Monday, May 30, 2011

East Haven Republican Party not split it's just a splinter

So today is the start of the political season here in East Haven. We soon will have concerts on the Green every Sunday and you'll see Mayor April, Joe Maturo and John Finkle. In my opinion only one is worthy of any consideration of your vote, John Finkle.

All around town I have been stopped and asked what is going on with the Republican party in East Haven? Even though I am not a member of the RTC anymore I know just as much as any member because people still confide in me and still ask my opinion. So what in my opinion is going on? John Finkle is still the man to lead the Republicans this coming November and this so called split of the Republican Party is just nonsense. If anything, it's just a mere splinter of just 5 insignificant people out of 65 committee members making all this noise and causing all the stir.

Please oblige me for a moment while I give you a short history lesson of how this little splinter thing happened. Back in 2007 when then Joe Maturo was running for office against a "mere nobody" as April Capone Almon was referred to by the gurus of the Republican Town Committee. I and many people tried to reason with Joe Maturo that he should take April seriously and that she was beating him up pretty good in the newspapers and with the whole 10 week vacations in Florida fiasco. Joe Maturo's arrogance and king of the world attitude was the only thing he saw and as he told me to my face, "Dan, I've been elected 8 times, I don't need your advice." After that statement I knew he was going to lose. The man had let the power of Mayor go to his head and he was going to fall hard and fast. As I stood next to him that November night and we heard the roar of the April team upstairs I looked over at him and I truly felt sorry for him because I thought he realized that he knew he was wrong for not taking the advice of the RTC and people who had a pulse on the districts. You hear he only lost by 25 votes. That is a fact but the reality is that he lost by 2000 votes plus 25. Those were the numbers Joe used to pull in. It was evident in 2007 that people were tired of the Joe Maturo team and they wanted change.

Well a change is definitely what the Town received and it has resulted in 4 consecutive deficits, a 17% tax increase, a war with the Police Department and April Capone's mug being on almost every TV camera from being arrested. We certainly didn't get the change we expected but you reader has to ask do you want to return to way it was just for years ago or do we want real change in John Finkle because he truly is the only candidate that offers a true change in direction for East Haven.

I know writing this blog about my fellow Republicans will probably have me removed from some Christmas card lists but this needs to be said because it is the truth and I think we've been lied to enough over the past 14 years by both Maturo and Capone that we need different voices and faces to lead this community through one of the worst periods since the Great Depression.

The facts are that the "splinters" as I call them are a very small group of men and women who are looking for the return of their hay days. These people could care less about the welfare of you the reader but of how they will benefit with tax dollar funded jobs, benefits for friends and family and the power they crave. The current Maturo Team are people who have no current jobs, lost connections to getting jobs and are dying to get back on the gravy train. Hold on to your seats. Gene Ruocco is RIGHT! But what he doesn't want you to know is that the Maturo people are NOT with Finkle and Finkle's people are NOT with Maturo.

The Finkle people I know personally and I know don't need jobs because everyone of them have full time jobs and don't need Town Hall to fulfill their dream job. They like me, want good government, a end to the political corruption that both Republican and Democrats have within their ranks and just a place we all can call home. We know what Joe did and we see what April is doing so why would anyone in their right mind want to keep the status quo or return to the days of strong armed politics, vendettas and rotten politics. It's time we are all given a break and vote for the candidate that offers REAL CHANGE and a better way and that's why I know that we can achieve that under John Finkle.

My advice to you stay calm, don't worry because the more of Joe Maturo is seen and heard the more the 2000 plus 25 will remember why they threw him out in the first place.

Stay tuned there is much more coverage of the Republican Primary in East Haven in coming editions.

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  1. Hey Dan, I was waiting for an explanation when you told me why I shouldn't vote for Joe. I'm still a young 26 year old voter and learning what I can. What I realized here is that, Joe's arrogance could easily gonna get the best of him again.

    As for Finkle's people, it sounds like with Mayor Capone's promise when she originally stepped into office in Nov. 2007. If I'm not mistaken Joe said the same thing when he was elected but I was 12 then. It would be nice if this town didn't have corruption. I remember the praise this town was getting when we weren't in this deficit. Our own mayor breaking it's own law, well you know the infamous beach parking pass that I'm sure isn't being followed. Anyway, I thought I would share my own thoughts on this.