Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Old High School and Maturo's Bag of Tricks

So in the same election that returned Joe Maturo back to Town Hall the people of this Town also voted to keep the Old High School in the hands of the Town and out of the hands of private developers. The Maturo Administration thinks that your vote is non-binding therefore it doesn't count. I wonder how Joe Maturo would feel if we felt his election was non-binding and decided to put in someone else? Well we know he would be pissing and moaning and holding his breath just like he did when the Town Committee Republicans voted for John Finkle by a 2 to 1 margin. He used back door tactics to disrupt the process of the will of the Republicans of the Town of East Haven and he's doing it again by ignoring the will of the people and pushing his Administration's idea to a developer to place senior housing at the Old High School. Their argument is that the cost to rehab the facility would be too much money and that maybe the case but the underlying problem with this whole idea is not the cost factors but whom is involved and whom will be the benefactors?

Back in 2007 while I served on the East Haven Town Council this same Administration attempted to do a similar move buy trying to sell the property to a "select" few bidders at a cost of less than $500,000 when the property alone is worth so much more. I recall being very upset because I too began to understand that this Administration's ethics and integrity is severely lacking. Thankfully the Town Council would not fall for the underhanded tactic and flatly rejected the idea. That night, unlike the current events, the public was involved in the process. So now you can understand why Mr. DeSorbo is trying to keep these meetings under wraps and low key.

Please read the New Haven Register Article about the Old High School


The New Haven Register article says that Maturo knows nothing about these meetings. You just cannot believe that Mayor Joe Maturo knows nothing about these meetings. This denial comes from the same man who has a computer database of all registered voters in the Town and knows exactly who contributed to his campaign, placed lawn signs and voted for him and awards those contributors and supporters with key positions on Boards and Commissions and possible future contracts for development. Makes one think, doesn't it? Joe Maturo is a micromanager and there is nothing that goes on in this Town without his direct knowledge. Don't believe me? Make an appointment to see the Mayor 203-468-3204 see how he acts and see if he touches that keyboard.
So lets think for one minute that Mr. DeSorbo is correct that the cost factors are too much to rehab this complex. Where are his facts and figures? Where is the proof of what he is talking about and what about the arrogance of this Administration to ignore the 71% of the voters who said THEY DON'T WANT SENIOR HOUSING at this location!

The bottom line is there are two major issues with this location that need to be resolved before the thought of any Senior Housing is placed there.

1. Will a developer pay 100% of the cost to have a new pool built at the New High School?
2. Will a developer pay 100% of the cost to replace the gymnasium that is used for the children of this Town?

I would suspect the reason why the voters of this Town voted to keep this facility in the hands of the Town is they know like I know that no developer would agree to 1 or 2 or both and that the mixed use of this facility is only going to cause problems. In addition, a few years back I proposed an idea to seek government assistance just like Torrington, West Hartford and other Connecticut Towns did to convert the old  high school building to a Government Center with full use and access to the public. The Old High School would provide ample space to move every government office into one building and could create some very interesting and creative ideas to sell existing Town properties and terminate rental leases that we currently have. That idea must be to complex for this Administration to expound on and it's obvious that they could care less that some of that same 71% of the East Haven voters think the same way I do.

You the voter should take a ride around Town and visit three Town owned offices that are not in compliance with the American Disabilities Act and have our Town Administrators sitting in conditions that lack privacy and professionalism.

1) East Haven Fire Department
2) East Haven Building Department
3) East Haven Public Works

Once you see these locations you can see why the idea of having the Old High School as a Government Center would be a good idea.