Monday, May 30, 2011

East Haven Republican Party not split it's just a splinter

So today is the start of the political season here in East Haven. We soon will have concerts on the Green every Sunday and you'll see Mayor April, Joe Maturo and John Finkle. In my opinion only one is worthy of any consideration of your vote, John Finkle.

All around town I have been stopped and asked what is going on with the Republican party in East Haven? Even though I am not a member of the RTC anymore I know just as much as any member because people still confide in me and still ask my opinion. So what in my opinion is going on? John Finkle is still the man to lead the Republicans this coming November and this so called split of the Republican Party is just nonsense. If anything, it's just a mere splinter of just 5 insignificant people out of 65 committee members making all this noise and causing all the stir.

Please oblige me for a moment while I give you a short history lesson of how this little splinter thing happened. Back in 2007 when then Joe Maturo was running for office against a "mere nobody" as April Capone Almon was referred to by the gurus of the Republican Town Committee. I and many people tried to reason with Joe Maturo that he should take April seriously and that she was beating him up pretty good in the newspapers and with the whole 10 week vacations in Florida fiasco. Joe Maturo's arrogance and king of the world attitude was the only thing he saw and as he told me to my face, "Dan, I've been elected 8 times, I don't need your advice." After that statement I knew he was going to lose. The man had let the power of Mayor go to his head and he was going to fall hard and fast. As I stood next to him that November night and we heard the roar of the April team upstairs I looked over at him and I truly felt sorry for him because I thought he realized that he knew he was wrong for not taking the advice of the RTC and people who had a pulse on the districts. You hear he only lost by 25 votes. That is a fact but the reality is that he lost by 2000 votes plus 25. Those were the numbers Joe used to pull in. It was evident in 2007 that people were tired of the Joe Maturo team and they wanted change.

Well a change is definitely what the Town received and it has resulted in 4 consecutive deficits, a 17% tax increase, a war with the Police Department and April Capone's mug being on almost every TV camera from being arrested. We certainly didn't get the change we expected but you reader has to ask do you want to return to way it was just for years ago or do we want real change in John Finkle because he truly is the only candidate that offers a true change in direction for East Haven.

I know writing this blog about my fellow Republicans will probably have me removed from some Christmas card lists but this needs to be said because it is the truth and I think we've been lied to enough over the past 14 years by both Maturo and Capone that we need different voices and faces to lead this community through one of the worst periods since the Great Depression.

The facts are that the "splinters" as I call them are a very small group of men and women who are looking for the return of their hay days. These people could care less about the welfare of you the reader but of how they will benefit with tax dollar funded jobs, benefits for friends and family and the power they crave. The current Maturo Team are people who have no current jobs, lost connections to getting jobs and are dying to get back on the gravy train. Hold on to your seats. Gene Ruocco is RIGHT! But what he doesn't want you to know is that the Maturo people are NOT with Finkle and Finkle's people are NOT with Maturo.

The Finkle people I know personally and I know don't need jobs because everyone of them have full time jobs and don't need Town Hall to fulfill their dream job. They like me, want good government, a end to the political corruption that both Republican and Democrats have within their ranks and just a place we all can call home. We know what Joe did and we see what April is doing so why would anyone in their right mind want to keep the status quo or return to the days of strong armed politics, vendettas and rotten politics. It's time we are all given a break and vote for the candidate that offers REAL CHANGE and a better way and that's why I know that we can achieve that under John Finkle.

My advice to you stay calm, don't worry because the more of Joe Maturo is seen and heard the more the 2000 plus 25 will remember why they threw him out in the first place.

Stay tuned there is much more coverage of the Republican Primary in East Haven in coming editions.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

East Haven BOF and Economic Development Meetings

As expected the Mayor and the BOF passed all of the items on the agenda last night including raising building permits and fees. When the discussion came up about building fees and permits I raised my hand to make a comment and was immediately shut down by Mayor Capone saying, "There is no public comment, this is a special meeting." with a smerk on her face. How communist of Mayor April. I remember when she was on the Town Council with me saying that the public has a right to speak. Knowing that if I caused a scene I would be arrested on the spot I decided to write to you the public to let you know that this Administration is nothing but a dictatorship. Remember that in November when you vote for Mayor. You still have an opportunity to speak at the Town Council on June 7th unless they make that a special meeting too.

