Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Details on 3rd District Candidate Mr. Robert Hoff


It seems that only after the truth is fully told then Mr. Hoff comes clean. Mr. Hoff still hasn’t learned the lessons that sometimes it better to retreat and say nothing and maybe just maybe they will not say anymore. After his attempts to quote biblical passages and admit to the world that he in fact was arrested he once again is blaming everyone else for his peculiar behavior and at time downright violent behavior.

In the 2011 series of Hoff’s violence exposed it begins with a call from 50 Michael Street on 4-5-2011, unknown caller to complain about harassment. The police investigate and spend 11:23am to 12:40pm on the street. There was no reported harassment. However, the next day April 6, 2011 Mr. Hoff calls the EHPD because he says he hears the next door neighbor screaming obscenities at him while he was playing with his dogs outside. The Officer investigates and it turns out the neighbor was yelling at his cat.
On April 24, 2011 the East Haven Police were once again called to 50 Michael Street for a Domestic Violence call when the PD arrived they there was the complainant Mr. Victor Bell and the aggressor Mr. Robert D. Hoff. This incident occurred because Mr. Bell ate all of the fruit! Yes we had the police called because Mr. Victor Bell ate food and Robert began to threaten Mr. Bell and when the EHPD investigated the claim they stated that Mr. Robert B Hoff was not cooperative with the Police Officers and was making false claims against Mr. Bell. You simply just can’t make this stuff up!

On April 27, 2011 The East Haven Police Department once again is called to 50 Michael Street for a Breach of Peace. Mr. Hoff alleges that Mr. Bell is causing a breach in the middle of the street and that Mr. Hoff is hiding in his room!

On June 1, 2011 Mr. Hoff again called the EHPD for a dispute with his neighbor there are no specifics on the report but we can only assume it is the dog situation once again.

But ladies and gentleman this story gets more bizarre!  On June 4, 2011 the East Haven Police were once again summoned to the Hoff residence because Mr. Bell and Mr. Hoff can’t play nice and according to the official police report Mr. Bell told Robert’s dog to “Get the F*** out of the way. “ While the Officer was taking the statement Mr. Hoff was holding in his hands the East Haven Town Charter and said that Mr. Bell’s words were causing his dogs “undue stress and anxiety and get this…..It was a violation of the East Haven Town Charter.” Folks….we have a serious problem here. Again I ask, is Robert Hoff fit to serve in any capacity in the Town of East Haven?     

On July 8, 2011 this Bell v. Hoff finally comes to blows for a family dispute and both Hoff and Bell are placed under arrest. But what we see here is Hoff becoming very aggressive and actually placing Mr. Bell in a headlock after jumping on him! You know it’s funny…I could have sworn I read somewhere that Mr. Hoff is disabled,  also has a degenerative disc problem and epilepsy and was very concerned this past summer that Senator Fasano was looking at him the wrong way almost causing him to have seizures. Now I’m no Doctor but wouldn’t you say if you could jump on someone’s back, place him in a headlock that you are physically capable? Maybe this blog can open up an investigation and report it to the State of Connecticut that we have a person claiming disability and maybe a fraud!

On August 13, 2011 Again, Hoff and Bell are at it again. This time it’s a violation of protection order and a breach of peace. These two, who live at the same address, have orders of protection against each other. Hoff is now accusing Bell of giving him the middle finger. Both of them are issued warnings by the East Haven Police.

On a day of remembrance 9-11-2011 where we all should be remembering what happened on that day 11 years ago prior The Hoff v Bell situation explodes once again but expands to involve Mr. Hoff’s Father. This situation started because Hoff’s dog jumped on Bell and got his shirt dirty. Bell obviously upset objected and Hoff came charging at him yelling and screaming. Now remember the there is an order of protection so someone is going to be arrested and guess who? Yep you got it Mr. Hoff is arrested. But the cherry on top is Hoff’s Father’s statement in the police report. “Upon speaking with James he stated that he did witness the incident and Robert approached Victor and began yelling at him. James stated he was not sure what exactly was said when Robert approached Victor, however Victor was the one who turned around and walked away from the incident so the situation would not escalate. James stated Robert HAS AN ISSUE WITH ANGER AND IT IS NOT UNCOMMON FOR ROBERT TO COME FACE TO FACE WITH VICTOR OR OTHER RESIDENTS OF THE HOUSE.

