Friday, November 29, 2013

The Independent Mind is Nothing to Fear

The Independent, Webster Dictionary says it best with its definition, “not subject to control by others and not affiliated with a large controlling unit.”  Or it also can be defined as a person who is not bound by or committed to a political party.  Is that the mindset of the over 8,000 unaffiliated registered voters here in the Town of East Haven who definitely have an impact on some of our local elections?

We turn our attention to that group of voters here in East Haven and we ask that, as you usually do, with your vote, look at our message and see if we align with your philosophy, ideals and common sense approach to East Haven’s Town Government because in the end that’s what everyone’s goal should be, to do the right thing for the people.

We’ve had elected officials, members of the two major parties and a caucus in Hartford that have tried to push us to the side and even strip us of our name. They tell us we are insignificant and that we mean nothing to the process. We’ve even had sitting elected officials inject their opinions and advise us incorrectly on procedure that would make one just give up. All of these attempts by these individuals don’t really know the true spirit of the Independent as expressed by Webster Dictionary and that is “showing a desire for freedom and not looking to others for one’s opinions or guidance in conduct.”

The true nature of the Independent is someone who is looking for truth, justice and basically the American way and unfortunately with the existing system here in East Haven we seem to be lacking those fundamental pillars but the good news is the Independent Party of East Haven is here to stay. We are small in number but are powerful group because we have the attention of those two parties who are always wondering what we are going to do and that is very good.

What the two parties know in their hearts is amongst their own there are Independents, maybe not in title but in heart and mind and that scares them to say words that we are insignificant. Just look at what some independent minded people did in this last election and prior to the election. On the Democratic side, party loyalists put up their candidate and a faction of independent minded members said no and took it all the way to a primary. Some were unsuccessful but the mere fact that a group of like-minded people stood up and said no says a lot about the independent movement in our Town. The days of iron fisted party rule are starting to come to an end. On the Republican side the spark of independence died within their ranks when those with independent thoughts decided that it was time to break free because the old guard would not allow the independent minded to flourish.

Isn’t it so ironic that a Town that sits on the New England soil where a nation was born in the 18th century acts so much like King George and the British Government we wanted no part of. What do I mean? Just look around and open your eyes and ears. One gains favor in this Town by being loyal to the Mayor. How is that different to being loyal to a King? If you asked any colonist loyal to the crown they would say their lives were good under King George III and they felt that their way of living was righteous. However, they only represented approximately a third of the overall population. They could afford the taxes while the other two thirds were oppressed and angry. But out of that oppression and anger was born a nation of independents. People who were not loyal to a person only to themselves and their families and some of those people who stood for independence were mocked, called crazy and were shunned. Names like George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Pane were all men who risked everything to be free of a tyrant three thousand miles away.

Franklin said, “Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have the brains enough to be honest.” Can you recall a time when your Town Government used tricks and the threat of treachery?  Do the words from the recent election that your taxes were lowered for 70% of the residents come to mind? When in fact it wasn’t lowered because the Mayor and his administration lowered the mill rate, it was because the property values across the entire Town are lower, that’s the truth! Stand up against the truth and you can have some treachery come your way by not having your zoning application approved.

Jefferson said, “When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty!” Those words quoted over two hundred years ago are an Independent’s voice. The Independent is the one who is not afraid to speak their mind and secures liberty. Locally do you want to see government fear? Come to a Town Council meeting and when they see new faces they become very concerned and wonder why you are there. That my friend is fear because as Franklin said, tricks and treachery! The Administration doesn’t want the public, they just get in the way.

So when the so called experts tell you the idea of the Independent Party of East Haven has been tried and failed in the past remember these quotes from Thomas Paine, “The Harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph!” or my personal favorite,  “Lead, follow or get out of the way!” The truth is in the past when the independent party was formed it was around one person for their gain. Our party is different because we are a Town Committee and we are one of 13 Statewide Town Committees and we are almost 30,000 strong statewide. We are a new movement and as with any new movement there will be those who look to stand in your way and to tell you what to do and what not to do. If you comply then you’re not an independent and that’s ok. But think for yourself and maybe those ideals will come!

