Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Calling all Cars....The East Haven Police Commission has a Tax Evader!

In the continuing series of "Just who the hell do they think they are?" our second badge of honor lies on Police Commissioner James Krebs. As we all know the East Haven Police Commission has been front and center of the entire controversy with the East Haven Police Department and Mayor April.

One would think that a position of Police Commissioner should be bestowed on a person of character, honor and moral fiber. Does Mr. Krebs pass the litmus test? Well we can start by checking out taxes. As you may have heard Mayor April tell everyone that it is the single most important thing to pay one's taxes. She even had made note that she sent the assessor out to check on out of state plates and those who didn't pay their tax bills.

Low and behold the Vine did some research of Mr. Krebs' taxes and discovered that Mr. Krebs owes as of April 29, 2011 $856.64 in BACK TAXES on a 1987 Lincoln Continental. Just how could that be? Mr. Krebs sits on the highly prestigious East Haven Police Commission. You know the board that holds everyone feet to the fire! You know the board that makes sure everyone is held to account for their actions. The one that tries and convicts without due process. So how could Mr. Brow not be aware of this? How could April Capone not do her vetting? But the biggest question of them all is around the car that Mr. Krebs currently drives....Where is that  car registered because according to The East Haven Tax Office there are no motor vehicles registered to Mr. Krebs in the Town of East Haven? Furthermore, State law says the if a vehicle is housed at a residence for more than 6 months IT MUST BE REGISTERED in the Town it resides in! Oh no! Could it be that a Police Commissioner in the Town of East Haven has violated the Motor Vehicle laws of the State of Connecticut?

So Mr Krebs, can you answer the question of why you didn't pay your car taxes? Can you explain how you can sit in judgment of others for allegedly not following the law when you yourself don't follow the law?
Mr. Krebs should immediately resign from the East Haven Board of Police Commissioners for failing to hold his position with honor, honesty and disclosure.

Lastly, it's only $856.64 maybe the Democratic Town Committee can help out since the $88K they raised couldn't get Mayor April back in. It's the least they could do for you for holding court over your kangaroo court of a Police Commission.

Unfortunately the link feature is broken on Blogger so if you would like a hard copy of the tax report from the Town of East Haven just email me at


  1. Did your research indicate the jurisdiction to which the back taxes are owed, in what town the car is registered, and where it is housed?

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