Sunday, May 8, 2011

Word on the street about 155 Short Beach Road

I am not one for rumors or trying to circulate rumors, but it is my understanding the the applicant at 155 Short Beach Road is going to withdraw his application in light of the overwhelming response to the P&Z meeting. This comes from very credible close sources.

You will probably see various politicians including former Mayor Joe Maturo or P&Z Chairman Mr, Ruocco taking credit when this does occur. It wasn't them at all it was all of you that came out and put the pressure on.

For now a small celebration may be in order. There is still the 11 unit lot that has already been approved to deal with.


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  2. The people from the neighborhood who turned up for the meeting and overwelmingly showed the developer that this project is not wanted are the ones who should be credited for the project being shelved. Good job.