Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Maturo Team’s Thin Skin Is Very Apparent When Called Out

THE EAST HAVEN VINE HAS RETURNED!!!!! Just in time for the 2013 Election

At tonight’s Town Council Meeting there were some very interesting questions brought up by the public including me. After all we are bonding almost 1 Million Dollars for various projects but I gather that you’re not allowed to ask any questions because the Maturo Team knows best and Maturo’s protectors come out in droves.

My first set of questions were asked through the Chairman regarding a purchase of surveillance equipment for the Police Department for $35,000 and the second was regarding of payment of $250,000 for beach sand. I asked if both items were put out to bid and was informed that the surveillance equipment was not placed out for bid at the moment but the beach sand was an actual bill and that it needed to be paid. All of my questions were answered very respectfully by Finance Director Paul Rizza and I appreciated his respectful answers.

My next set of questions were the transfer of $21,000 to the Traffic Signal Account. I had asked if any of this money is for the Traffic Light that Mayor Maturo promised for Mansfield Grove Road or is that B.S.? Well Councilman Paul Carbo (R-5) didn’t like that line of questioning and then called me up out of the audience to sit at the table in front of the Town Council. I guess Mr. Carbo wanted to publicly scold me for asking such a question. Then he accused me of grandstanding, I was not, I was asking a question about the proclamation that Maturo made in the September 10, 2012 Patch article ‘Full Traffic Light Coming for Short Beach Rd and Mansfield Grove Rd.’ and even if I was grandstanding it’s a public forum and we as citizens have a right to ask the questions to the people we employ to hold our tax dollars. After all was it not Mr. Maturo’s proclamation that it was he who worked on this traffic light since the 1990’s and it was he who personally worked on it during his first administration and it was he who walked the intersection with several videos and that our voices were finally heard? That was 358 days ago and still nothing has been done. So is it BS? Well after 21 years of asking and a big time press release comes out stating that it’s coming and it doesn’t would you feel a bit frustrated? The facts are that Maturo is nothing but a bold face liar as was written in ‘Mansfield Grove Road Traffic Light …Maturo is Lying’ and Paul Carbo has to be the big hero by coming to the Mayor’s defense. Just who is this little known politician Mr. Carbo anyway?
Wasn’t Mr. Carbo the man who almost made it to the top of the East Haven Republican Party not once but twice? Wasn’t Mr. Carbo the man that split from the Republican Party to back a third line headed by Maturo when Joe was rejected by the Republicans? Wasn’t Mr. Carbo the man who tried to sell the sale of the Old High School in the return of Joe Maturo and was almost run out of Town on a rail? Failure is a miserable place when you just can’t get what you want Mr. Carbo but keep trying, maybe one day, big Joey will let you play with the big boys.

I as a taxpayer in the Town of East Haven have every right, as does any citizen, to ask questions of my government and I could give two damns if Mr. Carbo doesn’t like it. What makes matters worse is the child like antics that followed this first exchange. Mr. Carbo proceeded to challenge me and I responded through Chairman Anania that Mr. Carbo should be brought to a point of order and it was me that had to tell Mr. Carbo if he didn’t like what I had to say that he should step off the board because citizens have a right to speak their minds. Of course though that wasn’t enough for Mr. Carbo he had to continue by making faces at me from the Town Council table and when the Council adjourned he had to make a very public display of mockery towards me as he came walking by. This is what the 5th District is represented with? I mean really where is the decorum of an elected official? Maybe this is a preview of what an elected Robert Hoff would act like? In conclusion, I of course will not be bullied by anyone and informed Mr. Carbo that indeed he is the horses’ ass I always known him to be, I said it not once but twice so he could hear me clearly. I also asked him if he wanted to step outside to continue the exchange and in typical expected fashion he had to rush toward me only to have the Town Attorney Mr. Zullo prevent him from getting any closer to me. He of course in a cowardly fashion was led out of the building hailing some words that someday I’ll get mine. Mr. Carbo didn’t Mommy teach you about sticks and stones? I mean really this is what represents us on the East Haven Town Council?

It’s going to be some election season with shallow elected officials with thin skin and no brains to back it up.  I will let Mr. Carbo know that I will be at any Council meeting  I choose and will ask any questions I wish to and finally it’s not my fault that I brought a compelling argument that destroyed your lying attempts to sell the Old High School. Maybe I’ve embarrassed you or you have some type of aliment but that’s not my problem and It’s called DEMOCRACY so get used to it when you sit on a governing board and while you’re at it maybe you should purchase Robert’s Rules of Order and a book on proper decorum.

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