Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Rally, The Mayor and the residents

When I first learned of the Rally by Pam Salvati I was glad to see a ordinary citizen stepping up to the plate and speaking out. It wasn't me or any other Republican saying anything negative about the Mayor it was the general population. Of course I was blamed and even asked by the Chairman of the Police Commission in the July 26th meeting if I was running the rally.

The Mayor, The Police Commissioners and the Democrats in Town know that she is in deep trouble with the electorate. Why else would the Mayor hold a press conference on the day of the Rally? Self absorbed and forever the drama queen The Mayor put on a show of nothing but a window dressing. The funniest was the Mayor telling everyone that she bought all new equipment but the latest technology, the license plate reader, was not operational because the car it's installed on is out of service. What a complete dishonest joke! Want the truth? Ask a cop.

Although not as many residents as I would like to have seen about 100 came out to Town Hall to show their protest. They came out even though the Chair of the Democrat Town Committee Gene Ruocco encouraged them not to come out to support the poilce,.Imagine that the Chairman telling people to stay home. What is Gene Ruocco afraid of? He's afraid of you the voter. He doesn't want this on TV or in the Newspapers. He's afraid of all of the negative publicity. But just because one small group comes out to demonstrate doesn't mean that the Democrats are safe and Gene Ruocco knows it!

From the political spectrum I finally saw some Democrats from the East Haven Town Council come out to support the Police. Paul Thompson,. Vinny Arpino and Paul CoFrancesco all were there to rebuke the Democrats in how their Police are treated. Congrats to these men to finally taking a stand against Gene Ruocco and his Stalinist tactics.

Last but not least. A special thank you to the residents who stood and cheered and for those residents who drove by a honked their horns and there were hundreds of them! I thank you, our Town thanks you and our PD thanks you too. You are all wonderful people!

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