Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gallo vs Capone...ROUND 1 to Gallo

Mayor April Capone blinked in her first round battle with Chief Len Gallo after the Mayor agreed to withdraw as the hearing officer for the disciplinary hearing for Chief Gallo this Thursday at Town Hall. The hearing could have resulted in the termination of the Chief.

The Mayor and Gallo's legal team meet this morning in court when the decision to withdraw was submitted by the Mayor herself.

Reached by telephone, Chief Gallo was determined and steadfast as he said, "Round 1 goes to us! The Mayor is using public funds to facilitate this witch hunt!"

I couldn't agree more with the Chief and the funny part of this whole matter is the Mayor and her legal team knew that if she took the seat as judge and jury Gallo's case would have been even stronger.

Seems like the wheels are falling of the bus as this Administration continues to look under every rock to nail the Police and Chief. In the process she is costing this Town thousands of dollars to fund her war with the department.

I can't wait for the dust to settle, the hearing to go forward and see the outcome. If I were a betting man the best the Chief gets is a written reprimand. Then the question to the Mayor would be why did you let the Chief sit home for over 1 year at full pay?

Just think about that for a while. It will definitely make you want to vote in November!!!!

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