Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Running Scared? The East Haven Board of Police Commissioners cancels meeting

The last Tuesday of every month is the set meeting for the East Haven Board of Police Commissioners. At this meeting it is an opportunity for the public to voice any concerns they may have however, this month the meeting was cancelled. I wonder why?

Could it be that just two weeks ago the Board of Police Commissioners met downstairs in Town Hall to discuss the disciplinary action up to and including termination of Police Chief Len Gallo in a Special Meeting is running scared because the case which they thought was rock solid is turning to sand before their very own eyes?

As you may recall after the disciplinary recommendation Mayor April appointed herself as the hearing officer to determine the fate of Chief Len Gallo, only to be rebuked by a New Haven Superior Judge after Chief Gallo filed an injunction to stop the proceedings. The ruling said that there should be an independent hearing officer. Imagine that, finally there is some reason, something that makes sense in this kangaroo court of justice the Board of Police Commissioners and the Administration have conducted for the past 14 months.

So why was lasts night meeting cancelled? There is only one reason why? Because this cowardly and spineless board doesn't want to hear anyone from the public say "I told you so!" This Board from day one has set out to remove Chief Gallo from office and has tried to work against state statute to make it happen. But this time, I believe they have overstepped their bounds and it's only a matter of time before Acting Chief Nappi is back being the Inspector and Len Gallo comes back to his seat. They know it and we all know it. This Administration has wasted taxpayers dollars on trumped up charges and vendetta and we are all the victims.

I have a another prediction. The Board of Police Commissioners will have a meeting soon and that one will be called a "Special Meeting" where they will be able to conduct their business that should have been done last night and without Public Comment. How Stalinistic of them!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ralph Mauro continues his case AGAIN....Is it #17 or #18???

Because I am so in-tuned to the Ralph Mauro case the State of Connecticut's Judical System sends me an update everytime Ralph Mauro's case comes up. There's one problem though. I'm begining to loose count on how many times Ralph has postponed his case! I think we're at #17 or 18. Read this below....

It's amazing the Chief is going to be fired for mis-conduct but the guy next door to The Mayor's Office can toat around illegal guns and nothing happens to him..

Only in America!!!


This notification is brought to you by Connecticut Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) Program.

This e-mail is to inform you that there is an upcoming court event involving the defendant RAFFAELE MAURO and docket number N23NCR100105500S.  A hearing has been scheduled for 7/21/2011.  Please be aware that there is often more than one case scheduled for a particular date in this court.  The hearing you may be involved in will take place some time during that day.

This will take place in GA 23 Courthouse, at the following address: 121 Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06510.

For updates about this case or for driving directions to the courthouse, you can visit  For more information, contact the Office of Victim Services at 1-(800) 822-8428 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4:30PM. 

This notification is sponsored by the Connecticut SAVIN Program.  It is our hope that this information has been helpful to you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maturo Poll has some serious questions to be asked

The other night the Republicans met in their monthly meeting and Joe Maturo and his group come to discuss the results of a recent poll they conducted. It shows that in a 3 way race Joe Maturo defeats April Capone and John Finkle. It also shows that Joe Maturo would defeat John Finkle in a primary and that if John Finkle was the Republican nominee that he too would defeat Mayor April.

Later reported by Sharon Bass from the Patch, who by the way was asked to leave the meeting do to her affiliation with the Democratic Party, no surprise there, told the PATCH readers that Joe Maturo would win in a landslide. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

First things first, we at the East Haven Vine seek out the truth and for those who read that shallow article by Bass here are some facts.

1) The poll was a snap shot of less than 500 voters.
2) The poll called people on John Finkle's team.
3) The poll called more Democrats and Independents than Republicans.
4) Calls were made to people who hadn't voted since 2001

With these facts in line don't be fooled to think that Joe Maturo has a lock on anything. In fact instead of looking to November Joe Maturo needs to deal with the Republican Town Committee who does not support his efforts.  Then there are the thousands of East Haven Republicans who feel like I do, when we needed leadership Joe Maturo picked up his ball and went home. When Joe did that, he gave way to new leadership and front runners and John Finkle stepped up. John Finkle deserves a second shot and many eyes around town think he deserves it too.

