Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Maturo Victory sounds a stinging rebuke to Capone and her policies

Well it's not quite over just yet. A Saturday recount of electronic machines which are not supposed to fail should deliver the "change" that East Haveners sought last night. If all goes the way of Joe Maturo he will be back as East Haven's Mayor. Is this the change we really needed? Only Joe Maturo can answer that question and a lot is going to depend on the person himself. Joe should be proud of himself for accomplishing what I thought he couldn't do and reclaim the office of Mayor. Now like in 2007 when April Capone took office is his time to shine but it's going to take a lot of hard work and no politics to fix many of East Haven's problems. Immediately I see three things changing for the better.

1) The East Haven Police Department. Since the day April Capone rose her hand and took office she declared war on Chief Len Gallo. She was waiting and waiting and finally took her shot and placed him on paid Administrative Leave. This situation has been going on for over 19 months and by Thanksgiving I expect that Joe Maturo will return Chief Gallo and the EHPD can begin to heal the deep wounds that April Capone caused.

2) Economic Development. There is no doubt that Joe Maturo's election will send a positive ripple effect throughout the business community. April Capone's policies were a COMPLETE failure. This thread showed, April was asleep at the wheel and had over 78 vacant store fronts. Joe Maturo's Administration brought in Home Depot, Car Max and several other businesses and they will not make idiotic statements like April did in saying giving tax incentives to come to East Haven was a mistake.

3) East Haven's Image. From the moment April took office there were a slew of media and cameras everywhere and the Theatre major was in love with seeing herself all over the news. Press conferences, photo ops and every waking moment trying to give herself stature was in itself repulsive and not what this Town needed. East Haven is not Hartford, Bridgeport or New Haven. We are a working class Town of people who don't want their Town all over the news. We don't like the fame, the negative press and most of all our Mayor trying to make a name for themselves. I certainly look forward to the destruction of the mobile podium and restoring East Haven back to it's humble roots.

Many people have asked me personally if I supported Joe and what will happen to the Vine if he should win. The answer is no I did not and the East Haven Vine is going nowhere. If anything the East Haven Vine has exposed many things that were happening in Town Hall and a Joe Maturo Administration will face the same scrutiny. While this is not official until Saturday it seems the people of East Haven have spoken and finally the Queen is leaving the throne. AMEN!

Stay Tuned

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