Across the hall there was the Economic Development meeting which I attended also. It was a very cordial meeting and I was allowed to speak there. The group of 3 Commissioners, Councilman Camera and Paul Hongo were discussing the surveys that were recently handed out to all the businesses. Councilman Camera was raving about the information they received back from the businessess but I wasn't overly excited because only 10% of our businesses responded. I think we need a better plan to find out what we can do better to help Economic Development in East Haven. There also was very good discussion regarding 200 Tyler Street, which was not on the agenda but you can see that some of the ideas are coming together. I fully 100% support converting that entire complex into a government center like West Hartford and Milford has.

At the conclusion of the meeting it was discussed, at my suggestion, that we start to bring in outside resources from other municipalities that have been successful with economic development to help this group. From the meeting though I can see what some of the problems are with Economic Development and that is there are no under 40 year old commissioners on the Board. I raised the point to the Commissioners that not only do they need to speak with business leaders but they need to talk to the Mom and Dad that are raising a family here in East Haven and ask them what they think. That suggestion was not very welcomed. Although I think for the first time ever Councilman Camera and I were almost on the same page as we agreed that we need to get more public input.

If East Haven is going to climb out of the 78 vacant store fronts that East Haven Vine has acurately reported it better get it's act together fast. Sending out surveys is all well and good but if you don't have the ability to listen to all sides and take the younger generations suggestions they will simply give up, put their house on the market and move to a Town that has something to offer them.

It seems that while there is a small glimer of hope for Economic Development in East Haven the old guard is not very welcoming to thinking outside the box.

Monday, May 23, 2011

East Haven BOF meets in Special Meeting tonight and building fees possibly raising

When politicians speak always look for the other shoe to drop is an old saying. So when Mayor April told us and that she lowered our taxes in this 2011-2012 year did she lower them for everyone? Tonight the Town's Board of Finance is meeting to discuss several transfers totaling $139,148 to balance out the 2010-2011 budget and is also looking for a fee increase in building permits and fees. I call that a shell game or better words, HIDDEN TAXATION. So when you want to remodel your home, build a new home, put in a pool, put up an addition, install a new roof, you're going to pay your General Contractor and your going to be paying the Town of East Haven more!

What we have to be very careful here is how much are the fees going up? Generally the residents of the Town don't pay close attention to these items but you can be sure that the Mayor does because fees are revenue generating and fill up the general fund. The State of Connecticut does it all the time. Just last year they raised the Occupational Licenses that some of us carry 100%! I used to pay $100.00 for my license now I pay $200.00 just for the privilege to work in this great State.

Because of the size of the Giamo room I would expect a low turn out of people tonight but look for the June 7th Town Council Meeting to raise your opinion on these transfers and fee increases. Believe me they don't miss a trick. Instead of trying to reach into your pocket all the time they should be looking to decrease spending and lowering fees for East Haven.

Our Town has the highest foreclosure rates in the nation how could they even think of taking more from people that have less to give?

Keep an eye on Town Hall they are robbing us blind.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vested Interest in East Haven does the Capone Administration have it?

In the 15 years since I have moved to East Haven I have seen many things in the political world happen. I feel almost like a veteran of East Haven politics and I have learned some very valuable lessons first and foremost there is no other place like East Haven and that politics in East Haven is definitely a contact sport.

With that in mind I also know that this community is very warm and caring. I have seen tragic things happen and the people of East Haven will rally around the cause and give the shirt off their backs to lend a helping hand because we know that we are unique and we are different from any other town in Connecticut.

Being that we have this spirit to take care of our own I find it very intriquing that the Mayor's two top officials are not residents of this Town. Afterall, these two men have full control of every department in the 85 million dollar budget and make decisions that many times are not in the best interests of the Town of East Haven.

Take for example Mr. Paul Hongo, Assitant Director. He is a resident of Fairfield County. A google search did not come up with a specific address for him but I know for certain he is not a resident of East Haven. Mr. Hongo's background is from the Communications Workers of America Local 1298. He served as President of the Union for almost a decade and other than representing some East Haven residents what are is vested interests in East Haven?

Our other Mayorial Aide is Mr. Ralph Mauro. He is a resident of Branford. Mr. Mauro has a extensive history with the Town of East Haven under the Luzzi Administration but again I must question his vested interests in the Town of East Haven.

