Friday, July 22, 2011

Maturo has golden opportunity to build lasting legacy after Republican Town Committee rejects his comeback

After what seems to have been a long fight to secure the East Haven Republican Town Committee endorsement it is finally over. John Finkle defeated Joe Maturo in a 2 to 1 victory amongst Republican Town Committee members. It was a strong message to send to the former Mayor in a closed vote. Message is it's time to let go of trying to recapture what you once had and realize that we need a Republican in the Mayors seat.

When Bob Norman lost to Hank Luzzi back in the early 1990's people said that the Republicans in East Haven were dead. But it was a young man named Joe Maturo who was a Councilman from the 1st District that took the bold step and ran for Mayor. He lost 3 times before he became Mayor and do you know who was there for him? Mayor Bob Norman was there ready to mentor the young new Mayor.  By Mayor Bob Norman doing what he did he cemented his legacy as one of the best Mayors East Haven has had.

This is what Mayor Joe should be looking at. He has a job, people remember that when he was Mayor things were good so why not be that former Mayor ready to mentor this Town Committee nominated candidate John Finkle. I think Mayor Joe knows that with his input, guidance and mentoring they could be a force that can easily defeat Mayor April.

So why not Joe? A united Republican Party can easily defeat the Queen. A John Finlke candidate with a Joe Matruo right there next to him is the nightmare that Mayor April thinks of.

Come on Joe offer congrats and come over and help John and the residents of East Haven free ourselves from this Administration. Be the guy that we know you're capable of being and don't force a primary. The unknown is at risk here and us having another 2 years of Mayor April is simply unthinkable.

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