Saturday, June 18, 2011

People of East Haven beware of Patch Editor

Back when I used to write articles for the PATCH  I had to deal with the constant editing and censorship from Ms.Sharon Bass. Ms. Bass was hired to run the East Haven Patch but several people were unaware that Ms. Bass is a left wing Democratic operative.

Using her Facebook as her tool to spread her political venom she attempted to hide the very fact of who she really was to the people of East Haven and even had the nerve to insult the people of East Haven saying that "we weren't very fertile ground for writers." Insinuating that we were all stupid. I however was not afraid to challenge Ms. Bass and called her out for what she truly was. My punishment, she suspended my account and threw me off the PATCH.

It wasn't until people began to complain about Ms. Bass and her bias writing that the Patch decided to do something about it. For almost 3 months the PATCH had credible writing and introduced a BLOG site and invited me back. I reluctantly agreed to return and made the PATCH aware of what Ms. Bass was doing. They promised me that they would keep a close eye on her activity and I am now warning the East Haven Patch readers that she has returned and it's happening all over again. Ms. Bass is refusing to allow my blog postings on the PATCH.

Ms. Bass, April Capone, Gene Ruocco are not people that are interested in telling the truth instead they look to spread their personal agenda for political purposes. One way to spread the truth is through a site like this with close to 27,000 hits since we've launched the East Haven Vine we have become the alternate to what is published on the PATCH. Using methods of a collection of emails, Facebook, Twitter and The New Haven Register along with the PATCH blog sight we have been able to get the message out and people know where they can come to get the truth.

I want you to continue to come here for additional news not just the only news. A well educated person is someone who collects all sides, absorbs the information and is able to form an opinion. Sometimes people agree with me and sometimes they don't and I am fine with that. But people like Ms. Bass use journalism as a weapon and that is truly a shame.

Stay tuned for more stories on current situation with the EHPD and other stories regarding East Haven


  1. And your not biased when it comes to Finkle vs Maturo? Instead of just supporting the entire Republican party, you help divide it. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  2. I openly admit I support John Finkle and I have since he announced his candidacy. Joe Maturo on the other hand was supporting John and then he wasn't. I am not the one dividing the party, I am the one that is trying to remove the corruption from the party and Joe's candidacy represents that.

  3. Sorry but Finkle doesnt stand a chance especially with those bozo's running his campaign. Maturo at least has a platform. Town ran well. Not saying he was perfect but finkle has already shown his bad decision making by having those political wannabes making decisions FOR him. November will prove this or should I say the primary.

  4. She is a left wing operative? Really?? I thought she was a stinkin republican!!!