Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More lies and deception at the June 6th Town Council Meeting

So as I arrived at the Town Council Meeting tonight I was greeted by our fine men and women of the East Haven Police Department with their friends and families ready to duke it out with the Town Council over the Mayor's budget cut over the K9 unit. I then learned that today's PATCH editorial where Mayor April states that she met Daro as a Puppy was nothing but a lie. How much lower will the Mayor stoop to prove that she is the Queen of East Haven? 

In addition to trying to prove her point the Mayor and Paul Hongo have violated David Cari's HIPPA privacy which is supposed to protect an employees right to privacy with any medical condition. In a memo from Paul Hongo to the Local 1662 and various Town Officials, it clearly describes the defensive actions the Administration has taken against the K9 program and why they wanted to discontinue it. Apparently these two Town Officials think it is ok to disclose Officer Cari's medical condition to the general population. Mr. Cari's condition, whether or not done in official capacity, is his business and not for Town Officials to release. I hope Mr. Cari's attorney will send a strong response.

Inside the meeting I met several people who were in 100% support of Dave and Daro (K9). A petition was circulated and to my surprise every Town Council member signed it except Vin Camera. Even Gene Ruocco signed it and to no surprise Frank Capone refused to sign along with Police Commissioner James Krebs. What does that tell you?

As the meeting began there was mention from the Chairman that the Town Council was aware of the letter from Mr. Hongo but some members had yet to read it. It wasn't until the part in the agenda where Paul Hongo was permitted to speak that the action began. As typical with anything Paul Hongo does there is always the soapbox. He began to lecture the Police Union telling the crowd that this was not the format for the Police to be there and that this matter should be brought before the Police Commission.

Really, Mr. Hongo, who are you to tell anyone they don't have the right to come to a Town Council meeting to discuss a public safety issue? As a matter of fact once the topic was read into the correspondence of the meeting it did become a matter of public concern therefore should be allowed to be discussed before the public. As Chairmain Dougherty allowed Mr. Hongo to continue on his soapbox he refused to let the Police Union discuss anything. When the Union objected and requested a rebuttal to Mr. Hongo the Union was once again denied. Welcome to the Soviet  style dictatorship of the Town of East Haven.

The members of the public were told that they can have their day to voice their opinion at the proper place, before the Board of Police Commissioners. The very thought of that Police Commission doing anything without prejudice is a complete joke. This commission has already gone on the record of not supporting our EHPD which I was witness too.

The bottom line is the Town Council had the opportunity to set the Mayor and Mr. Hongo straight. Chairman Dougherty forgets that the Town Council sets policy in this Town. The Town Council is the boss of this Town, not the Mayor and her underlings. Politics be damned, the Mayor and Mr. Hongo have to face the wrath of the public for this public relations nightmare filled with lies and deceit and remember all of them with exception of Vin Camera signed the petition to allow our K9 program to continue.

Stay tuned....


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