I for one don't believe in any polls from the Maturo camp anyway. Polls are what got Joe into trouble the last time he ran. They told him that he was up by a comfortable margin against April Capone and look at what happened. He lost.

I think a safe and reliable way to determine this problem with the Republicans is if both candidates agree to an independent poll controlled and conducted by Republican Chair Lou Crisci. Hire Quinnipiac University to conduct a survey of registered Republicans and do a deep call out of at least 1500 people who have voted in the last two mayoral elections.  That would give you a better indicator to what the Republican voters are thinking. The results would be the results and both candidates would have to live with it.

My bet would be though on Finkle, many of us don't forget that Joe Maturo is accountable for April Capone. Some of us just can not forgive that.

Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gallo vs Capone...ROUND 1 to Gallo

Mayor April Capone blinked in her first round battle with Chief Len Gallo after the Mayor agreed to withdraw as the hearing officer for the disciplinary hearing for Chief Gallo this Thursday at Town Hall. The hearing could have resulted in the termination of the Chief.

The Mayor and Gallo's legal team meet this morning in court when the decision to withdraw was submitted by the Mayor herself.

Reached by telephone, Chief Gallo was determined and steadfast as he said, "Round 1 goes to us! The Mayor is using public funds to facilitate this witch hunt!"

I couldn't agree more with the Chief and the funny part of this whole matter is the Mayor and her legal team knew that if she took the seat as judge and jury Gallo's case would have been even stronger.

Seems like the wheels are falling of the bus as this Administration continues to look under every rock to nail the Police and Chief. In the process she is costing this Town thousands of dollars to fund her war with the department.

I can't wait for the dust to settle, the hearing to go forward and see the outcome. If I were a betting man the best the Chief gets is a written reprimand. Then the question to the Mayor would be why did you let the Chief sit home for over 1 year at full pay?

Just think about that for a while. It will definitely make you want to vote in November!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

People of East Haven beware of Patch Editor

Back when I used to write articles for the PATCH  I had to deal with the constant editing and censorship from Ms.Sharon Bass. Ms. Bass was hired to run the East Haven Patch but several people were unaware that Ms. Bass is a left wing Democratic operative.

Using her Facebook as her tool to spread her political venom she attempted to hide the very fact of who she really was to the people of East Haven and even had the nerve to insult the people of East Haven saying that "we weren't very fertile ground for writers." Insinuating that we were all stupid. I however was not afraid to challenge Ms. Bass and called her out for what she truly was. My punishment, she suspended my account and threw me off the PATCH.

It wasn't until people began to complain about Ms. Bass and her bias writing that the Patch decided to do something about it. For almost 3 months the PATCH had credible writing and introduced a BLOG site and invited me back. I reluctantly agreed to return and made the PATCH aware of what Ms. Bass was doing. They promised me that they would keep a close eye on her activity and I am now warning the East Haven Patch readers that she has returned and it's happening all over again. Ms. Bass is refusing to allow my blog postings on the PATCH.

Ms. Bass, April Capone, Gene Ruocco are not people that are interested in telling the truth instead they look to spread their personal agenda for political purposes. One way to spread the truth is through a site like this with close to 27,000 hits since we've launched the East Haven Vine we have become the alternate to what is published on the PATCH. Using methods of a collection of emails, Facebook, Twitter and The New Haven Register along with the PATCH blog sight we have been able to get the message out and people know where they can come to get the truth.

I want you to continue to come here for additional news not just the only news. A well educated person is someone who collects all sides, absorbs the information and is able to form an opinion. Sometimes people agree with me and sometimes they don't and I am fine with that. But people like Ms. Bass use journalism as a weapon and that is truly a shame.