Then again on 10-17-2011 Robert calls the East Haven Police once again claiming that he had a problem with Victor Bell, who was the aggressor. Victor denied the charge and said that Hoff was the aggressor. The police deemed it to be an on-going dispute and Robert left the home for the day.

The final call of 2011 went right back to the neighbor where Mr. Hoff called the East Haven Police Department complaining that the neighbor was threatening to kill Hoff’s dog. The police found no reasonable complaint here and just documented the issue.

In conclusion this evidence that I promised to deliver shows that Mr. Robert Hoff, The 3rd District Candidate is not only a liar but has serious impairment in anger management and frankly is a danger to himself, his family and the general public. This man is perpetrating the biggest fraud on the East Haven Taxpayer since April Capone said she was a business executive for Verizon Wireless. In April’s case she at least waited till she was in office to be arrested and was proud that she was and at least her Father backed her up, Hoff’s Father was a witness to his son’s arrest and agreed with the complainant!. Maybe Hoff can show us the three mug shots he received by the EHPD as mementos! Again I say if the people of the 3rd District vote for this lunatic it may be time to put the house up for sale cause you just can’t make this stuff up!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Mr. Robert Hoff East Haven's 3rd District Town Council Candidate a Ticking Time Bomb

It’s a terrible shame when a Public Official will lie and deceive. However, when that public official uses his position to attack others and then gets nasty at times it makes it even worse. Mr. Hoff has been an attack dog questioning the ethics, morals and many more things of several public officials in the Town of East Haven when he has a very colorful past himself and one has to wonder what the Capone Administration was thinking when they appointed Mr. Hoff to the Americans Disabilities Commission and now serves as the Chairman of that Commission. Mr. Hoff should hang his head in shame for his past discretions but mostly for his attempts to cover them up.

In addition on December 4th Mr. Hoff declared that he was going to seek the office of Town Council in the 3rd District and it was his responsibility to disclose all information that would be in the public interest. I have tried to get him to come clean but all I get is the typical political run around. It is the East Haven’s Vine intent to properly vet every candidate that seeks office. In the case of Mr. Hoff there is plenty to tell and some of which is very alarming and should raise a lot of eyebrows to those who don’t know Mr. Hoff personally.

When I made the request to the East Haven Police Department I figured I would go back a full 2 years so I could maybe get a hit on something with Mr. Hoff. It had been long rumored that Mr. Hoff had been arrested but when I arrived at the police department this morning I was shocked to receive 46 pages of documentation on Mr. Hoff’s past.

I will be disclosing all of these documents over time for the public to view and to make up their own mind to whether they want Mr. Hoff to represent them. But here is the true story on the violence that has occurred at 50 Michael Street from candidate Hoff. There are other stories to 50 Michael Street that shows Mr. Hoff calls the EHPD for nonessential emergencies as well.

Here are the incidents that occurred in the year 2010.
On 6/12/2010 at 9:49am the East Haven Police Department was dispatched 50 Michael Street for a Family Dispute. Sargent Joseph Mulhern was assigned. The report came in as a family dispute between a Beth Malak from East Haven and Mr. Robert D. Hoff at 50 Michael Street.  The offense listed on the report is a breach of peach. There arrests in this incident but the names of the arrestees are redacted but the officer’s incident report is not redacted.

Here is another incident that occured in August 2010. These charges were levied by Mr. Hoff but were shown to be unchargeable since the responding officer saw that there was no violation of the protective order. Calling the East Haven Police by Mr. Hoff seems to be a regular occurance and in some cases calling the EHPD seems to be a waste of time, money and effort. 

