Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gene Ruocco, East Haven DTC Leader and His Shallow Excuses

It's taken me sometime to figure the right words to describe how I feel about what has gone on with Mr. Ruocco and his threatening comments back in December 2011. Mr. Ruocco obviously has some very serious issues. First, for not feeling any remorse for what he has done. Secondly, acceptance of accountability for his actions. Lastly, for not only embarrassing himself but his family, his fellow Democrats and the residents of the Town of East Haven.

I find it incredulous that Mr. Ruocco would find the audacity to actually justify his actions because I wrote articles that he found personally offensive. He actually came up to me at one of the Board of Police Commissioners meetings and tried to intimidate me by stating that what I write is liable and slander. I challenge anyone to find one thing I report as liable or slanderous. I report the truth and the facts and because they do not favor Mr. Ruocco or the people he tries to defend, he finds it offensive. What Mr. Ruocco fails to realize or accept is that I also do the same thing to the Republicans when they step out of line. The last resignation I called for was for Mayor Maturo, a Republican.

What is more comical is his efforts to explain himself. Little ole me, affectionately known to Gene as "Danny Boy" is what drove him to "his breaking point" to put me in my place. Just who does Gene Ruocco think he is? Is he that smug and arrogant to believe he himself is the moral authority for us in East Haven? Then Mr. Ruocco goes on accusing me of a desperate attempt to damage his political and personal reputation within the East Haven Community and making a big thing over a foolish thing. The only thing Mr. Ruocco got right in that whole statement was that it was a foolish thing, the damage to him politically and personally is all self-inflicted just ask around Town Mr. Ruocco.

Mr. Ruocco in his defense also seems to single me out that he would never resign his leadership role because of a person like me. You see, Mr. Ruocco and others find people like me very dangerous to their survival in the political world. Because of the great world of blogging the traditional ways of politics have been exposed for what they are and Mr. Ruocco and others can't handle the truth and the facts. Their ways of burying the truth and twisting arms are exposed and people then find out who their leaders really are. In an ironic twist Mr. Ruocco, an ill advised user of the internet thought he could hide behind surnames, fictitious names and spew his hate and disdain for those who opposed his view. Oh how he probably wishes he never did what he did but to continue to try to justify his actions just shows he's nothing more than a scurvy little spider in the whole vast configuration! How's that for a movie quote Mr. Ruocco? it's from "It's A Wonderful Life" an American Classic of the honest, humble man who inspires to care about people instead of his own personal agenda.

In closing, this sad but enlightening chapter on Mr. Ruocco should be a lesson for all that when you continue to trounce on peoples will and their rights it will come back to bite you. Mr. Ruocco will have to spend the rest of his days here in East Haven as "Josy or Mr. Wales" and it's a rightful characterization of him because he tried to use his power, his influence and his muscle to control yours and my will. I am certainly not perfect nor do I ever claim to be but when I do wrong I will stand by it and admit it and when I am wrong I don't act like a punk and thumb my nose at everyone else and tell them it's their fault. Mr. Ruocco should do the right thing and resign from public service, period and then seek the necessary counseling to help him cope with whatever is disturbing his soul.