Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maple Street Bridge Project is indicative to this Administration's incompetence on managing Town Affairs

Lately, it seems that every time Mayor April Capone rolls out of bed in the morning there is a new crisis in the Town. The latest one involves the Maple Street Bridge. This has been an on going problem for the Administration from faulty plans to a contractor that just doesn't seem to have their act together. The end result? The neighborhood around Maple Street is cut off from North High Street a main road in the Town. To further compound the problem just over the past few days we've had some major injuries at the Kennedy Field aka The Pitt.

The perception is that because the bridge is closed that the response time to the field was delayed. That would only be a case if the Squad 5 was in quarters at the time of the call. If it had been anywhere else in the Foxon area the call time could have been different. While response times are a valid concern I really believe the real issue here is the lack of this Administration's management of this entire project.

Mr. Gene Ruocco seemed to make it a "State problem" in his recent article to the East Haven Courier and he passed the blame on to them for this problem. It's been the design, the location of the sewer pipes and all of these other problems which are not this Administrations fault he goes on to say. Well, let me turn the tide in a positive light. What if the bridge was completed on time, on budget would Mayor April and Gene Ruocco be in the paper touting how well they managed the project and how what a great job they did? You bet they would!

Facts are that this Administration never takes accountability for all the wrongs they do, they just find a scapegoat, usually Joe Maturo. But on this one I have to back Joe up. Joe Maturo's Administration had nothing to do with this project. This disaster is 100% owned and operated by the Capone Administration.

Good leaders run with the good news and take accountability for the failures. It's obvious we have failed leadership in Town Hall. Will it take a new Mayor to get this project done or will we continue to hear excuses, fake deadlines and headlines of what the next steps will be?

Maybe we should round up some of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge workers and get them over here to show how it's done. Seems those people know how to build a bridge and stick to a budget and deadline.

From the Vine we wish both children a speedy recovery and the very best to your families.

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