Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gene Ruocco and Gang Sink To An All Time Low

The latest article that came out from the New Haven Register should not be any surprise. It seems that the joy of smooching and cuddling has gotten the best of Evan Lips as he borders on a career ending article that accuses Gary DePalma, a 25 year police veteran, and his campaign of forging signatures. What’s really should be in question is Mr. Lips’ relationship with the Stacey Campaign Manager Alyson Heimer and the motivation to release a story that is so blatantly politically motivated. As an East Haven resident I am sick and tired of the Gene Ruocco’s crew that continues to use outside agencies to attack and bring down the Town of East Haven. In addition, I am sick and tired of the New Haven Register’s continued attacks on the people of East Haven. Are you?

Since when is Ms. Heimer a handwriting expert and what qualifications does she possess to make such bold statements that “The Entire Gary DePalma slate should not be allowed onto the primary ballot due to the large number of problems with their primary position?” She then comes out to say “There are more than 150 signatures that appear to be forgeries or added to the petition by someone other than the name on the petition.” Such gumption and nerve by a Campaign Manager that hails from the great city of New Haven. Ms. Heimer then goes on to say she’s acting on her own. As I told the East Haven Town Council last night “BS!” that is such a bold faced lie that you can sum it up to Alyson spending a lot of time with Gene Ruocco cause she’s acting just like him now.

Mr. Lips’ investigatory reporting also needs to be scrutinized and could be interfering with a criminal matter. Where did Mr. Lips get Mr. DePalma’s petition when the SEEC said in their response “members and staff shall keep confidential any information concerning the complaint?” Who is Mr. Lips to take it upon himself to actually call people on the petition and question them on to whether or not they signed the petition when it is clearly still being investigated? How is this entire matter now not tainted and not seen as another attack on Gary DePalma? This is almost as bad as Gene Ruocco’s last attempt to tie DePalma to an Internal Affairs investigation at the East Haven Police Department after Mr. DePalma’s shift had concluded. I hope that you the voter are paying close attention to what Gene Ruocco and his Gang are doing.

Frustrating to Ms. Heimer and probably Mr. Ruocco is the consistent statements from people on the petitions that Mr. Lips called, saying that they indeed did sign their names and making it more and more evident that the Stacey campaign is in serious trouble making outrageous attempts to stop the will of the registered Democrats in this Town. But when it’s all on the line as it is with Gene Ruocco and his political career you will pull out all the stops to discredit your opponent. Of course let’s not forget the entire Josey Wales episode where Gene preached about using real names and then when he used a fake name he tried desperately to cover it up. Same MO, same style of dirty rotten and nasty politics.

The good news is that this entire embarrassing Stacey campaign will be done on Tuesday. There is no way the people of East Haven are going to continue to allow repeated attacks on its Town, its Police Department and themselves. Alyson Heimer should be held to highest account for this shameful display and especially for accusing a clean retired Police Officer, Mr. DePalma with participating in what she calls “The Disregard he and his team show for the laws governing elections, imagine what crimes would be committed if he held a position of power.” Disgusting simply disgusting!

Then there is Jack Stacey who up until now I held in high regard and would never think he would participate in such a despicable desperate act. Mr. Stacey’s comments support the accusation of misconduct and basically accuses the DePalma camp of “tricks and fraud.” Really Jack? Are you the same man that I called when I received the package of your foreclosure on my front door step? Are you the same man that continually denied to my face that you had no idea about any foreclosures and then told me I was a gentleman for not going public with the information? Are you the same man that now has “struck a deal” with the bank holding the mortgage and established a payment plan? Mr. Stacey you lied to my face when you told me you knew nothing about any foreclosure and this last desperate act confirms why I told you that I had to withdraw my support for you, you’ve; become Gene Ruocco’s true lap dog. How sad that you let politics turn you into a liar.

Lastly, to the 3,000 readers of the East Haven Vine please read this very closely and understand that this disgusting display is all about Gene Ruocco and his Gang trying to remain in power. Mr. Ruocco has engaged in a complete smear campaign to retain power and has worked with several co-conspirators to achieve this goal. Don’t be fooled by any of this and if you are a Democrat make sure you come out on Tuesday September 10th and vote for the entire DePalma Team. That’s one way to be certain that Gene Ruocco and his gang will be gone forever!


  1. Great article, Dan. I hope the people see the truth about Gene and how he is running the party.

  2. Well, it looks like you lost again...