It's also not just family members Mr. Hoff has problems with it's also his neighbors that find him to be problematic. In the last month of 2010 Mr. Hoff has the EHPD visit his neighbor because he feels that his neighbor is giving him a hard time about his dogs. This story further develops in 2011.
In this first part series of Robert Hoff the 3rd District Candidate is just in the eye of the storm. In the next segment you will see the growing time bomb on Michael Street as there are physical altercations, harrassment charges and other things that are just wasting the taxpayers dollars on resources that should be given to fighting real crime.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

East Haven Town Council Hears Sub Committee Plans on Old High School

Every Town Council Meeting in the Town of East Haven happens on the First Tuesday of every month but previous to that meeting there is the Administrative Services Meeting that sets the agenda. It is not a common occurrence to "add" items to the agenda the day of the meeting unless of course it happens to be a matter of urgent business or you're trying to sneak an item on the agenda that might be controversial like say.... mixed use of senior housing and public use of 200 Tylers St aka The Old High School? Something the taxpayers in 2009 DID NOT VOTE for!

The underlining matter is something has to be done with the Old High School; I think everyone in the Town realizes that but at who's cost, expense and benefit? Back in 2007 the Maturo Administration tried to pull a fast one by selling the Old High School for under $500K when the property alone is worth far more. The goal was to develop over 200 units of senior housing and when this was presented to the general public there was almost a riot. In my 7 years of service on the Town Council I never saw the public so upset. I got the message loud and clear and stood up against the project and eventually it died. It's the behind the scenes operation and schemes the East Haven Tax Payer needs to be aware of. Again who benefits by so many various projects?

Well the East Haven Vine has some interesting information and a possible connection on this current project that you the tax payer and reader might raise an eyebrow at. The presentation of concept delivered by Councilman Paul Carbo and his 200 Tyler Street Sub Committee. It included a presentation by Landmark Architects of East Haven and its President Paul Pizzo. Landmark's Organizational Chart includes several companies but one is of particular interest to Mr. Arthur Desorbo, East Haven Director of Administration, Nafis and Young of Northford.

After Maturo's defeat in 2007 to April Capone Almon, Mr. Desorbo gained employment with Nafis and Young and according to Mr. Desorbo's, profile the relationship has been quite extensive. Take a look for yourself....It’s quite clear that Mr. Desorbo definitely has something to gain by employing his former employer, longtime business partner and political contributor. Maybe if Maturo loses this fall there is another position awaiting him? See below where Mr. Desorbo acknowledges his longtime relationship with Nafis and Young.!search/profile/person?personId=49698475&targetid=profile

Tonight at the Town Council Meeting, I raised two points to Mr. Pizzo and the Town Council. First, if we were to build a mixed use facility to include senior housing has this been done anywhere else and how did it work? The answer from Mr. Pizzo was no. My next question was since there will be children at this facility using the pool, basketball court or auditorium what would happen if we had a sex offender or other unwanted individuals that are forbidden to be around children residing in this facility? How would that work? Who would be liable? Town Attorney Joe Zullo injected that we haven't gone that far in the process and he would have a lot of research to conduct to make sure that Town wouldn't be held liable.

These are questions that need to be asked at this point because I can assure you that this is an election year and there is money to be made and short time to do it. The Maturo Administration has demonstrated by the 1st attempt of sale of the Old High School and the Candlelight Project that it has no handle on managing a large scale project without it starting to smell of backhanded deals and corruption because of the lack of honest and forthcoming proposals. Tonight there was no need to "add" this project to the agenda. It could have waited until the next Administrative Services meeting to be added in January 2013. Once again we all need to keep a very close eye on this proposal and hold our elected officials and their appointees to account! We cannot allow valuable Town property to be mishandled nor given away to friends of Joe Maturo and Art Desorbo.