Friday, November 29, 2013

The Independent Mind is Nothing to Fear

The Independent, Webster Dictionary says it best with its definition, “not subject to control by others and not affiliated with a large controlling unit.”  Or it also can be defined as a person who is not bound by or committed to a political party.  Is that the mindset of the over 8,000 unaffiliated registered voters here in the Town of East Haven who definitely have an impact on some of our local elections?

We turn our attention to that group of voters here in East Haven and we ask that, as you usually do, with your vote, look at our message and see if we align with your philosophy, ideals and common sense approach to East Haven’s Town Government because in the end that’s what everyone’s goal should be, to do the right thing for the people.

We’ve had elected officials, members of the two major parties and a caucus in Hartford that have tried to push us to the side and even strip us of our name. They tell us we are insignificant and that we mean nothing to the process. We’ve even had sitting elected officials inject their opinions and advise us incorrectly on procedure that would make one just give up. All of these attempts by these individuals don’t really know the true spirit of the Independent as expressed by Webster Dictionary and that is “showing a desire for freedom and not looking to others for one’s opinions or guidance in conduct.”

The true nature of the Independent is someone who is looking for truth, justice and basically the American way and unfortunately with the existing system here in East Haven we seem to be lacking those fundamental pillars but the good news is the Independent Party of East Haven is here to stay. We are small in number but are powerful group because we have the attention of those two parties who are always wondering what we are going to do and that is very good.

What the two parties know in their hearts is amongst their own there are Independents, maybe not in title but in heart and mind and that scares them to say words that we are insignificant. Just look at what some independent minded people did in this last election and prior to the election. On the Democratic side, party loyalists put up their candidate and a faction of independent minded members said no and took it all the way to a primary. Some were unsuccessful but the mere fact that a group of like-minded people stood up and said no says a lot about the independent movement in our Town. The days of iron fisted party rule are starting to come to an end. On the Republican side the spark of independence died within their ranks when those with independent thoughts decided that it was time to break free because the old guard would not allow the independent minded to flourish.

Isn’t it so ironic that a Town that sits on the New England soil where a nation was born in the 18th century acts so much like King George and the British Government we wanted no part of. What do I mean? Just look around and open your eyes and ears. One gains favor in this Town by being loyal to the Mayor. How is that different to being loyal to a King? If you asked any colonist loyal to the crown they would say their lives were good under King George III and they felt that their way of living was righteous. However, they only represented approximately a third of the overall population. They could afford the taxes while the other two thirds were oppressed and angry. But out of that oppression and anger was born a nation of independents. People who were not loyal to a person only to themselves and their families and some of those people who stood for independence were mocked, called crazy and were shunned. Names like George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Pane were all men who risked everything to be free of a tyrant three thousand miles away.

Franklin said, “Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have the brains enough to be honest.” Can you recall a time when your Town Government used tricks and the threat of treachery?  Do the words from the recent election that your taxes were lowered for 70% of the residents come to mind? When in fact it wasn’t lowered because the Mayor and his administration lowered the mill rate, it was because the property values across the entire Town are lower, that’s the truth! Stand up against the truth and you can have some treachery come your way by not having your zoning application approved.

Jefferson said, “When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty!” Those words quoted over two hundred years ago are an Independent’s voice. The Independent is the one who is not afraid to speak their mind and secures liberty. Locally do you want to see government fear? Come to a Town Council meeting and when they see new faces they become very concerned and wonder why you are there. That my friend is fear because as Franklin said, tricks and treachery! The Administration doesn’t want the public, they just get in the way.

So when the so called experts tell you the idea of the Independent Party of East Haven has been tried and failed in the past remember these quotes from Thomas Paine, “The Harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph!” or my personal favorite,  “Lead, follow or get out of the way!” The truth is in the past when the independent party was formed it was around one person for their gain. Our party is different because we are a Town Committee and we are one of 13 Statewide Town Committees and we are almost 30,000 strong statewide. We are a new movement and as with any new movement there will be those who look to stand in your way and to tell you what to do and what not to do. If you comply then you’re not an independent and that’s ok. But think for yourself and maybe those ideals will come!

In closing George Washington said,  “Government is not reason, it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  How profound! These men all put themselves in harms way to secure our liberty. They wrote, they spoke and they lead the young nation. Is the East Haven Independent Party looking to lead the nation? No, but we are looking to start the example here on how your government, your community and your fellow citizens should be treated. We need like-minded people to come out from the shadows and join us because our movement is real and with the winds of change already blowing around this town our growing numbers will put this administration and future administrations on notice that you work for us, not the other way around.

Our meetings are held monthly at the East Haven Beach House, every fourth Thursday at 7pm. Our next meeting is Thursday December 26, 2013. Come see what we are all about! We welcome everyone!


  1. So now Joe Maturo = King George? Get real.

    King George comparisons are just lame. This is what people say when they really want to use a Hitler comparison but they don't have any balls.

  2. Mr. McCann is quick to point the finger and put blame on other people but can anyone remember him explaining why he failed to put forth an endorsed slate of candidates from his "East Haven Independent Party"?

    I saw the posting he placed on Facebook this morning and when someone asked him a question Mr. McCann became defensive and not only removed the question but has banned the person asking the question from making any further comments.

    It would appear from this demonstration that Mr. McCann has clearly demonstrated he is quick to anger and instead of answering questions respectfully he prefers to run and hide only responding to those questions that he feels are "safe".

    This is not the sign of a good leader nor is it as he puts it "No, but we are looking to start the example here on how your government, your community and your fellow citizens should be treated"

    Mr. McCann you need to treat all residents with respect regardless of political affiliation.

    It is your failure to recognize this and even greater failure to do so which will lead to your unorganized party as demonstrated by your failure to put a slate together for the last election which will be the undoing of your party.

    1. The above post is from Mr. Robert Hoff. How do i know? Because I blocked him from the Independent Facebook Page and he clearly knows exactly what happened because he posted what exactly happened.

      I will not even entertain responding to a person who will no longer be allowed in the political process come February 2014.