In closing George Washington said,  “Government is not reason, it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  How profound! These men all put themselves in harms way to secure our liberty. They wrote, they spoke and they lead the young nation. Is the East Haven Independent Party looking to lead the nation? No, but we are looking to start the example here on how your government, your community and your fellow citizens should be treated. We need like-minded people to come out from the shadows and join us because our movement is real and with the winds of change already blowing around this town our growing numbers will put this administration and future administrations on notice that you work for us, not the other way around.

Our meetings are held monthly at the East Haven Beach House, every fourth Thursday at 7pm. Our next meeting is Thursday December 26, 2013. Come see what we are all about! We welcome everyone!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Joe Maturo Strikes Again….When Will the Town of East Haven Learn?

Over the Spring 2013, Joe Maturo was ripped to shreds by the New Haven Register for what can only be called one of the New Haven Registers spot on editorials in recent memory. The Register finally put print to paper and called Maturo what he really is and that he was not worthy to seek re-election to East Haven’s top post. Sadly, in this year’s election the alternative, Jack Stacey is a much better character and person but the people he surrounds himself with are the same people that have brought the entire East Haven Police Department and Town to where we are today, in total shambles.

What has plagued our Town over the past 20 years is the ritual of passing the baton with no real change. Many of the people involved with politics in the Town are uneducated, self-serving and without malice are so ignorant that they are setting the Town of East Haven to become an extension of New Haven. We had a great opportunity to rid at least one party of the “establishment” but unfortunately the Old Democrats in the Town have played this game so long they have become pros at deception and the art of rigging the game. The Republicans are no better because we still have Joe Maturo and many of them are former Democrats. The real question is when will the Town of East Haven have someone in charge that can truly lead us?

A perfect example of just plan ignorance and bad advice was Joe Maturo’s recent trip to the New Haven Register Editorial Board. Now as I stated above we know that Board simply and correctly thinks that Joe Maturo is an idiot and unfit to run the Town of East Haven. Any bright, articulate person would steer clear of that publication because no matter what you do you will never change their minds and you leave the Town of East Haven opened once again for another punch to the gut and that’s exactly what we got. Like the bookend version he opened the arrest of our four officers with international fame with his taco comment and then closed it by calling our officers disgusting and reminding them when you play you pay. Of course it made the front page and its more embarrassment for the Town of East Haven. When people, when will we learn that the people we choose to lead us are a direct reflection of not only our Town but the economy, the home sales, the school system and everything else that goes into making a Town vibrant? Not to mention ourselves?

Once again Joe Maturo’s ignorant statement and the defense of him even being in front of the Editorial Board is not for you but his own ego and self-made importance. As a Chief Elected Officer you are entrusted with the duties and well- being of the constituents and the stewardship of the revenues collected. In addition to those duties you have the duty to properly market our Town to attract the very best businesses, families and services. Lastly, you need to have intellect to understand that this is not some part time gig. It’s a 90 million dollar operation with over 15,000 resident assets that are valued around $220K per home and we entrust it to a man who just can’t keep his ego in check and his mouth shut!???

At the very beginning of this sad episode Mayor Maturo said he stood by our Police Officers and that they were innocent until proven guilty. However, after declaring that “our judicial system is one of the best in the country” (it’s actually the only one we have Einstein)  this uneducated leader of our community fails to realize that a jury doesn’t always get it right and that a defendant has a right to an appeal and at times several appeals to let justice prevail.  So he makes this statement “Those four cops even thinking they could do that is disgusting to me. If you want to play, you’re going to pay.”

East Haven Taxpayers let’s think about that for one second. We pay this man a salary of $75K, full expense account, a Town Car and a matching pension and this is what we get? Shouldn’t we have someone at the helm that can handle a situation better and that has a full understanding of the judicial system or at least attempts to know the judicial system? Shouldn’t we have someone who doesn’t have to have a printed script in front of them that can be articulate and have command of the English language?