Stay tuned for more stories on current situation with the EHPD and other stories regarding East Haven

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gutless East Haven Board of Police Commissioners move on Gallo

A couple of weeks ago one of my readers wrote to me as said to me, "Dan why can't you write good stuff about East Haven? I'm getting tired of all of this crap." My response was, "I wish I could stop writing all the negative stuff." He responded, " plant potatoes you get potatoes." I wish it was that simple. But the people that serve on this Board of Police Commission are beyond reproach and are out to settle a vendetta against Chief Len Gallo and continue to give the Town of East Haven a black eye and will cost you the taxpayers millions of dollars to settle the newest lawsuit coming your way. My job as the leader of the East Haven Vine is to continue to expose those who bring dishonor to the Town of East Haven and I will continue regardless if it is Democrat, Republican or other.

Tonight's meeting is the table setting we've all been expecting for months now since the Mayor and this Police Commission placed Chief Gallo on paid administrative leave. Even though the recommendation said "up to and including termination" it is clear that Mayor April Capone is going to fire Len Gallo. My question is for what? What law has Chief Gallo broken? What crimes has he committed? State Statutes are very clear on these matters. Mayor April Capone and her sidekick Attorney CoFrancesco better read this document regarding the dismissal of a Chief of Police before they take any action. I found it ironic that the Police Commission listed as one of the charges against Gallo "wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money in overtime." as one of the reasons why he should face discipline. Well shouldn't the Mayor be fired too for bringing the Town into a 5.3 million dollar deficit over the past 3 years? Is she kidding me? Or how about gun touting Assistant Ralph Mauro for bringing dishonor to his office by being arrested on two felony counts and then postponing his day in court 16 times since last May? After all, we all know that Mayor April is the leading the Greater New Haven Area by serving on the "The Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition" Another farce!

The taxpayers of East Haven need to see what is being done here, this is nothing more than a political vendetta orchestrated by the Mayor and her Administration. By reading this document you will see it is very clear that any Police Chief is entitled to his or her day before a hearing committee. To date, the Chief has not had any hearing. Chief Gallo is entitled to due process and defense of the charges against him! Chiief Gallo has had no due process or has been allowed to defend himself against these charges. Although Chief Gallo is yet to be fired you can see the writing on the wall. This future action is going to cost the taxpayers of East Haven millions of dollars because Chief Len Gallo is going to sue the Town of East Haven.

Also I feel compelled to also call out one of the EHPD members who made several comments at tonight's meeting to also give the Vine readers a sense of vendetta and to make the score even. Police Officer Robert Nappe who was the subject of Chief Gallo's denial of his leave of absence was present. He left no words unsaid as the decision to refer the Chief's status to the Mayor, Officer Nappe said, "I hope he burns in hell." Later in the hall he became involved in a heated debate with Councilman Paul Carbo and was using foul language about the Chief and also said to Mr. Carbo "you didn't work under him." In all honesty, I don't know what the real beef was between Gallo and Nappe was prior to Gallo denying his leave of absence, but can't we just bury the hatchet once and for all, for the good of all? You can go across the entire town and a good amount of people would agree that this personal beef  between Chief Gallo and Mayor April is going to cost us millions and for what?

Mayor April and Chairman Fred Brow need to learn to compromise and learn the art of skillful negotiation to bring about change, not the cavone style of governance. After the meeting I said to Chairman Brow, "You are making a big mistake with this, more lawsuits are coming." His response, "Pile them on top of the others." I replied, "If you want Lenny gone why don't you just sit down with him and negotiate a way out for him and don't do this." Brow's response, "Maybe this will get him to the table." Simply unreal that we have appointed members of the Boards that act this way.

 If Mayor April wanted Chief Len Gallo to leave office then do it the right way and figure a way for him to step aside with dignity and grace. Be the bigger person not some spoiled child that will kick sand in the face of the one they don't like. This what the people of East Haven have elected and have representing them!

Hey I think I got it!  Plant a potato get a potato! Does Mayor April get it?


