Wednesday, September 18, 2013


When you see signs that say buyer beware, there is a hidden message there that alerts the consumer that the outside of the package might look good but the interior might be rotten to the core. The same can be said about the 2013 Maturo campaign.

You’ll hear for the next 53 days how Joe Maturo lowered taxes, held the line on spending brought in economic development and how wonderful he truly is. However, when you get to the core of the machine that props him up you will see that it’s not squeaky clean. The heart of the Maturo machine is the East Haven Republican Town Committee and certain members of that crew are far from choirboys and girls.

Today, I have requested a full disclosure of all financial activities from the East Haven Republican Town Committee since Joe Maturo first entered into the political scene. I have requested bank statements, financial reports and a list of contributors with their associations to key members of the Maturo Administration through the years using the Freedom of Information Act.

I am certainly not expecting any cooperation from this group which I was a member of, but I can tell you I was witness to many questionable practices when finances were discussed in our Town Committee Meetings. In some cases certain members of the East Haven Republican Town Committee were directly tied to the political machine that ran both Town Hall and the Treasury of East Haven Republican Town Committee. Questions were allowed but when it came to down to a full accounting of monies brought in and spent you were yelled at and at time scolded for even bringing the subject up.

Who am I am speaking of? It’s the number two man in the East Haven Town Hall. Mr. Arthur DeSorbo. His position as the Director of Administration reported then and now to Mayor Joe Maturo. As the Director of Administration he has close access to Joe Maturo and for ten years of the 1st  Maturo Administration Mr. DeSorbo’s wife Ann was the East Haven Republican Town Committee Treasurer. The links speak for themselves.  The questionable practices, lack of accountability and the intimidation were all a part of a smoke screen that maybe shines the light that they don’t want turned on. I can say that after Mrs. DeSorbo’s departure from the position as Treasurer the financial strength of the party increased and full disclosure was read aloud at every meeting with a full accounting of every penny brought in and spent. It is still a current practice and the current treasurer should be proud to uphold the public trust of the East Haven Republican Town Committee.

It will be very interesting for not only the current members of the East Haven Republican Town Committee to see but the general public as well if the East Haven Republican Town Chairman Carl Ruggerio will release these documents which many members have never seen.  Although it’s not direct tax dollars involved with the East Haven Republican Town Committee it’s a part of the overall ethical behavior of certain members that surrounds Joe Maturo that should spark the public’s interest.  It also alerts the public of the character of the man that calls himself Mayor and the character of those who control the finances of the Town budget and the avenues to be elected through campaign contributions.

I eagerly await a response to my request and as soon as I receive the response it will be posted for all residents of the Town of East Haven to read. If there was corruption inside of the East Haven Republican Town Committee during the 1st administration of Joe Maturo the public has to know the truth. If corruption did exist so close to the Mayor’s Office how could anyone believe that Maturo did not know? If corruption was a part of the daily routine of the 1st Administration of Joe Maturo how could anyone in the Town ever give him the keys to Town Hall again?

When you hear the arrogance in the words Joe Maturo used to describe Jack Stacey, the Democratic Candidate for Mayor, about Jack’s lack of experience to run Town Hall what does Mayor Maturo really mean? I know Jack Stacey and I know Joe Maturo and I can certainly trust Jack Stacey around my family and friends I can’t say the same for Mayor Joe Maturo and his close circle that currently manages Town Hall.


Stay tuned….

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  1. Jack Stacey, endorsed by April Capone. Let's see the records from the Capone administration, too. Let's have a full disclosure and let the people decide who can be trusted with their money.