Maturo and all his wisdom has just no clue how to act in public and demonstrates daily that he’s unfit to be Mayor of East Haven during difficult times. Maturo is so ignorant that he fails to realize that The Town of East Haven was originally found guilty by a jury for the death of Malik Jones. We appealed the decisions and the appellate court ruled in our favor and the US Supreme Court declined to review the case. In other words we won and the system provided the full extent of the process. Shouldn’t Cari and Spaulding be afforded the very same opportunity if they so desire? If that is Cari and Spaulding’s desire, shouldn’t the Mayor of East Haven not make foolish comments that can proclaim an admission of guilt to those who are actively suing the Town like Father Manship and Mr. Chacon?

What Maturo should have said, “It’s a sad day in East Haven and it wouldn’t be appropriate to comment on this case because there maybe appeals on behalf of the officers and we need to allow the entire process to play out before we pass judgment.”

That’s the type of response we should be getting from a person we pay $75K, full expense account, Town Car and a matching pension. Instead we settle for the establishment from both the Republicans and Democrats who have put us exactly where we are today.

It’s time that you the taxpayer realize that times have changed. The world has changed and the Office of Mayor of East Haven needs a change. We need to evolve and ready our town for the 21st Century and start to truly look at each and everyone of our candidates to make sure they are the right ones not only to serve but represent us. 

In this election it’s not going to happen but we can start to look now for 2015. Whatever the result on the 1st Tuesday in November you’re either going to have more ignorance or the return of the Ruocco crowd. Either way we don’t move forward immediately but with the Independent Party we could have a real opportunity to change East Haven for the better. As this election cycle passes you will begin to hear all about this new party, with new ideas and a different approach on how to manage the Town not for the few established ones but for all of us. After everything both the Democrats and Republicans have done to our beautiful Town we certainly need a break and a different approach. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Face WIll Maturo Show This Week?

In December of 2011 Mayor Maturo made the decision to return suspended Police Chief Len Gallo back to work after an 18 month absence due to mainly political jockeying by Mayor April Capone, Fred Brow and Paul Hongo. I thought the decision to bring back Chief Gallo was the right one because under the leadership of Inspector Nappi the department became nothing more than a political ugly climate and the EHPD was failing to even handle the basics in policing.
Maturo said bringing Gallo back was a financial decision because he thought paying for two Chief’s was too much for the taxpayers. But the real reason was because he himself believed in Len Gallo and so did many of us. I certainly liked Len Gallo’s style of policing. He made East Haven a fortress next to an out of control City of New Haven. Len Gallo did his job, whether you liked him or not the common criminal knew if you came to East Haven to commit a crime there wasn’t a friend behind the desk and there would be consequences for your actions.
It’s obvious that both Gallo and Maturo were friends too. Many times you would see Len at functions for the Mayor and occasionally the two would be seen at a Yankee game or even on the Golf Course. All well and good to see the Mayor and his Chief law enforcement officer working and playing well together. But what happened after Chief Gallo retired is what perplexes me about Mayor Maturo.
In his state of the Town Address in April 2013 Maturo was quoted saying in the New Haven Register Article,  “He raised the issues within the Police Department, revealed by the U.S. Department of Justice. Maturo said the police family was "shaken to its core" when four officers were arrested on criminal charges, alleging false arrests, excessive force and biased policing.
He said "the problems that had developed between 2007 and 2011 had finally come to a boil -- just three months after a change in administrations, and on the heels of a devastating natural disaster."
Maturo said he "immediately (began) making changes" in the formation of a committee to rewrite policies and the hiring of then interim-Police Chief Brent Larrabee.
Larrabee's arrival created "an immediate calming and stabilizing effect," the mayor said. The town also entered into a consent decree with the Justice Department, allowing the town to avoid litigation and potentially save millions of dollars, Maturo said.
The town hired Spanish-speaking officers, promoted its first female officer, as well as the first minority officer.
"These steps are just the beginning, though they represent a strong foundation on which to rebuild our Police Department," he said.
What I don’t get is why the two stories about the Police Department? If Maturo thought that the Police Department had problems from 2007 to 2011 then why would he hire Len Gallo back? Gallo remained in the position of Chief until 2010 when he was suspended. If policies and procedures were the problem then why did they have to be re-written after Gallo was gone? Why were they not done in Maturo’s first tenure as Mayor? If everything was good enough to hire Len Gallo back then why does the East Haven Police Department need to be rebuilt?
It just seems that Maturo is either completely incompetent, poor judge of character or is scrambling to stay on the right side of the political fence. The facts are that were several deficiencies inside the EHPD that Joe Maturo completely ignored while he was Mayor in his first tenure. That’s why the Police rose up against him and supported April Capone. The Police had old vests, deficient vehicles, and a Police Force that hasn’t changed in numbers since 1962.
If Joe Maturo was serious about bringing change to the East Haven Police Department he would have addressed it in 1998 instead of having “the whip” at his back when he signed the consent decree in 2013.
Facts are as was stated during the first defeat of Joe Maturo he takes his job lightly, he goes to Florida quite often and treats the office of Mayor like a part time position. We can do better than this East Haven. Joe Maturo is nothing more than a snake oil salesman and it's BUYER BEWARE!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


