Friday, July 1, 2011

Got Mail? East Haven Tax Bills are in and so are the list of lies

So today, June 30th, I received my tax bill that is due tomorrow. Well, actually I won't pay it until August 2nd, not because I can't afford to but as a small protest for the list of lies that Mayor April Capone has listed in her letter to us. Please do me a favor. Pull out the letter that came with your tax bills. Read it then come back here and read my comments.

She lists her several milestones to include eliminating the 5.2 million dollar deficit that has been running since 2008 under her very first budget. Once again to correct the record when I left the Town Council in November 2007 the Town had a fund balance of 4.5 million dollars. It was the same Council Mayor Capone was apart of and was 100% professionally audited. The Mayor will continue to lie about the facts to deceive you the voter. Don't believe this it's a solid 100% lie.

Additional corrections needed to be pointed out.
  • The fund balance was spent in 2007-08 by Mayor Capone's first term and the Town ran a deficit for 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11. She blames Paul Rizza, former Maturo Finance Director, for over estimating revenues. However, she retained Rizza from Maturo's Administration so she is 100% accountable for the Management of the Towns funds. In other words more lies.
  • Due to my affiliation as a Volunteer Fire Fighter I will not comment about the Fire Department.
  • Additional Police Personnel? There are currently 2 open vacancies for Lieutenant and we just laid off the K9 Dog. Another Lie.
  • New Radios and Computers at the PD haven't been verified but the Training Room? Is she kidding me? Slapping paint on the walls and rearranging the tables and chairs constitutes a New Training Room?Another deceptive lie.
  • New Teen Center. Yes I agree it's a new location. However, the location is absolutely horrible. Near I-95 and Chilis where too much traffic and seedy people congregate. My teenager is not permitted to go near the facility because the area of Town is just not safe and is an Amber Alert waiting to happen.
  • Funding for All-Day Kindergarten, a true statement but fails to explain to the taxpayers that some of these students will be in portable classrooms that are costing the taxpayers more than anticipated. In addition, the closing of Dodge Avenue schools has increased the budget at the Board of Education. As for the the BOE they still can't balance the books. 
  • The Community Bus is a nice gesture but we already have My Ride for the Seniors that provides the same service. This is a waste of Taxpayer dollars and is designed to patronize and pander to the Senior vote.
  • Lower the Mill Rate by .25 mills but the Mayor fails to tell you that she smacked you with a 17% tax increase from the 2010-11 tax year. MORE LIES
The bottom line is that this Administrations wheels are falling off and they know it and you know it too. The day of accountability is here and the general mood of the tax payers are they are fed up and want a change.

My candidate John Finkle has been knocking on doors and has been hearing quite a bit from the residents about the Mayor and that other former Republican Mayor. The unofficial tallies are coming back that the Mayor is losing support from people that elected her in 2007 but those same people are not going to put the former Mayor back in office either! Don't forget it was the former Mayor's lack of work ethic that put Mayor April in office in the first place.

The people of East Haven are ready for a change. Stay tuned I will soon do a full descriptive background on the cast of characters surrounding this current administration and the former Administration too. I promise that birds of the same feather do flock together!

Even though I wasn't born here I certainly understand one thing about our Mayors. A Mayor in East Haven is never elected in because they throw the other one out and we have never brought back a Mayor we've thrown out. Things are looking good for John Finkle.

Stay Tuned and have a Safe and Wonderful 4th of July!

P.S. If you want the truth keep coming back here The East Haven Vine tells the truth unlike your local government website!

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