Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vested Interest in East Haven does the Capone Administration have it?

In the 15 years since I have moved to East Haven I have seen many things in the political world happen. I feel almost like a veteran of East Haven politics and I have learned some very valuable lessons first and foremost there is no other place like East Haven and that politics in East Haven is definitely a contact sport.

With that in mind I also know that this community is very warm and caring. I have seen tragic things happen and the people of East Haven will rally around the cause and give the shirt off their backs to lend a helping hand because we know that we are unique and we are different from any other town in Connecticut.

Being that we have this spirit to take care of our own I find it very intriquing that the Mayor's two top officials are not residents of this Town. Afterall, these two men have full control of every department in the 85 million dollar budget and make decisions that many times are not in the best interests of the Town of East Haven.

Take for example Mr. Paul Hongo, Assitant Director. He is a resident of Fairfield County. A google search did not come up with a specific address for him but I know for certain he is not a resident of East Haven. Mr. Hongo's background is from the Communications Workers of America Local 1298. He served as President of the Union for almost a decade and other than representing some East Haven residents what are is vested interests in East Haven?

Our other Mayorial Aide is Mr. Ralph Mauro. He is a resident of Branford. Mr. Mauro has a extensive history with the Town of East Haven under the Luzzi Administration but again I must question his vested interests in the Town of East Haven.

Would the Town be better served if these two positions were people from our Town? One might say if they have some skin in the game they might have a different perspective. Our previous Director of Administration, Art DeSorbo was a resident of East Haven.

Why do I bring this up? Since both of these men have held their positions in the Town of East Haven we have run deficits in the millions of dollars, had a 17% tax increase and nothing but a political firestorm of controversy within our Police Department and now were faced with several zoing and wetlands issues and it seems that absolutely no one is listening to the people. So I raise the question why is no one listening? Could it be that the two men in charge of taking care of Town business have turned a deaf ear to the residents of East Haven because they have no skin in our game?

These are serious questions these people have to answer and furthermore one has to ask did the Mayor select the best people for those positions? It also seems that at least one of the Mayor's assistants, Ralph Mauro is making a lot of money holding two positions (this position and Director of Public Works) and is also a strong advocate of development in the Town of East Haven. A home recently constructed on Gerrish Avenue comes to mind and we in the Riverside section of Town continue to hear Mr. Mauro's  name being mentioned as a strong supporter of the 51 units to be constructed at Three Stone Pillars. It also might explain why Mr. James Stauton and Assistant Town Attorney Cirillo usurped the process of a public hearing for the extension of the Inland Wetlands Application 05-05 at Three Stone Pillars.

The bottom line is I am questioning whether these two non-residents who hold control of 85 million dollars our tax dollars have any skin in our Town? Do these two non-residents really care about what is in the best interests for you the tax payer? Remember this, these two men did not have to pay the 17% tax increase we did last year and they are not facing any liability with any of the circus acts of lawsuits we face.

The decisions these two men do have a lasting impact on your ability to continue to afford to live in this Town and when November comes around ask these questions to yourself before you circle in the name you're voting for.

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