When you see signs that say buyer beware, there is a hidden message there that alerts the consumer that the outside of the package might look good but the interior might be rotten to the core. The same can be said about the 2013 Maturo campaign.

You’ll hear for the next 53 days how Joe Maturo lowered taxes, held the line on spending brought in economic development and how wonderful he truly is. However, when you get to the core of the machine that props him up you will see that it’s not squeaky clean. The heart of the Maturo machine is the East Haven Republican Town Committee and certain members of that crew are far from choirboys and girls.

Today, I have requested a full disclosure of all financial activities from the East Haven Republican Town Committee since Joe Maturo first entered into the political scene. I have requested bank statements, financial reports and a list of contributors with their associations to key members of the Maturo Administration through the years using the Freedom of Information Act.

I am certainly not expecting any cooperation from this group which I was a member of, but I can tell you I was witness to many questionable practices when finances were discussed in our Town Committee Meetings. In some cases certain members of the East Haven Republican Town Committee were directly tied to the political machine that ran both Town Hall and the Treasury of East Haven Republican Town Committee. Questions were allowed but when it came to down to a full accounting of monies brought in and spent you were yelled at and at time scolded for even bringing the subject up.

Who am I am speaking of? It’s the number two man in the East Haven Town Hall. Mr. Arthur DeSorbo. His position as the Director of Administration reported then and now to Mayor Joe Maturo. As the Director of Administration he has close access to Joe Maturo and for ten years of the 1st  Maturo Administration Mr. DeSorbo’s wife Ann was the East Haven Republican Town Committee Treasurer. The links speak for themselves.  The questionable practices, lack of accountability and the intimidation were all a part of a smoke screen that maybe shines the light that they don’t want turned on. I can say that after Mrs. DeSorbo’s departure from the position as Treasurer the financial strength of the party increased and full disclosure was read aloud at every meeting with a full accounting of every penny brought in and spent. It is still a current practice and the current treasurer should be proud to uphold the public trust of the East Haven Republican Town Committee.

It will be very interesting for not only the current members of the East Haven Republican Town Committee to see but the general public as well if the East Haven Republican Town Chairman Carl Ruggerio will release these documents which many members have never seen.  Although it’s not direct tax dollars involved with the East Haven Republican Town Committee it’s a part of the overall ethical behavior of certain members that surrounds Joe Maturo that should spark the public’s interest.  It also alerts the public of the character of the man that calls himself Mayor and the character of those who control the finances of the Town budget and the avenues to be elected through campaign contributions.

