Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Mayor at war with her own Police Department

In 2007 then councilwoman April Capone Almon was running for Mayor and she had one of the most powerful forces behind her, The East Haven Police Department. I used to sit at the Council Table and laugh at the large presence of cops that she would bring to the meetings. It was there way of showing us that they stood behind their candidate. Mayor April rode that support all the way to victory over Joe Maturo and the face of East Haven has changed forever.

But instead of a bond that would help East Haven steer away from the controversey of the past Mayor April has declared war on the very people who helped her into power, The East Haven Police Department. Tomorrow night the citizens of this Town are taking action by holding a rally outside of Town Hall at 6pm to send a loud and clear message to Mayor April that enough is enough.

Mayor April, after her arrest at the Town Beach, has held the East Haven Police Department in total contempt. But as always her behavior is never the issue it's always the people that have corrected her. She's never been held to account for what she did at the Town Beach that day and like the child she is she is lashing out at the law enforcement community.

Her next move was to take action against Chief Len Gallo. She places the Chief on paid administrative leave because of The Department of Justice and FBI investigations of racial profiling. That was over 18 months ago and no formal charges have ever been brought on the Chief or anyone in the Department. Then this past June in some light of hope for our PD a court had to intervene and tell the Mayor she can't play judge, jury and executioner when she attempted to be the hearing officer of Chief Gallo's recommended disciplinary hearing from the Board of Police Commissioners.

Just recently, Officer Dennis Spaulding is placed on Paid Administrative Leave for reasons that are still not clear. He has not even been afforded the opportunity to a hearing which is contractual. And the latest, conducting an internal affairs investigation on Sgt. John Miller. A hero cop. A man that has saved the lives of many people and fellow officers. Why? Is it because he's the President of the Union?

This Mayor has just gone plain loco in her persuit to get even. This Town, our Police Department are at the brink and if we the citizens of this Town don't put an end to it we are going to end up like New Haven. New Haven, a city were the crimminals roam the streets, carry guns and have daily shootings. People it's coming and if we don't send a strong message to Town Hall tomorrow and in November we have only to blame ourselves to allow this Mayor to wage war on our own Police Department.

Tomorrow, 6pm Town Hall Parking Lot....Please come and tell Mayor April to cut the crap!

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