Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dirty Tricks on 155 Short Beach Road?

As usual nothing this administration does is without the other shoe dropping. So when we heard rumors that the 51 unit development was going to be dropped we also heard that the developer was going to go the course with the 11 unit approved lot. However, there was a twist. That lot had a 5 year expiration date from Inland Wetlands Commission.

Known as Inland Wetland Application 05-05 it supposedly expired in July 2010. What does that mean? It means the developer would have to start from scratch. But yesterday that all changed by the stroke of a pen by James Staunton, Town Engineer. He, by administrative decree, ordered that the project be extended until 2013.

Just whom does James Staunton think he is? Our Town has boards and commissioners and a process that all business goes before the public. How dare he and the assistant Town Attorney James Cirillo decide that this project has the merits to go forward especially after recent potential new wetlands have been discovered!

For the person looking from the outside in you better start to wake up and realize that this is bigger than just 11 units or 51 units for that matter. This has big money behind it with some heavy Town Hall influence to go this direction.

It's time for the people to start voicing your opinions and let this Town Government know that we the people have an active voice and have a right to participate in the process.

I suggest you start by writing to the Mayor April and telling her how you feel


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