I eagerly await a response to my request and as soon as I receive the response it will be posted for all residents of the Town of East Haven to read. If there was corruption inside of the East Haven Republican Town Committee during the 1st administration of Joe Maturo the public has to know the truth. If corruption did exist so close to the Mayor’s Office how could anyone believe that Maturo did not know? If corruption was a part of the daily routine of the 1st Administration of Joe Maturo how could anyone in the Town ever give him the keys to Town Hall again?

When you hear the arrogance in the words Joe Maturo used to describe Jack Stacey, the Democratic Candidate for Mayor, about Jack’s lack of experience to run Town Hall what does Mayor Maturo really mean? I know Jack Stacey and I know Joe Maturo and I can certainly trust Jack Stacey around my family and friends I can’t say the same for Mayor Joe Maturo and his close circle that currently manages Town Hall.


Stay tuned….

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Endorsement....Gary DePalma is the Clear Choice for Democrats on Tuesday September 10th.

The case for Gary DePalma’s candidacy for the Office of Mayor of East Haven is founded on the premise that honesty and integrity matters in the arena of public service. But, do ethics really matter? Do the people of East Haven care whether or not their leadership adheres to a strong, moral belief system? Are the majority of residents proud of their town government? Are we confident our elected officials have our best interests at heart? It’s safe to say, a vast majority of us would respond in the same way. Skepticism and disappointment reign. What a shame!

For the most part, I believe people view self-interest as a natural by-product of public service, an entitlement or benefit that’s become part of the government landscape. People don’t like it, but they’ve accepted that certain individuals, through their elected positions, have access to opportunity that doesn’t exist for the rest of us.

Well, I believe we can do better. Our elected officials have been given the immense responsibility to protect our best interests. They’re also obligated to lead by example, represent with dignity and professionalism, and put forth a full-time effort to succeed. Town government should never be an antagonist to majority opinion.

So, do ethics really matter? Yes, of course! In fact, I will support any effort that will subject our town government to continuous inspection and make it the focus of an ongoing process of accountability. That’s why Gary DePalma is the best choice to be the next Mayor of East Haven. He represents a political anomaly, a candidate who has challenged the status quo to do what East Haven needs most: place principle over expediency, straight talk over misinformation, and common good over narrow interests.

East Haven is a proud community. We’re tired of the New Haven Register , or other outside influences, wagging a finger in our face, telling us how to manage our business. As a whole, we’re good, decent people. No doubt, the negative perception of East Haven is a direct reflection of its long-term leadership. If Gary DePalma is successful, the political cycle is broken; and, we can move forward with a strong code of conduct and higher expectations for our elected officials. We can be proud of our town government, knowing the principles of hard work and integrity will take top priority.

We don’t believe anyone is under the impression the financial disposition of this town would change overnight. Budgets are tight. But, the long-term benefit of having a leadership structure grounded in a reasoned, mature and honest approach to town government will benefit all of us.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, September 10th.

We encourage you to vote Row B for the Gary DePalma slate.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gene Ruocco and Gang Sink To An All Time Low

The latest article that came out from the New Haven Register should not be any surprise. It seems that the joy of smooching and cuddling has gotten the best of Evan Lips as he borders on a career ending article that accuses Gary DePalma, a 25 year police veteran, and his campaign of forging signatures. What’s really should be in question is Mr. Lips’ relationship with the Stacey Campaign Manager Alyson Heimer and the motivation to release a story that is so blatantly politically motivated. As an East Haven resident I am sick and tired of the Gene Ruocco’s crew that continues to use outside agencies to attack and bring down the Town of East Haven. In addition, I am sick and tired of the New Haven Register’s continued attacks on the people of East Haven. Are you?

