Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Running Scared? The East Haven Board of Police Commissioners cancels meeting

The last Tuesday of every month is the set meeting for the East Haven Board of Police Commissioners. At this meeting it is an opportunity for the public to voice any concerns they may have however, this month the meeting was cancelled. I wonder why?

Could it be that just two weeks ago the Board of Police Commissioners met downstairs in Town Hall to discuss the disciplinary action up to and including termination of Police Chief Len Gallo in a Special Meeting is running scared because the case which they thought was rock solid is turning to sand before their very own eyes?

As you may recall after the disciplinary recommendation Mayor April appointed herself as the hearing officer to determine the fate of Chief Len Gallo, only to be rebuked by a New Haven Superior Judge after Chief Gallo filed an injunction to stop the proceedings. The ruling said that there should be an independent hearing officer. Imagine that, finally there is some reason, something that makes sense in this kangaroo court of justice the Board of Police Commissioners and the Administration have conducted for the past 14 months.

So why was lasts night meeting cancelled? There is only one reason why? Because this cowardly and spineless board doesn't want to hear anyone from the public say "I told you so!" This Board from day one has set out to remove Chief Gallo from office and has tried to work against state statute to make it happen. But this time, I believe they have overstepped their bounds and it's only a matter of time before Acting Chief Nappi is back being the Inspector and Len Gallo comes back to his seat. They know it and we all know it. This Administration has wasted taxpayers dollars on trumped up charges and vendetta and we are all the victims.

I have a another prediction. The Board of Police Commissioners will have a meeting soon and that one will be called a "Special Meeting" where they will be able to conduct their business that should have been done last night and without Public Comment. How Stalinistic of them!

Stay tuned!

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