire any former employees back into positions and that all of the positions will follow the guidelines of Charter Revision? I do know one thing that there was over 4000 people in 2007 that said Joe's games were enough and it's time to leave. To reverse that and show people that you're serious about change is a daunting task that Joe really hasn't really shown yet in this campaign.
These 5 topics are a good start for me and those who supported REAL change and would demonstrate that the Old Joe Maturo would not resurface. It's very simple Joe, demonstrate you're a different person and make us believe that you are committed to REAL CHANGE and maybe you could help move the needle in your favor. We will be eagerly awaiting a response to see if you really represent the people of East Haven.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Either with Maturo or Capone the Taxpayers are the real losers

I decided to not to publicize any article until I positively knew the outcome of whether Joe Maturo would secure the Republican nomination after John Finkle decided not to continue his bid to become East Haven's next Mayor. I also thought it would be best not to inject any politics during Hurricane Irene which many of my fellow District 2 members lost everything they had. But with anything it's time to get back into the circle.

After Joe Maturo held his breath, pouted and turned a shade blue he finally got what he wanted but not by any choice of the Town Committee. At the July Republican Town Committee Joe Maturo was defeated by John Finkle 38-22 and instead of having the courage of continuing his case by having a primary Joe decided to bolt the Republican Party to form the "Better Government Party." That in itself is a bigger joke than him returning to the political circles. Whenever Joe Maturo is involved with anything political there in nothing good about it. The residents of East Haven will turn back the clock and just see different faces but the same ole motto of arogance, vendetta and smug politics.

I usually have some type of solution to offer but in this one we have two candidates that are not worthy of any votes and for the first time ever I think I am going to write in a name on a ballot and that will be John Finkle. It's a protest against Joe Maturo for him spiltting the Republican Party and for the possibility of another term of Capone.

It's truly sad that the people of East Haven really don't get the change they deserve but maybe with an organzied effort and plenty of ink John Finkle could make a difference as the people get their voices heard.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is Capone and Ruocco serious? Capone's answer to Economic Development in East Haven...2 years 11 months

When rumors were circulating around Town that James Krebs was up for the job of Economic Development one could argue that while Mr. Krebs is an older gentleman he certainly has the Education being a graduate of Wharton School of Business. In addiiton of Jim's years of knowing just about everyone in Town to help foster deals to improve East Haven's Economic Development. But when I read that the Town of East Haven hired a 25 year old for the position I said, well he's got to be a Yalie, with an Economics Degree or something to that equivalent. Someone with pure brilliance that will help fill the 78 vacant store fronts this Administration has left us.
But he's not a Yale graduate, he's not a Wharton graduate, he's a Graduate Student from Southern Connecticut State University with just 2 years and 11 months experience in the work place and not one day of Economic Development experience. capone is at it again! Hiring people who just have no business of being in the positions they hold. The East Haven Vine has found his resume and you can look for yourself.

This is directly from LinkedIn. For those who don't know what LinkedIn is it's a place where business professionals create their own profiles to market themselves in the business world.

Mayor April....Are you really seriously thinking this is the answer to our problems? Alex seems like a very nice kid but he has ZERO experience and you're setting him up for failure.

I apologize for the cut and paste of LinkedIn it doesn't covert well to Blogger.

Good luck Alex. You're going to need it.
Alexander Sulpasso
Housing Market Valuation Analyst at Platinum Associates Investments and Real-estate

Location Greater New York City Area

Industry Government Administration

Alexander Sulpasso's Overview

·         Housing Market Valuation Analyst at Platinum Associates Investments and Real-estate


·         Intern at National Governors Association
·         Research Assistant at Public Agenda
·         District Manager at New Haven Register


·         Southern Connecticut State University
·         Southern Connecticut State University


5 connections

 Alexander Sulpasso's Summary

I have always been able to handle a demanding schedule. I have excellent time management skills and am highly energergetic. My experience in multiple management positions developed my exceptional organization skills. I am very driven and am self motivated. I can be trusted to do the work without supervision. More importantly, I have great interpersonal skills and enjoy working in a team atmosphere. I think logistically and am always willing to learn, take advice, and then implement a plan of action. From my work experience and educational background, I have a well developed “common sense” factor and can think quickly.

The overall goal is to find meaningful employment in government, a nonprofit organization, or mission driven public sector position.


I have excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint (electronic filing system) and can quickly learn any computer program. Most importantly I have excellent analytical skills and am extremely detailed oriented. And have exercised both my analytical skills and thoroughness in research projects, data management, and editing/revising finance reports.

Alexander Sulpasso's Experience

Housing Market Valuation Analyst

Platinum Associates Investments and Real-estate

Real Estate industry

May 2010 – Present (1 year 4 months)

As a Valuation Analyst, on a daily basis, I analyze real estate market data to establish the fair market value of properties under foreclosure. After analyzing data, I compile detailed reports to present with the valuation findings.


Nonprofit; Public Policy industry

January 2010 – May 2010 (5 months)

Primarily on a daily basis I assisted in the day to day operations of the Office of Management Consulting and Training (OMCT). OMCT is the department within NGA responsible for training governors and governor staff. Assist the director of OMCT in contacting and maintaining relationships between NGA and current governors, former governors, and governor staff.

Research Assistant

Nonprofit; Public Policy industry

January 2010 – May 2010 (5 months)

I coordinated events and assembled research with Public Agenda of Public Education Network a non-profit bipartisan organization which expresses educational needs with the 50 states. The events coordination included drafting invitation language, establishing a venue, receiving questions, answering questions, updating documents, and explaining complex issue such as the national debt numbers and how the national debt affects the educational development of the American public. The research, for Public Agenda, primarily focused on affects on the national debt and included sources such as, Congressional legislation, State Budget reports, Congressional Budget Office data, Office of Budget Management, Internal Revues Service, and many others.

District Manager

Public Company; Newspapers industry

September 2008 – April 2009 (8 months)

Manage the daily operation of newspaper distribution demands for the East Haven, Hamden and Wallingford area. Also, Compile detailed expenses reports, employee time sheets, and customer relations. Most importantly, supervise, hire, and train a staff of 13+ independent contractors and ensure accurate deliveries.

Alexander Sulpasso's Education

Southern Connecticut State University

Masters of Science, Public Policy and Admin

2010 – 2012 (expected)

3.8 of 4.0 GPA

Southern Connecticut State University

2005 – 2010