Monday, August 15, 2011

Follow up to the July 27th Board of Police Commissioners Meeting

If I didn't mention it in my last article on the Board of Police Commissioners,  I wrote a letter to Acting Chief Nappi requesting that I receive a copy of the statistical data that is used to detemine where and when the East Haven Police Department uses the DUI/DWI checkpoints throughout town. The current meeting is being played on channel 19 if you'd like to see it live.

Acting Chief Nappi decalred that the lcoations are determined were designated and assigned by Sargent Lennon with the assistance of this so called statistical data. I find that rather odd that a lower ranking officer would make that decison and not the top two men of the Department? We were told that we had to hire Deputy Chief Mannion by Mr. Paul Hongo because we had to assemble command back into the rank and file of the Police Department. Well if that is the case why isn't this decision at least being made by Manion? But not to worry I didn't let this one go. I have requested and Freedom of Information Request on the statistical data and received word from Town Attorney Patrticia Cofranceseco last week that I should be receiving "a response under seperate cover."

There is at least one good thing that did come out of that meeting on the 27th of July, the patrol at the Town Beach is back! After being told by Chairmain Brow that the SRO, DARE Program and the Community Patrol Officer were in "negotiations" amazingly <tounge and cheek> they listened because the Administration got caught. They know what is going on down at the beach. Just last week when I took my daughter down to field 4 in the dugouts was the stench of urine, beer bottle and condom wrappers. I suggest the Community Officer patrol that area very closely along with the Grove cause there is some work to do over there! 

The facts are that this East Haven Board of Police Commissioners are playing games with the safety and well being of the people of East Haven and this author will hold them to account by being at every Police Commission meeting I can attend and will continue to ask the pointed questions until our Police Department is back to doing what it's supposed to do, protect the citizens of our Town.

Stay tuned for Town Attorney Cofrancesco's response. I can assure you it will be very interesting.

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