Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Either with Maturo or Capone the Taxpayers are the real losers

I decided to not to publicize any article until I positively knew the outcome of whether Joe Maturo would secure the Republican nomination after John Finkle decided not to continue his bid to become East Haven's next Mayor. I also thought it would be best not to inject any politics during Hurricane Irene which many of my fellow District 2 members lost everything they had. But with anything it's time to get back into the circle.

After Joe Maturo held his breath, pouted and turned a shade blue he finally got what he wanted but not by any choice of the Town Committee. At the July Republican Town Committee Joe Maturo was defeated by John Finkle 38-22 and instead of having the courage of continuing his case by having a primary Joe decided to bolt the Republican Party to form the "Better Government Party." That in itself is a bigger joke than him returning to the political circles. Whenever Joe Maturo is involved with anything political there in nothing good about it. The residents of East Haven will turn back the clock and just see different faces but the same ole motto of arogance, vendetta and smug politics.

I usually have some type of solution to offer but in this one we have two candidates that are not worthy of any votes and for the first time ever I think I am going to write in a name on a ballot and that will be John Finkle. It's a protest against Joe Maturo for him spiltting the Republican Party and for the possibility of another term of Capone.

It's truly sad that the people of East Haven really don't get the change they deserve but maybe with an organzied effort and plenty of ink John Finkle could make a difference as the people get their voices heard.

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