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tonight Special Meeting to determine Chief Gallo's fate

Tonight the East Haven Board of Police Commissioners is looking to review the Gallo case for a possible decision on his position. As you may already know Chief Gallo has been on Paid Administrative leave since April of 2010 and has sat home.

It seems that the need for $150K for the All-Day Kindergarten is driving this decision. Please come to the Police Commission Meeting tonight. Even though the Public will not be allowed to speak it's important that the Police Commission and the Mayor know you are not happy with their handling of the situation.

Tonight 7pm Mario Giamo Board Room, Town Hall

See you there!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More lies and deception at the June 6th Town Council Meeting

So as I arrived at the Town Council Meeting tonight I was greeted by our fine men and women of the East Haven Police Department with their friends and families ready to duke it out with the Town Council over the Mayor's budget cut over the K9 unit. I then learned that today's PATCH editorial where Mayor April states that she met Daro as a Puppy was nothing but a lie. How much lower will the Mayor stoop to prove that she is the Queen of East Haven? 

In addition to trying to prove her point the Mayor and Paul Hongo have violated David Cari's HIPPA privacy which is supposed to protect an employees right to privacy with any medical condition. In a memo from Paul Hongo to the Local 1662 and various Town Officials, it clearly describes the defensive actions the Administration has taken against the K9 program and why they wanted to discontinue it. Apparently these two Town Officials think it is ok to disclose Officer Cari's medical condition to the general population. Mr. Cari's condition, whether or not done in official capacity, is his business and not for Town Officials to release. I hope Mr. Cari's attorney will send a strong response.

Inside the meeting I met several people who were in 100% support of Dave and Daro (K9). A petition was circulated and to my surprise every Town Council member signed it except Vin Camera. Even Gene Ruocco signed it and to no surprise Frank Capone refused to sign along with Police Commissioner James Krebs. What does that tell you?

As the meeting began there was mention from the Chairman that the Town Council was aware of the letter from Mr. Hongo but some members had yet to read it. It wasn't until the part in the agenda where Paul Hongo was permitted to speak that the action began. As typical with anything Paul Hongo does there is always the soapbox. He began to lecture the Police Union telling the crowd that this was not the format for the Police to be there and that this matter should be brought before the Police Commission.

Really, Mr. Hongo, who are you to tell anyone they don't have the right to come to a Town Council meeting to discuss a public safety issue? As a matter of fact once the topic was read into the correspondence of the meeting it did become a matter of public concern therefore should be allowed to be discussed before the public. As Chairmain Dougherty allowed Mr. Hongo to continue on his soapbox he refused to let the Police Union discuss anything. When the Union objected and requested a rebuttal to Mr. Hongo the Union was once again denied. Welcome to the Soviet  style dictatorship of the Town of East Haven.

The members of the public were told that they can have their day to voice their opinion at the proper place, before the Board of Police Commissioners. The very thought of that Police Commission doing anything without prejudice is a complete joke. This commission has already gone on the record of not supporting our EHPD which I was witness too.

The bottom line is the Town Council had the opportunity to set the Mayor and Mr. Hongo straight. Chairman Dougherty forgets that the Town Council sets policy in this Town. The Town Council is the boss of this Town, not the Mayor and her underlings. Politics be damned, the Mayor and Mr. Hongo have to face the wrath of the public for this public relations nightmare filled with lies and deceit and remember all of them with exception of Vin Camera signed the petition to allow our K9 program to continue.

Stay tuned....


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just when you thought East Haven was ok fiscally it finally has to have layoffs

We all heard that Mayor April has done wonderful things. She lowered our taxes, she has set the right path for the Town. The Shore, Foxon and the Center have never been better. All of this being seen through the rose colored glasses of Gene Ruocco, Democratic Town Chairman, East Haven. But what he hasn't told any of us yet there is a living being that works for the Town that will be receiving their lay-off notice real soon. That living being is our K-9 Officer on four legs

Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets. Gene Ruocco, the gift that keeps on giving, has made a statement on Robert Lee's Facebook that we've been without the K-9 for 10-12 months and we should just call another Town. Gene, are you outsourcing Town jobs? Isn't our K-9 the very best? Why would you want that work to go elsewhere? Isn't East Haven the best of the best? Or is it because of politics? Or better yet vendettas.

