Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maturo Poll has some serious questions to be asked

The other night the Republicans met in their monthly meeting and Joe Maturo and his group come to discuss the results of a recent poll they conducted. It shows that in a 3 way race Joe Maturo defeats April Capone and John Finkle. It also shows that Joe Maturo would defeat John Finkle in a primary and that if John Finkle was the Republican nominee that he too would defeat Mayor April.

Later reported by Sharon Bass from the Patch, who by the way was asked to leave the meeting do to her affiliation with the Democratic Party, no surprise there, told the PATCH readers that Joe Maturo would win in a landslide. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

First things first, we at the East Haven Vine seek out the truth and for those who read that shallow article by Bass here are some facts.

1) The poll was a snap shot of less than 500 voters.
2) The poll called people on John Finkle's team.
3) The poll called more Democrats and Independents than Republicans.
4) Calls were made to people who hadn't voted since 2001

With these facts in line don't be fooled to think that Joe Maturo has a lock on anything. In fact instead of looking to November Joe Maturo needs to deal with the Republican Town Committee who does not support his efforts.  Then there are the thousands of East Haven Republicans who feel like I do, when we needed leadership Joe Maturo picked up his ball and went home. When Joe did that, he gave way to new leadership and front runners and John Finkle stepped up. John Finkle deserves a second shot and many eyes around town think he deserves it too.

I for one don't believe in any polls from the Maturo camp anyway. Polls are what got Joe into trouble the last time he ran. They told him that he was up by a comfortable margin against April Capone and look at what happened. He lost.

I think a safe and reliable way to determine this problem with the Republicans is if both candidates agree to an independent poll controlled and conducted by Republican Chair Lou Crisci. Hire Quinnipiac University to conduct a survey of registered Republicans and do a deep call out of at least 1500 people who have voted in the last two mayoral elections.  That would give you a better indicator to what the Republican voters are thinking. The results would be the results and both candidates would have to live with it.

My bet would be though on Finkle, many of us don't forget that Joe Maturo is accountable for April Capone. Some of us just can not forgive that.

Stay tuned for more!

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