Friday, July 8, 2011

Town Fair Tire Flexes muscle and Mayor puts cop on Administrative Leave

Well she's at it again! On the same day as her hero Governor Dan Malloy proudly signs a new state law allowing illegal immigrants to get the same in-state tuition breaks as us United States citizens get, Mayor April panders to the "largest" tax payer, Town Fair Tire, and put Police Officer Dennis Spaulding on PAID administrative leave, because management at Town Fair Tire are complaining that their workers are being harassed about driving to and from work with no drivers license and not properly registered cars. Worst of all who at Town Fair Tire is checking the I-9 forms?

 I'll give some free instructions, it's a simple form to fill out. I do it a couple of times a month. You either have a United States Passport or two of the following, a valid drivers license and either a United States issued Social Security Card or a Birth Certificate stating you were born in the United States. If you don't have those you then can submit a valid Green Card stating you are eligible to work in the United States. If you have none of these then you are deemed undocumented, illegal and a sworn officer has every right to enforce the law as Officer Spaudling did.

The problem lies not with Town Hall but with our activist Mayor. Her own personal beliefs of how our Federal Laws should be contradict what is reality. The reality is she is putting US Citizens that live and pay income taxes, state taxes and property taxes at risk to being hurt by these people. We have a Department of Motor Vehicles for a reason. Their job is to make sure that there are proper ways to operate a motor vehicle under a license issued by them. They also are in charge to make sure our vehicles are properly registered so your local town can collect tax dollars as well. What is Mayor April going to do or say when one of these illegals with no license or insurance runs down one of our Towns people?

I stand next to Police Officer Dennis Spaulding for doing what I pay him to do and protect the people of East Haven. In addition, I am personally boycotting Town Fair Tire and I hope you follow suit. Not just for what happened here but for their practice of using illegal immigrants to do their work. This is absolutely disgusting.

It's time people. This November we can make the biggest change by not re-electing Mayor April and get our Town back from the biggest liberal we have ever seen.

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  1. I totally agree. Back in September, I was hit by an illegal and and continue to suffer from back pain. With no license, registration, and no insurance, I suffer from back pain everyday and pull through the pain at all three of my jobs. No time off for me. There is no one to pay for my time off, medical bills, or pain and suffering, except the option to sue my own insurance company. I totall y support my brother in his actions to try to help make the world a better place. I love you Dennis. Lots of luck, Tabitha