You know we've all been focusing in on how we all must band together to defeat April Capone in November but there will be a even bigger election come January 2012 on whether the Democrats in East Haven still want Gene Ruocco as their spokesperson.

Gene Ruocco's spokeman abilities are as good as foul mouth person with turrets speaking on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church.  I mean Gene really? How could you stoop this low to make a statement like this.

Gene Ruocco" Officer Cari has been out of work 10 of the last 12 months, the dog trains with him only, so the town has not had k-9 all this time. When a dog is needed they call one in from a surrounding town. Just Saying!"

What Gene once again fails to tell Bob is that Dave was out of work on a JOB RELATED injury. While Dave was on patrol he slipped on ice fell and cracked 2 ribs and sustained a neck injury. Sounds legit to me. But then again, we're talking about Gene Ruocco. The big IBEW Union man....Wait....Aren't the Police in a Union? Aren't unions supposed to help each other out? Gene! What are you doing?

Maybe when the K-9 is officially laid off the East Haven Democratic Town Committee can ask Dave for the muzzle that goes on the K-9 and finally control Gene Ruocco's mouth.

Gene Ruocco is getting increasingly disgusting with his blind support of the Mayor. He'd say and do anything to stand behind the Mayor because that is where the power is. Gene Ruocco is nothing but a corrupt party boss and buffoon. This entire administration needs to go it stinks from the head down.

This November please remember to support our Police by voting for John Finkle and if you are a Democrat remember to get to the January meeting for the Democrats to vote out Gene Ruocco. Hell I might switch parties just to vote against him myself.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mayor April's latest victim in the war with the East Haven Police Department

In 2007 when Mayor April Capone announced she was running for Mayor her biggest supporters were the East Haven Police Department. The EHPD became involved with her campaign because of the treatment they were receiving under the Maturo Administration. After her victory you would have thought that the Mayor would have at least remained loyal to to the very people that helped her get to a position, in my opinion and many others around Town, she had absolutely no business being in. Instead she chose the path of arrogance and decided to go to war with our Chief and Police Department. This Mayor, who by her own admission, was taught by her own Mother how to be a subversive, has fired what I believe is the lowest political stunt any Mayor has done in recent years by suspending the K-9 program due to lack of funding. That means that the East Haven Police Department has lost another tool in the fight to keep East Haven safe.

You know me and they know me and I tell it like it is. People....This has nothing to do with finances, this is strictly politics and vendettas. Do you know who is our canine officer? It is Patrolman David Cari. Do you know what Patrolman David Cari is? He is the officer that is involved with the DOJ's investigation? Do you know that according to several sources that case is literally falling apart before this Administration's very own eyes? Do you know that key witnesses for the Yale Law Students who have been deposed have been found to be lying and telling statements to the media that are simply untrue against our East Haven Police Department. Do you know your Mayor knows this and her self appointment Police Commissioners know it too!

So what do you do when all else fails? You start to retaliate because there is nothing else you can do. So when Patrolman Michael Sorbo arrested the Mayor for interference what did the Mayor do? She eliminated the Community Patrol position as retaliation. In turn our only certified DARE officer was put back in a patrol car and we haven't had drug and alcohol education classes for our children in over 2 years. The School resource officers we have have not been in a school in over two years.

People do you see what is happening before your very own eyes? We are living next to the 4th most violent city in America and this Mayor is one by one taking apart our Police Department and settling scores with people she doesn't approve of. In the Mayor's eyes she believes Officer David Cari is guilty and she is making him pay by taking away a part of his position which serves and protects the residents of East Haven.

If you can find the time today please call the Mayors Office (203) 468-3204 or send her an email and let her know that you want the K9 program to remain in East Haven. While your speaking with her let her know that Dan McCann says hello.

Have a great day!