Since when is Ms. Heimer a handwriting expert and what qualifications does she possess to make such bold statements that “The Entire Gary DePalma slate should not be allowed onto the primary ballot due to the large number of problems with their primary position?” She then comes out to say “There are more than 150 signatures that appear to be forgeries or added to the petition by someone other than the name on the petition.” Such gumption and nerve by a Campaign Manager that hails from the great city of New Haven. Ms. Heimer then goes on to say she’s acting on her own. As I told the East Haven Town Council last night “BS!” that is such a bold faced lie that you can sum it up to Alyson spending a lot of time with Gene Ruocco cause she’s acting just like him now.

Mr. Lips’ investigatory reporting also needs to be scrutinized and could be interfering with a criminal matter. Where did Mr. Lips get Mr. DePalma’s petition when the SEEC said in their response “members and staff shall keep confidential any information concerning the complaint?” Who is Mr. Lips to take it upon himself to actually call people on the petition and question them on to whether or not they signed the petition when it is clearly still being investigated? How is this entire matter now not tainted and not seen as another attack on Gary DePalma? This is almost as bad as Gene Ruocco’s last attempt to tie DePalma to an Internal Affairs investigation at the East Haven Police Department after Mr. DePalma’s shift had concluded. I hope that you the voter are paying close attention to what Gene Ruocco and his Gang are doing.

Frustrating to Ms. Heimer and probably Mr. Ruocco is the consistent statements from people on the petitions that Mr. Lips called, saying that they indeed did sign their names and making it more and more evident that the Stacey campaign is in serious trouble making outrageous attempts to stop the will of the registered Democrats in this Town. But when it’s all on the line as it is with Gene Ruocco and his political career you will pull out all the stops to discredit your opponent. Of course let’s not forget the entire Josey Wales episode where Gene preached about using real names and then when he used a fake name he tried desperately to cover it up. Same MO, same style of dirty rotten and nasty politics.

The good news is that this entire embarrassing Stacey campaign will be done on Tuesday. There is no way the people of East Haven are going to continue to allow repeated attacks on its Town, its Police Department and themselves. Alyson Heimer should be held to highest account for this shameful display and especially for accusing a clean retired Police Officer, Mr. DePalma with participating in what she calls “The Disregard he and his team show for the laws governing elections, imagine what crimes would be committed if he held a position of power.” Disgusting simply disgusting!

Then there is Jack Stacey who up until now I held in high regard and would never think he would participate in such a despicable desperate act. Mr. Stacey’s comments support the accusation of misconduct and basically accuses the DePalma camp of “tricks and fraud.” Really Jack? Are you the same man that I called when I received the package of your foreclosure on my front door step? Are you the same man that continually denied to my face that you had no idea about any foreclosures and then told me I was a gentleman for not going public with the information? Are you the same man that now has “struck a deal” with the bank holding the mortgage and established a payment plan? Mr. Stacey you lied to my face when you told me you knew nothing about any foreclosure and this last desperate act confirms why I told you that I had to withdraw my support for you, you’ve; become Gene Ruocco’s true lap dog. How sad that you let politics turn you into a liar.

Lastly, to the 3,000 readers of the East Haven Vine please read this very closely and understand that this disgusting display is all about Gene Ruocco and his Gang trying to remain in power. Mr. Ruocco has engaged in a complete smear campaign to retain power and has worked with several co-conspirators to achieve this goal. Don’t be fooled by any of this and if you are a Democrat make sure you come out on Tuesday September 10th and vote for the entire DePalma Team. That’s one way to be certain that Gene Ruocco and his gang will be gone forever!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Maturo Team’s Thin Skin Is Very Apparent When Called Out

THE EAST HAVEN VINE HAS RETURNED!!!!! Just in time for the 2013 Election

At tonight’s Town Council Meeting there were some very interesting questions brought up by the public including me. After all we are bonding almost 1 Million Dollars for various projects but I gather that you’re not allowed to ask any questions because the Maturo Team knows best and Maturo’s protectors come out in droves.

