Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More East Haven Corruption? Ask Mr. Mauro about his relationship with the new Community Affairs Coordinator

So we already know it is no secret that Deputy Assistant Director Mr. Ralph Mauro, or whatever his title is this week, has been dodging the halls of justice for past year for his alleged felony charges of illegal possession of guns and stolen weapons. But did you know that the Vine has discovered something you may not know?

It appears that Mr. Mauro has a very close and new member to his family working right in Town Hall and just helped her receive a $43,170 per year position at full time hours with FULL BENEFITS! It seems that Megan McAuliffe forgot to tell the PATCH in her July 8th interview that on April 29, 2011 at 4pm at Holy Trinity Church in Wallingford, CT she became Megan McAuliffe MAURO, When she married Mr. Vincent Mauro. The below links are the wedding announcement from Holy Trinity Church and a special registry of weddingchannel.com. Don't you just love the internet and what you can find? 

Yes residents of East Haven, once again Mayor April Capone, Paul Hongo and Ralph Mauro think they are fooling you. However, the VINE is your ally and will expose the truth and dig deep to show you the proof that Mr. Ralph Mauro is not only dodging his day in court but is making sure that everyone in his inner circle is taken care of. Take for example, 4 Gerrish Avenue in East Haven. Think there was a sweet heart deal on that property? Picking up a piece of property for $20K?  I'm also hearing there was a couple of inland wetland issues there too. Not to worry though when Ralph Mauro is in charge! House gets built, family gets house, all is good as long as it stays in the family!

It would be a credit to the reporters of this Town if they would not just write a story but to dig in a little and not take things for face value. Questions of qualifications, schooling, how you came about getting this job are what the people of East Haven want to see. I also have to laugh at Mayor April. I recall so many times when she as a councilwoman and would call for the qualifications of the person just to serve on a Board and this is what we are getting now?

Now I certainly don't know Megan and by no means am I saying she is not qualified but nepotism is running down the halls of Town Hall and you have to pay attention! These people will do anything to promote and keep their gravy train going.

This coming November it is time that we show Mayor April the outside of Town Hall once and for all. This Town has been abused enough by her and her cronies.


  1. Your right you don't know her and she has recently passed away in a tragic accident. she was a great person and no need to slander her name or her family.

    1. This article was written 2 year earlier then the tragic accident.. And it was all true. Did you really think the writer should not have written this truthful article on the off chance something might tragically happen 2 years later? And even if he was a forture teller and could see that 2 years later something would happen, Does that justify not letting the truth be known?


    3. Its funny you stupid fucks that dont know what you our talkin about can share opinions about her when you have no clue about her education cuz some duchebag ginny is hated she was a smart beatiful girl that did nothin but help out others in need and help out her community so do some actual research on her or ask anybody who knew her before you speak on shit u dont know about