Friday, June 3, 2011

Mayor April's latest victim in the war with the East Haven Police Department

In 2007 when Mayor April Capone announced she was running for Mayor her biggest supporters were the East Haven Police Department. The EHPD became involved with her campaign because of the treatment they were receiving under the Maturo Administration. After her victory you would have thought that the Mayor would have at least remained loyal to to the very people that helped her get to a position, in my opinion and many others around Town, she had absolutely no business being in. Instead she chose the path of arrogance and decided to go to war with our Chief and Police Department. This Mayor, who by her own admission, was taught by her own Mother how to be a subversive, has fired what I believe is the lowest political stunt any Mayor has done in recent years by suspending the K-9 program due to lack of funding. That means that the East Haven Police Department has lost another tool in the fight to keep East Haven safe.

You know me and they know me and I tell it like it is. People....This has nothing to do with finances, this is strictly politics and vendettas. Do you know who is our canine officer? It is Patrolman David Cari. Do you know what Patrolman David Cari is? He is the officer that is involved with the DOJ's investigation? Do you know that according to several sources that case is literally falling apart before this Administration's very own eyes? Do you know that key witnesses for the Yale Law Students who have been deposed have been found to be lying and telling statements to the media that are simply untrue against our East Haven Police Department. Do you know your Mayor knows this and her self appointment Police Commissioners know it too!

So what do you do when all else fails? You start to retaliate because there is nothing else you can do. So when Patrolman Michael Sorbo arrested the Mayor for interference what did the Mayor do? She eliminated the Community Patrol position as retaliation. In turn our only certified DARE officer was put back in a patrol car and we haven't had drug and alcohol education classes for our children in over 2 years. The School resource officers we have have not been in a school in over two years.

People do you see what is happening before your very own eyes? We are living next to the 4th most violent city in America and this Mayor is one by one taking apart our Police Department and settling scores with people she doesn't approve of. In the Mayor's eyes she believes Officer David Cari is guilty and she is making him pay by taking away a part of his position which serves and protects the residents of East Haven.

If you can find the time today please call the Mayors Office (203) 468-3204 or send her an email and let her know that you want the K9 program to remain in East Haven. While your speaking with her let her know that Dan McCann says hello.

Have a great day!

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