Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just when you thought East Haven was ok fiscally it finally has to have layoffs

We all heard that Mayor April has done wonderful things. She lowered our taxes, she has set the right path for the Town. The Shore, Foxon and the Center have never been better. All of this being seen through the rose colored glasses of Gene Ruocco, Democratic Town Chairman, East Haven. But what he hasn't told any of us yet there is a living being that works for the Town that will be receiving their lay-off notice real soon. That living being is our K-9 Officer on four legs

Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets. Gene Ruocco, the gift that keeps on giving, has made a statement on Robert Lee's Facebook that we've been without the K-9 for 10-12 months and we should just call another Town. Gene, are you outsourcing Town jobs? Isn't our K-9 the very best? Why would you want that work to go elsewhere? Isn't East Haven the best of the best? Or is it because of politics? Or better yet vendettas.

You know we've all been focusing in on how we all must band together to defeat April Capone in November but there will be a even bigger election come January 2012 on whether the Democrats in East Haven still want Gene Ruocco as their spokesperson.

Gene Ruocco's spokeman abilities are as good as foul mouth person with turrets speaking on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church.  I mean Gene really? How could you stoop this low to make a statement like this.

Gene Ruocco" Officer Cari has been out of work 10 of the last 12 months, the dog trains with him only, so the town has not had k-9 all this time. When a dog is needed they call one in from a surrounding town. Just Saying!"

What Gene once again fails to tell Bob is that Dave was out of work on a JOB RELATED injury. While Dave was on patrol he slipped on ice fell and cracked 2 ribs and sustained a neck injury. Sounds legit to me. But then again, we're talking about Gene Ruocco. The big IBEW Union man....Wait....Aren't the Police in a Union? Aren't unions supposed to help each other out? Gene! What are you doing?

Maybe when the K-9 is officially laid off the East Haven Democratic Town Committee can ask Dave for the muzzle that goes on the K-9 and finally control Gene Ruocco's mouth.

Gene Ruocco is getting increasingly disgusting with his blind support of the Mayor. He'd say and do anything to stand behind the Mayor because that is where the power is. Gene Ruocco is nothing but a corrupt party boss and buffoon. This entire administration needs to go it stinks from the head down.

This November please remember to support our Police by voting for John Finkle and if you are a Democrat remember to get to the January meeting for the Democrats to vote out Gene Ruocco. Hell I might switch parties just to vote against him myself.

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