Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gutless East Haven Board of Police Commissioners move on Gallo

A couple of weeks ago one of my readers wrote to me as said to me, "Dan why can't you write good stuff about East Haven? I'm getting tired of all of this crap." My response was, "I wish I could stop writing all the negative stuff." He responded, " plant potatoes you get potatoes." I wish it was that simple. But the people that serve on this Board of Police Commission are beyond reproach and are out to settle a vendetta against Chief Len Gallo and continue to give the Town of East Haven a black eye and will cost you the taxpayers millions of dollars to settle the newest lawsuit coming your way. My job as the leader of the East Haven Vine is to continue to expose those who bring dishonor to the Town of East Haven and I will continue regardless if it is Democrat, Republican or other.

Tonight's meeting is the table setting we've all been expecting for months now since the Mayor and this Police Commission placed Chief Gallo on paid administrative leave. Even though the recommendation said "up to and including termination" it is clear that Mayor April Capone is going to fire Len Gallo. My question is for what? What law has Chief Gallo broken? What crimes has he committed? State Statutes are very clear on these matters. Mayor April Capone and her sidekick Attorney CoFrancesco better read this document regarding the dismissal of a Chief of Police before they take any action. I found it ironic that the Police Commission listed as one of the charges against Gallo "wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money in overtime." as one of the reasons why he should face discipline. Well shouldn't the Mayor be fired too for bringing the Town into a 5.3 million dollar deficit over the past 3 years? Is she kidding me? Or how about gun touting Assistant Ralph Mauro for bringing dishonor to his office by being arrested on two felony counts and then postponing his day in court 16 times since last May? After all, we all know that Mayor April is the leading the Greater New Haven Area by serving on the "The Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition" Another farce!

The taxpayers of East Haven need to see what is being done here, this is nothing more than a political vendetta orchestrated by the Mayor and her Administration. By reading this document you will see it is very clear that any Police Chief is entitled to his or her day before a hearing committee. To date, the Chief has not had any hearing. Chief Gallo is entitled to due process and defense of the charges against him! Chiief Gallo has had no due process or has been allowed to defend himself against these charges. Although Chief Gallo is yet to be fired you can see the writing on the wall. This future action is going to cost the taxpayers of East Haven millions of dollars because Chief Len Gallo is going to sue the Town of East Haven.

Also I feel compelled to also call out one of the EHPD members who made several comments at tonight's meeting to also give the Vine readers a sense of vendetta and to make the score even. Police Officer Robert Nappe who was the subject of Chief Gallo's denial of his leave of absence was present. He left no words unsaid as the decision to refer the Chief's status to the Mayor, Officer Nappe said, "I hope he burns in hell." Later in the hall he became involved in a heated debate with Councilman Paul Carbo and was using foul language about the Chief and also said to Mr. Carbo "you didn't work under him." In all honesty, I don't know what the real beef was between Gallo and Nappe was prior to Gallo denying his leave of absence, but can't we just bury the hatchet once and for all, for the good of all? You can go across the entire town and a good amount of people would agree that this personal beef  between Chief Gallo and Mayor April is going to cost us millions and for what?

Mayor April and Chairman Fred Brow need to learn to compromise and learn the art of skillful negotiation to bring about change, not the cavone style of governance. After the meeting I said to Chairman Brow, "You are making a big mistake with this, more lawsuits are coming." His response, "Pile them on top of the others." I replied, "If you want Lenny gone why don't you just sit down with him and negotiate a way out for him and don't do this." Brow's response, "Maybe this will get him to the table." Simply unreal that we have appointed members of the Boards that act this way.

 If Mayor April wanted Chief Len Gallo to leave office then do it the right way and figure a way for him to step aside with dignity and grace. Be the bigger person not some spoiled child that will kick sand in the face of the one they don't like. This what the people of East Haven have elected and have representing them!

Hey I think I got it!  Plant a potato get a potato! Does Mayor April get it?


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