Would the Town be better served if these two positions were people from our Town? One might say if they have some skin in the game they might have a different perspective. Our previous Director of Administration, Art DeSorbo was a resident of East Haven.

Why do I bring this up? Since both of these men have held their positions in the Town of East Haven we have run deficits in the millions of dollars, had a 17% tax increase and nothing but a political firestorm of controversy within our Police Department and now were faced with several zoing and wetlands issues and it seems that absolutely no one is listening to the people. So I raise the question why is no one listening? Could it be that the two men in charge of taking care of Town business have turned a deaf ear to the residents of East Haven because they have no skin in our game?

These are serious questions these people have to answer and furthermore one has to ask did the Mayor select the best people for those positions? It also seems that at least one of the Mayor's assistants, Ralph Mauro is making a lot of money holding two positions (this position and Director of Public Works) and is also a strong advocate of development in the Town of East Haven. A home recently constructed on Gerrish Avenue comes to mind and we in the Riverside section of Town continue to hear Mr. Mauro's  name being mentioned as a strong supporter of the 51 units to be constructed at Three Stone Pillars. It also might explain why Mr. James Stauton and Assistant Town Attorney Cirillo usurped the process of a public hearing for the extension of the Inland Wetlands Application 05-05 at Three Stone Pillars.

The bottom line is I am questioning whether these two non-residents who hold control of 85 million dollars our tax dollars have any skin in our Town? Do these two non-residents really care about what is in the best interests for you the tax payer? Remember this, these two men did not have to pay the 17% tax increase we did last year and they are not facing any liability with any of the circus acts of lawsuits we face.

The decisions these two men do have a lasting impact on your ability to continue to afford to live in this Town and when November comes around ask these questions to yourself before you circle in the name you're voting for.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dirty Tricks on 155 Short Beach Road?

As usual nothing this administration does is without the other shoe dropping. So when we heard rumors that the 51 unit development was going to be dropped we also heard that the developer was going to go the course with the 11 unit approved lot. However, there was a twist. That lot had a 5 year expiration date from Inland Wetlands Commission.

Known as Inland Wetland Application 05-05 it supposedly expired in July 2010. What does that mean? It means the developer would have to start from scratch. But yesterday that all changed by the stroke of a pen by James Staunton, Town Engineer. He, by administrative decree, ordered that the project be extended until 2013.

Just whom does James Staunton think he is? Our Town has boards and commissioners and a process that all business goes before the public. How dare he and the assistant Town Attorney James Cirillo decide that this project has the merits to go forward especially after recent potential new wetlands have been discovered!

For the person looking from the outside in you better start to wake up and realize that this is bigger than just 11 units or 51 units for that matter. This has big money behind it with some heavy Town Hall influence to go this direction.

It's time for the people to start voicing your opinions and let this Town Government know that we the people have an active voice and have a right to participate in the process.

I suggest you start by writing to the Mayor April and telling her how you feel

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Word on the street about 155 Short Beach Road

I am not one for rumors or trying to circulate rumors, but it is my understanding the the applicant at 155 Short Beach Road is going to withdraw his application in light of the overwhelming response to the P&Z meeting. This comes from very credible close sources.

You will probably see various politicians including former Mayor Joe Maturo or P&Z Chairman Mr, Ruocco taking credit when this does occur. It wasn't them at all it was all of you that came out and put the pressure on.

For now a small celebration may be in order. There is still the 11 unit lot that has already been approved to deal with.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Inconsistancies with Conservation and Development

Below you can read the East Haven Plan of Conservation and Development that was adopted by the East Haven Zoning Board on September 5, 2007. In this document there are some key points that are contrary to the development of 155 Short Beach Road or otherwise known as Short Beach Commons.

  1. This plan called for no additional development in the Farm River Flood Plain
  2. 55 and Older are better suited for areas North of RT. 80, east of Mill Street and West of Maple Street.
  3. Open space in the should be purchased by the public or preserved.
These three points say volumes of what should be done at this location and that is absolutely nothing. Leave this space open space.

Here is the September 5, 2007 Report provided by Brendan Toller.

