Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Joe Maturo Strikes Again….When Will the Town of East Haven Learn?

Over the Spring 2013, Joe Maturo was ripped to shreds by the New Haven Register for what can only be called one of the New Haven Registers spot on editorials in recent memory. The Register finally put print to paper and called Maturo what he really is and that he was not worthy to seek re-election to East Haven’s top post. Sadly, in this year’s election the alternative, Jack Stacey is a much better character and person but the people he surrounds himself with are the same people that have brought the entire East Haven Police Department and Town to where we are today, in total shambles.

What has plagued our Town over the past 20 years is the ritual of passing the baton with no real change. Many of the people involved with politics in the Town are uneducated, self-serving and without malice are so ignorant that they are setting the Town of East Haven to become an extension of New Haven. We had a great opportunity to rid at least one party of the “establishment” but unfortunately the Old Democrats in the Town have played this game so long they have become pros at deception and the art of rigging the game. The Republicans are no better because we still have Joe Maturo and many of them are former Democrats. The real question is when will the Town of East Haven have someone in charge that can truly lead us?

A perfect example of just plan ignorance and bad advice was Joe Maturo’s recent trip to the New Haven Register Editorial Board. Now as I stated above we know that Board simply and correctly thinks that Joe Maturo is an idiot and unfit to run the Town of East Haven. Any bright, articulate person would steer clear of that publication because no matter what you do you will never change their minds and you leave the Town of East Haven opened once again for another punch to the gut and that’s exactly what we got. Like the bookend version he opened the arrest of our four officers with international fame with his taco comment and then closed it by calling our officers disgusting and reminding them when you play you pay. Of course it made the front page and its more embarrassment for the Town of East Haven. When people, when will we learn that the people we choose to lead us are a direct reflection of not only our Town but the economy, the home sales, the school system and everything else that goes into making a Town vibrant? Not to mention ourselves?

Once again Joe Maturo’s ignorant statement and the defense of him even being in front of the Editorial Board is not for you but his own ego and self-made importance. As a Chief Elected Officer you are entrusted with the duties and well- being of the constituents and the stewardship of the revenues collected. In addition to those duties you have the duty to properly market our Town to attract the very best businesses, families and services. Lastly, you need to have intellect to understand that this is not some part time gig. It’s a 90 million dollar operation with over 15,000 resident assets that are valued around $220K per home and we entrust it to a man who just can’t keep his ego in check and his mouth shut!???

At the very beginning of this sad episode Mayor Maturo said he stood by our Police Officers and that they were innocent until proven guilty. However, after declaring that “our judicial system is one of the best in the country” (it’s actually the only one we have Einstein)  this uneducated leader of our community fails to realize that a jury doesn’t always get it right and that a defendant has a right to an appeal and at times several appeals to let justice prevail.  So he makes this statement “Those four cops even thinking they could do that is disgusting to me. If you want to play, you’re going to pay.”

East Haven Taxpayers let’s think about that for one second. We pay this man a salary of $75K, full expense account, a Town Car and a matching pension and this is what we get? Shouldn’t we have someone at the helm that can handle a situation better and that has a full understanding of the judicial system or at least attempts to know the judicial system? Shouldn’t we have someone who doesn’t have to have a printed script in front of them that can be articulate and have command of the English language?

Maturo and all his wisdom has just no clue how to act in public and demonstrates daily that he’s unfit to be Mayor of East Haven during difficult times. Maturo is so ignorant that he fails to realize that The Town of East Haven was originally found guilty by a jury for the death of Malik Jones. We appealed the decisions and the appellate court ruled in our favor and the US Supreme Court declined to review the case. In other words we won and the system provided the full extent of the process. Shouldn’t Cari and Spaulding be afforded the very same opportunity if they so desire? If that is Cari and Spaulding’s desire, shouldn’t the Mayor of East Haven not make foolish comments that can proclaim an admission of guilt to those who are actively suing the Town like Father Manship and Mr. Chacon?

What Maturo should have said, “It’s a sad day in East Haven and it wouldn’t be appropriate to comment on this case because there maybe appeals on behalf of the officers and we need to allow the entire process to play out before we pass judgment.”

That’s the type of response we should be getting from a person we pay $75K, full expense account, Town Car and a matching pension. Instead we settle for the establishment from both the Republicans and Democrats who have put us exactly where we are today.

It’s time that you the taxpayer realize that times have changed. The world has changed and the Office of Mayor of East Haven needs a change. We need to evolve and ready our town for the 21st Century and start to truly look at each and everyone of our candidates to make sure they are the right ones not only to serve but represent us. 

In this election it’s not going to happen but we can start to look now for 2015. Whatever the result on the 1st Tuesday in November you’re either going to have more ignorance or the return of the Ruocco crowd. Either way we don’t move forward immediately but with the Independent Party we could have a real opportunity to change East Haven for the better. As this election cycle passes you will begin to hear all about this new party, with new ideas and a different approach on how to manage the Town not for the few established ones but for all of us. After everything both the Democrats and Republicans have done to our beautiful Town we certainly need a break and a different approach.