Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is Capone and Ruocco serious? Capone's answer to Economic Development in East Haven...2 years 11 months

When rumors were circulating around Town that James Krebs was up for the job of Economic Development one could argue that while Mr. Krebs is an older gentleman he certainly has the Education being a graduate of Wharton School of Business. In addiiton of Jim's years of knowing just about everyone in Town to help foster deals to improve East Haven's Economic Development. But when I read that the Town of East Haven hired a 25 year old for the position I said, well he's got to be a Yalie, with an Economics Degree or something to that equivalent. Someone with pure brilliance that will help fill the 78 vacant store fronts this Administration has left us.
But he's not a Yale graduate, he's not a Wharton graduate, he's a Graduate Student from Southern Connecticut State University with just 2 years and 11 months experience in the work place and not one day of Economic Development experience. capone is at it again! Hiring people who just have no business of being in the positions they hold. The East Haven Vine has found his resume and you can look for yourself.

This is directly from LinkedIn. For those who don't know what LinkedIn is it's a place where business professionals create their own profiles to market themselves in the business world.

Mayor April....Are you really seriously thinking this is the answer to our problems? Alex seems like a very nice kid but he has ZERO experience and you're setting him up for failure.

I apologize for the cut and paste of LinkedIn it doesn't covert well to Blogger.

Good luck Alex. You're going to need it.
Alexander Sulpasso
Housing Market Valuation Analyst at Platinum Associates Investments and Real-estate

Location Greater New York City Area

Industry Government Administration

Alexander Sulpasso's Overview

·         Housing Market Valuation Analyst at Platinum Associates Investments and Real-estate


·         Intern at National Governors Association
·         Research Assistant at Public Agenda
·         District Manager at New Haven Register


·         Southern Connecticut State University
·         Southern Connecticut State University


5 connections

 Alexander Sulpasso's Summary

I have always been able to handle a demanding schedule. I have excellent time management skills and am highly energergetic. My experience in multiple management positions developed my exceptional organization skills. I am very driven and am self motivated. I can be trusted to do the work without supervision. More importantly, I have great interpersonal skills and enjoy working in a team atmosphere. I think logistically and am always willing to learn, take advice, and then implement a plan of action. From my work experience and educational background, I have a well developed “common sense” factor and can think quickly.

The overall goal is to find meaningful employment in government, a nonprofit organization, or mission driven public sector position.


I have excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint (electronic filing system) and can quickly learn any computer program. Most importantly I have excellent analytical skills and am extremely detailed oriented. And have exercised both my analytical skills and thoroughness in research projects, data management, and editing/revising finance reports.

Alexander Sulpasso's Experience

Housing Market Valuation Analyst

Platinum Associates Investments and Real-estate

Real Estate industry

May 2010 – Present (1 year 4 months)

As a Valuation Analyst, on a daily basis, I analyze real estate market data to establish the fair market value of properties under foreclosure. After analyzing data, I compile detailed reports to present with the valuation findings.


Nonprofit; Public Policy industry

January 2010 – May 2010 (5 months)

Primarily on a daily basis I assisted in the day to day operations of the Office of Management Consulting and Training (OMCT). OMCT is the department within NGA responsible for training governors and governor staff. Assist the director of OMCT in contacting and maintaining relationships between NGA and current governors, former governors, and governor staff.

Research Assistant

Nonprofit; Public Policy industry

January 2010 – May 2010 (5 months)

I coordinated events and assembled research with Public Agenda of Public Education Network a non-profit bipartisan organization which expresses educational needs with the 50 states. The events coordination included drafting invitation language, establishing a venue, receiving questions, answering questions, updating documents, and explaining complex issue such as the national debt numbers and how the national debt affects the educational development of the American public. The research, for Public Agenda, primarily focused on affects on the national debt and included sources such as, Congressional legislation, State Budget reports, Congressional Budget Office data, Office of Budget Management, Internal Revues Service, and many others.

District Manager

Public Company; Newspapers industry

September 2008 – April 2009 (8 months)

Manage the daily operation of newspaper distribution demands for the East Haven, Hamden and Wallingford area. Also, Compile detailed expenses reports, employee time sheets, and customer relations. Most importantly, supervise, hire, and train a staff of 13+ independent contractors and ensure accurate deliveries.

Alexander Sulpasso's Education

Southern Connecticut State University

Masters of Science, Public Policy and Admin

2010 – 2012 (expected)

3.8 of 4.0 GPA

Southern Connecticut State University

2005 – 2010


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