Section 8-23 of the Connecticut State Statues requires that each municipality
prepare and adopt a Plan of Conservation and Development and update it once
every ten years.
The purpose of the Plan of Conservation and Development is to record the best
thinking of the Town as to its future physical growth and to give direction to both
public and private development. While its objectives are long-range, the Plan
should be capable of offering guidance for short-range land use decisions upon
adoption. Although it is often difficult to address immediate issues and problems
with long-range concepts and principles,
to long-term purposes can dilute, even nullify, the ultimate effectiveness
and impact of the immediate solution.
Section 8-3a. From the 2009 Connecticut Zoning Code States:
short-term solutions without respect
Findings of consistency of proposed regulations or boundaries with the plan of
development. Referral of proposed regulations or boundaries to planning
commission. (a) In any municipality which has a combined planning and zoning
commission operating under the general statutes or any special act,
commission shall state on the record its findings on
consistency of a proposed zoning regulation or
boundaries or changes thereof with the plan of
development of the municipality.
From the East Haven Plan of Conservation and Development Approved by the
Planning and Zoning Commission September 5
th, 2007. Next plan adoption-
Page 86:
Other Land Use Recommendations
9.No additional development should occur within the Farm River floodplain.
Page 89:
Other Land Use Recommendations
21. Additional housing for senior citizens would be good use for vacant
and underutilized properties on the south side of Route 80, east of Mill
Street and west of Maple Street.
22. The open lands along the Farm River should be publicly acquired or
otherwise preserved.
Page 5:
II. Goals, Policies, and Strategies
Section A: Primary Goals of the Plan, Open Space
1. East Haven is a developed community and its remaining natural resources are
extremely important to the quality of life of the Town’s residents.
The preservation of the remaining environmentally significant natural areas
and other environmental resources should be of the highest priority.
space acquisition and preservation should be a major policy initiative of the
Page 9:
Section C: Environmental Preservation
The natural resources are primary factors of the character and quality of life in
East Haven.
disregarded in the past, the natural resources and environment of the Town
are major factors of the Town’s character.
community, with almost two miles of coastline along Long Island Sound.
Although largely developed. East Haven still contains large areas within its
natural state.
important natural features that contribute to the quality of life of those
OpenAlthough many of these natural resources have beenEast Haven is a coastalEven within long established neighborhoods, there are
The plan recognizes the importance of the protection of these features, in
conjunction with beneficial development.
the land that contains these unique and valuable resources, steering
development onto more suitable land.
The emphasis is on preservation of
Page 10:
Overall Goals
1. The preservation of East Haven’s natural resources and open spaces
for the benefit of current and future residents should be of the
highest priority given the dwindling supply of developed land within
the Town.
2. Recognize the uniqueness of East Haven as a shoreline community and
take advantage of the coastal resources for the benefits of the residents of
the community.
Overall Policies
characteristics of the land, and the Town should direct future
development to those areas most capable of supporting it. The
natural characteristics of much of East Haven’s vacant land place
limitations on future development.
Future development needs to be more harmonious with the natural
Town’s growth and development, and take action to preserve and
enhance these resources.
3. Protect remaining significant natural areas, by utilizing a full range of
tools available to the Town.
Recognize that East Haven’s coastal resources are important to the
4. Cooperate with Federal, State and Regional agencies to improve the
water quality of Long Island Sound…
6. Recognize the importance of the tidal marshes to the ecology of the
Sound and the quality of life of Town Residents, and protect
7. Preserve the quality of the Town’s bodies of fresh water, so that they
may be used for public recreation and environmental conservation.
8. Protect the groundwater resources of the Town…