My first set of questions were asked through the Chairman regarding a purchase of surveillance equipment for the Police Department for $35,000 and the second was regarding of payment of $250,000 for beach sand. I asked if both items were put out to bid and was informed that the surveillance equipment was not placed out for bid at the moment but the beach sand was an actual bill and that it needed to be paid. All of my questions were answered very respectfully by Finance Director Paul Rizza and I appreciated his respectful answers.

My next set of questions were the transfer of $21,000 to the Traffic Signal Account. I had asked if any of this money is for the Traffic Light that Mayor Maturo promised for Mansfield Grove Road or is that B.S.? Well Councilman Paul Carbo (R-5) didn’t like that line of questioning and then called me up out of the audience to sit at the table in front of the Town Council. I guess Mr. Carbo wanted to publicly scold me for asking such a question. Then he accused me of grandstanding, I was not, I was asking a question about the proclamation that Maturo made in the September 10, 2012 Patch article ‘Full Traffic Light Coming for Short Beach Rd and Mansfield Grove Rd.’ and even if I was grandstanding it’s a public forum and we as citizens have a right to ask the questions to the people we employ to hold our tax dollars. After all was it not Mr. Maturo’s proclamation that it was he who worked on this traffic light since the 1990’s and it was he who personally worked on it during his first administration and it was he who walked the intersection with several videos and that our voices were finally heard? That was 358 days ago and still nothing has been done. So is it BS? Well after 21 years of asking and a big time press release comes out stating that it’s coming and it doesn’t would you feel a bit frustrated? The facts are that Maturo is nothing but a bold face liar as was written in ‘Mansfield Grove Road Traffic Light …Maturo is Lying’ and Paul Carbo has to be the big hero by coming to the Mayor’s defense. Just who is this little known politician Mr. Carbo anyway?
Wasn’t Mr. Carbo the man who almost made it to the top of the East Haven Republican Party not once but twice? Wasn’t Mr. Carbo the man that split from the Republican Party to back a third line headed by Maturo when Joe was rejected by the Republicans? Wasn’t Mr. Carbo the man who tried to sell the sale of the Old High School in the return of Joe Maturo and was almost run out of Town on a rail? Failure is a miserable place when you just can’t get what you want Mr. Carbo but keep trying, maybe one day, big Joey will let you play with the big boys.

I as a taxpayer in the Town of East Haven have every right, as does any citizen, to ask questions of my government and I could give two damns if Mr. Carbo doesn’t like it. What makes matters worse is the child like antics that followed this first exchange. Mr. Carbo proceeded to challenge me and I responded through Chairman Anania that Mr. Carbo should be brought to a point of order and it was me that had to tell Mr. Carbo if he didn’t like what I had to say that he should step off the board because citizens have a right to speak their minds. Of course though that wasn’t enough for Mr. Carbo he had to continue by making faces at me from the Town Council table and when the Council adjourned he had to make a very public display of mockery towards me as he came walking by. This is what the 5th District is represented with? I mean really where is the decorum of an elected official? Maybe this is a preview of what an elected Robert Hoff would act like? In conclusion, I of course will not be bullied by anyone and informed Mr. Carbo that indeed he is the horses’ ass I always known him to be, I said it not once but twice so he could hear me clearly. I also asked him if he wanted to step outside to continue the exchange and in typical expected fashion he had to rush toward me only to have the Town Attorney Mr. Zullo prevent him from getting any closer to me. He of course in a cowardly fashion was led out of the building hailing some words that someday I’ll get mine. Mr. Carbo didn’t Mommy teach you about sticks and stones? I mean really this is what represents us on the East Haven Town Council?

It’s going to be some election season with shallow elected officials with thin skin and no brains to back it up.  I will let Mr. Carbo know that I will be at any Council meeting  I choose and will ask any questions I wish to and finally it’s not my fault that I brought a compelling argument that destroyed your lying attempts to sell the Old High School. Maybe I’ve embarrassed you or you have some type of aliment but that’s not my problem and It’s called DEMOCRACY so get used to it when you sit on a governing board and while you’re at it maybe you should purchase Robert’s Rules of Order and a book on proper decorum.