Monday, May 23, 2011

East Haven BOF meets in Special Meeting tonight and building fees possibly raising

When politicians speak always look for the other shoe to drop is an old saying. So when Mayor April told us and that she lowered our taxes in this 2011-2012 year did she lower them for everyone? Tonight the Town's Board of Finance is meeting to discuss several transfers totaling $139,148 to balance out the 2010-2011 budget and is also looking for a fee increase in building permits and fees. I call that a shell game or better words, HIDDEN TAXATION. So when you want to remodel your home, build a new home, put in a pool, put up an addition, install a new roof, you're going to pay your General Contractor and your going to be paying the Town of East Haven more!

What we have to be very careful here is how much are the fees going up? Generally the residents of the Town don't pay close attention to these items but you can be sure that the Mayor does because fees are revenue generating and fill up the general fund. The State of Connecticut does it all the time. Just last year they raised the Occupational Licenses that some of us carry 100%! I used to pay $100.00 for my license now I pay $200.00 just for the privilege to work in this great State.

Because of the size of the Giamo room I would expect a low turn out of people tonight but look for the June 7th Town Council Meeting to raise your opinion on these transfers and fee increases. Believe me they don't miss a trick. Instead of trying to reach into your pocket all the time they should be looking to decrease spending and lowering fees for East Haven.

Our Town has the highest foreclosure rates in the nation how could they even think of taking more from people that have less to give?

Keep an eye on Town Hall they are robbing us blind.

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