10. Minimize the potential for the loss of life or property due to flooding
by careful controlling and limiting development in designated flood
prone areas.
Page 11:
11. Protect inland wetland areas from development that impairs their
ability to store floodwater, to control erosion, to recharge and purify
surface and groundwater and to support wildlife.
Overall Strategies
The problem of the periodic flooding of East Haven neighborhoods along
the Farm River and in coastal areas probably cannot be solved to any great
extent solely through structural improvements, although some minor
improvements may be achieved.
issues and problems can best be addressed on the basis of the limits of the
drainage basin, which often cross municipal boundaries. Therefore, the solutions
to drainage problems should be on a basin-wide basis, through cooperation
between the municipalities that share the drainage basin. There should be a
three pronged approach to solving the Town’s flooding problems…
It is important to recognize that all drainage
…Continue to enforce the floodplain regulations through the prevention of
inappropriate new development from within the floodplain. Any new
development in the floodplain should be built to contemporary standards
for withstanding floodwaters and not exacerbate the flooding situation
downstream. However, in areas of severe hazard, new construction should
be prohibited.
Page 12:
4. Continue to enforce the wetland regulations. There should not be
significant development on wetland areas, especially when the
wetlands are significant natural resources. Generally, alteration
should be considered only when there is no feasible and prudent
alternative. Wetland alteration should be permitted only in
conjunction with mitigation procedures, which results in improved
and/or replacement wetlands.
Page 26:
Housing Policies
2. Preserve the integrity of existing neighborhoods, by preventing the
introduction of incompatible land uses….
4. Encourage the clustering of new housing units, in appropriate
locations and quantity, to preserve valuable open space, in a manner to
enhance the neighborhood…
5. The zoning regulations should reflect the pattern of development
within the existing residential neighborhoods.
10. multi-family development should be of a lower density and
higher quality than much of what has occurred in East Haven in the
Page 42:
Open Space Policies
1. Pursue the protection of environmentally significant land through such
methods as acquisition acceptance of donations of open space, purchase
or donation of development rights, and conservation easements.
2. The Town should aggressively pursue the acquisition and preservation of
open space lands that help achieve the following environmental
objectives: A. Protection of watersheds of water supply facilities.
B. Protection of environmentally sensitive areas.
C. Preservation of unique geological and
environmental areas…
F. Creation of open space linkages.
G. Prevention of damage from flooding.
H. Preservation of agricultural lands.
protecting larger areas of open space and open space corridors that can
be created by the protection of adjacent parcels, to create linkages and to
maximize the visual environmental effect of protection.
areas should be targeted for protection:
-Farm River tidal wetlands…
-Farm River corridor.
Open space protection and acquisition should be oriented towardsThe following
Page 43:
Open Space Strategies
7. The tidal wetlands along the East Haven and Farm Rivers should be
preserved as open space. Much of the land is tidal marshes, but there are
some passable areas. Public access to these areas should be obtained
wherever possible, through purchase or land dedication in conjunction
with development…
8. Encourage the formulation of a Farm River Watershed Plan that would
address the important environmental issues that affect the river, such as
water quality management of the flood plain, storm water discharge and
Conservation and Development.
Page 53:
General Land Use Considerations
, included in the East Haven Plan of
2. The overall land use pattern of East Haven is generally established.
Although certain development opportunities exist throughout the Town, the
focus of the land use plan in most of the Town should be on either
maintaining or improving the existing patterns of development…
4. The residential neighborhoods are fundamentally sound. The primary
potential threat to many residential areas is adverse impacts from
incompatible land uses.
Page 54:
6. Extensive areas of Town are subject to river or coastal flooding,
including many developed areas.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

