Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maturo Needs to Slow Down on DOJ Consent Decree

It is very understandable that the Maturo Administration wants to try to get to a consent decree to try to avoid a lawsuit by the United States Department of Justice but with the DOJ's recent track record of no significant convictions and publically humiliating its purpose I don't understand what is all the rush? I mean this group couldn't even bring home a conviction on Roger Clemens and we all know that he perjured himself in front of Congress. <Don’t get upset Yankee Fans I’m one of you.>

We've told our Police that we will stand by them and despite what public opinion; Gene Ruocco or Paul Hongo says these Police Officers deserve their day in court which is not scheduled till the winter of 2013. So what is the rush? Any agreement with the DOJ can sell these men down the river and its awful that politics once again is raising it’s ugly head in East Haven.

Could it be that the DOJ has just gone from an institution to serve and protect to an organization that is corrupt and is in shake down mode? Forget politics for a minute. What happened in Arizona with Fast and Furious should make us all think for a minute about the DOJ, Eric Holder and now President Obama. What do they have to hide? 

The DOJ has ignored the Black Panther voting right scandal in Philadelphia and it has gone to war with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer because it cannot set a Federal Policy on illegal immigration and somehow that has become all of our problem. Why the inconsistency?

With the DOJ's track record and an increasingly prospect of an Obama loss in November I'm not saying not to talk but lets not sign anything with the DOJ until after the election. It is very likely that with a Romney win most of the current cases will be reviewed and could possibly be thrown out including the United States vs. East Haven Police.

Give John Miller, Dave Cari, Jason Zullo and Dennis Spaudling a fighting chance! Settling now could affect their cases before they even start.