Sunday, September 8, 2013

Endorsement....Gary DePalma is the Clear Choice for Democrats on Tuesday September 10th.

The case for Gary DePalma’s candidacy for the Office of Mayor of East Haven is founded on the premise that honesty and integrity matters in the arena of public service. But, do ethics really matter? Do the people of East Haven care whether or not their leadership adheres to a strong, moral belief system? Are the majority of residents proud of their town government? Are we confident our elected officials have our best interests at heart? It’s safe to say, a vast majority of us would respond in the same way. Skepticism and disappointment reign. What a shame!

For the most part, I believe people view self-interest as a natural by-product of public service, an entitlement or benefit that’s become part of the government landscape. People don’t like it, but they’ve accepted that certain individuals, through their elected positions, have access to opportunity that doesn’t exist for the rest of us.

Well, I believe we can do better. Our elected officials have been given the immense responsibility to protect our best interests. They’re also obligated to lead by example, represent with dignity and professionalism, and put forth a full-time effort to succeed. Town government should never be an antagonist to majority opinion.

So, do ethics really matter? Yes, of course! In fact, I will support any effort that will subject our town government to continuous inspection and make it the focus of an ongoing process of accountability. That’s why Gary DePalma is the best choice to be the next Mayor of East Haven. He represents a political anomaly, a candidate who has challenged the status quo to do what East Haven needs most: place principle over expediency, straight talk over misinformation, and common good over narrow interests.

East Haven is a proud community. We’re tired of the New Haven Register , or other outside influences, wagging a finger in our face, telling us how to manage our business. As a whole, we’re good, decent people. No doubt, the negative perception of East Haven is a direct reflection of its long-term leadership. If Gary DePalma is successful, the political cycle is broken; and, we can move forward with a strong code of conduct and higher expectations for our elected officials. We can be proud of our town government, knowing the principles of hard work and integrity will take top priority.

We don’t believe anyone is under the impression the financial disposition of this town would change overnight. Budgets are tight. But, the long-term benefit of having a leadership structure grounded in a reasoned, mature and honest approach to town government will benefit all of us.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, September 10th.

We encourage you to vote Row B for the Gary DePalma slate.


  1. He was an idiot as a police officer I can't even imagine if he was mayor.