Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let see what Joe Maturo is made of. Can he really commit to REAL CHANGE and bring East Haven back from the Brink?

So this week my emails have been burning up with people telling me that I need to come around for the cause. "You've got to support Joe because anything is better than April Capone." Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm sorry, even though I was born and raised in New York and spent most of my adult life in East Haven I still have the Missouri attitude of "Show Me".

So let’s give Joe the chance to show what he's going to do differently than our current disaster of a Mayor. I'd like to see exactly why this resident and taxpayer should change their stance and throw support behind Joe Maturo.

Here are some of the most important campaign issues that the people of East Haven have raised to me.

  1. Economic Development. What are Joe Maturo's ideas and plans to right the ship and make the Town of East Haven a thriving force? Hint, we don't want to hear, "When Joe was Mayor, things were great. That was then this is now. It's obvious that Capone's idea is to hire a Part Time inexperienced novice to handle this important position. We need to know the plan, the timeline and expectations.
  2. Police Department. Both April and Joe have done their fair share of wrecking our Police Department. However, to be fair April has done the most. What will Joe Maturo do to solve this problem and if he does prevail as Mayor? Will Maturo make a promise and commitment to a non-retaliatory policy for those remaining Police personnel that helped force him from office in 2007? It seems that our PD is the emotional trigger point for both Mayors and they just can't help themselves from trying to run the Department. Will a Joe Maturo Administration restore the DARE program, School Resource Officer, DUI Checkpoints on Main Street and a Community Officer to the Shore? Will a Maturo Administration make the commitment to uphold the law and process illegal aliens that use our resources and drain our tax base? Simply put will a Maturo Administration come out publically and say "I support the East Haven Police Department and will commit to bring stability and pride back!"
  3. Charter Revision. Both Capone and Maturo have promised Charter revision but neither have ever lifted a finger to update our Charter. Is a Joe Maturo Administration committed to ending nepotism, corruption and make the Tax Payer first? John Finkle was committed to instituting major and drastic changes where all Town Employees would have to disclose any relationship with any vendors that do business with the Town of East Haven. Finkle was also committed to creating a civilian review board to review all non-civil service positions to make sure that political appointments and favors would stop. Our Public Works Department and key positions in Town Hall are plagued with this nepotism problem. Ralph Mauro, the Mayor's Deputy Assistant, has hired many family members for example and Mayor Capone could care less.
  4. Taxes. What will a Joe Maturo Administration do to reverse the 17% tax increase April Capone laid on us after she said if you elect John Finkle he'll raise your taxes? What is Maturo's plan to reel in the deficit this Town is running? What is Maturo's plan to put the brakes on excessive bonding while still making sure the infrastructure remains intact? What type of tax policies will Maturo institute to mend this dysfunctional finance department?
  5. Change. Are the people of East Haven going to see a different Joe Maturo on the campaign trail and then the switch back to 2007 Joe? Will Joe Maturo commit REAL change by making the commitment that he will not hire any former employees back into positions and that all of the positions will follow the guidelines of Charter Revision? I do know one thing that there was over 4000 people in 2007 that said Joe's games were enough and it's time to leave. To reverse that and show people that you're serious about change is a daunting task that Joe really hasn't really shown yet in this campaign.
These 5 topics are a good start for me and those who supported REAL change and would demonstrate that the Old Joe Maturo would not resurface. It's very simple Joe, demonstrate you're a different person and make us believe that you are committed to REAL CHANGE and maybe you could help move the needle in your favor. We will be eagerly awaiting a response to see if you really represent the people of East Haven.

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