East Haven P&Z and 155 Short Beach Road 51 Unit Project more politics as usual

Last night sparks were flying and so were some accusations from the Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission, Mr. Gene Ruocco about the proposed project at 155 Short Beach Road. When I went to testify against the proposed project I specifically sited the fact that the residents of the area have demanded a traffic light at the corner of Mansfield Grove Road and Short Beach Road for over twenty years. I told the Commission that we were promised by former State Representative Mike Lawlor, Mayor April Capone and Councilman Joe Santino that it would be done. To date nothing but the clearing of brush has been done. I further pointed out that I disagreed with the developer's hired traffic consultant that there wasn't adverse traffic problems in the area and that an additional 51 units will cause an increase of traffic in the area because not only are the residents going to have vehicles but I would suspect that family members and others would come to visit as well.

See the traffic study conducted by Brendan Toller

The response to my comments from Mr. Ruocco? Paraphrasing,

Mr. Ruocco: "Mr. McCann I know you served on the Town Council in 2004 were you aware of the 11 unit subdivision that was approved."

Dan McCann: "Yes I was aware of the subdivision and I did not support it."

Mr. Ruocco: "Well you voted for it"

Dan McCann: "That is incorrect Mr. Ruocco the Town Council does not vote on Zoning issues."

Mr. Ruocco: "Well your administration did"

Dan McCann:" The P&Z is under the control of the Mayors Office not the Town Council"

So what was Mr. Ruocco trying to say? I know what he was trying to do. Pass the blame on to the Mautro Administration for what is currently going on. Which is utter nonsense. Mr. Ruocco was trying to make politics once again instead of doing his job as Chairman and run the meeting. What Mr. Ruocco fails to understand is no one in the Riverside neighborhood cares about Democrat or Republican, they care about the quality of life in Riverside and jamming a 51 unit condo unit for 55 and over on Three Stone Pillars is not the place to do it.

Mr. Ruocco continued his political bantering immediately after me by pointing his venom at former Mayor Maturo, who all of a sudden after 3 years is back on the scene defending his Administration and running for Mayor. Ruocco and Maturo are two peas of the same pod, just on different ends of the political table, one trying to maintain his power the other trying to get the power back. While we appreciate former Mayor Maturo's support now there are very trying questions on why that parcel was permitted to have 11 units in the first place, especially after the battle with the proposed Wheaton Road project on the other side of Short Beach Road. Message to candidates, understand where we stand on this issue, we don't want it and we also will do our homework to find out the truth about past dealings!

The bottom line is while I understand politics and play in the game, I wasn't there last night to play a political game. I was there with my fellow Riverside residents trying to protect a piece of land from being overly developed and causing more strain on the resources of the Town and it's citizens. We don't need politicians bantering back and forth while the residents sit in the crossfire. We need representation and protection. The residents of Riverside love their neighborhood that's why there was over 150 people there last night.
Brendan Toller, Kim Lucky and Nicky Whtehead did their homework very well and we are proud that they represented our interests last night.

The message to this Administration is very clear. If you support this project we will become activists and political and vote you out of office. Former Mayor Maturo was correct about one thing last night. When we were made aware that a petition was circulated the project stopped dead in it's tracks. This Administration better pay close attention. WE DON'T WANT THIS PROJECT and we expect action.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A 9-11-01 hero remembered on this day of reflection and celebration

In 1995 when I moved to East Haven I left behind my family, friends and people I hung around. I started a new life 76 miles north. I had a bright future, the generation X kids as we were known were just getting our feet on the ground and establishing what we would do in our future. As time would have it more of those friends were married like I was and started their families. One of those men and women was my friends Mike and Elaine.

Mike was a charismatic type of person. Always full of life and lots of fun. Although he was fun he was probably one of the hardest working persons I knew. He worked at a deli, ran a hotdog stand and had a part time job doing engineering work. Doing all of these things while he attending Manhattan College. There was an old joke amongst us. We used to call him the White Jamaican because of all the jobs he held. (After the TV Show "In Living Color"). We would laugh and kid around but there was something I never knew he had an affixing for and that was firefighting. I always thought he was going to be an engineer. I remember one time when we were hanging out down at the Hudson River we looked up at the Henry Hudson Bridge and I said, "Mike how the hell do they secure the pilings into the floor of the river?" He said, "How the hell do I know" with a laugh. He knew though and began to tell me stuff about building bridges and I swear I never knew what he said but I knew he was one of the smartest people I knew.

Those days long past, he was married to his high school sweetheart Elaine and it wasn't until he landed an part time engineering job in Norwalk that we reconnected. We must have spoken for at least an hour on the phone and he asked me what I did in my spare time. I told him I joined the local Volunteer Fire Company. He was thrilled. Although he was a FDNY member, they are not allowed to join Volunteer Companies. He told me he belongs to the Hawthorne Volunteer company but to keep it quiet. We said we needed to get together and have lunch and to go over the old times. I was looking forward to it. But as it goes you don't realize the time and you always say in time we will get together and 6 months had passed by. Then that day, 9-11-01 came and he was gone. He was working on Squad 41 that day and was killed at the World Trade Center.

Mike left behind a beautiful wife, daughter and a baby on the way. He was murdered by Osama Bin Laden and his gang of terrorists.Although we weren't best friends we were close as all of my childhood friends were. His death left a lasting impact on my life and I will never forget his humor, kindness and determination. Instead of celebration for the death of Osama Bin Laden I'd rather see a reflection of all those who were lost in the war on terror.

Knowing how Mike was, never seeing him get angry, never being vengeful I can see him saying. "It's cool bro, we got him let's move on."

From the East Haven Vine. May God Bless our Troops, Firefighters, Police, EMS and all that serve to protect us and keep us safe.

9-11-01 "We will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail." President George W. Bush.