Wednesday, November 30, 2011

East Haven Board of Police Commissioners saga continues...February 1 can't come soon enough.

Tonight at 7:00pm (November 29, 2011) there was supposed to be a Police Commissioners meeting several hours after Mayor Joe Maturo continued his impressive pledge of putting Chief Len Gallo back on the job after serving 19 months on ice. However, the East Haven Board of Police Commissioners failed to get a quorum so the meeting was canceled. Just one word describes this latest action, COWARDS.

For a Police Commission who can find the time to hold a Special Meeting at a moments notice, I find it truly unbelievable that Commissioners James Krebs, Joe Civitello and Carl Perez could not attend tonight's meeting. This unsavory gang of five are becoming the biggest disgrace to serve on any boards in the history of the Town of East Haven and all because of a word and actions I can't stand, vendetta.

Each and every member of this DIS-honorable Board should hang their heads in shame for what they have put this Town through. They know the wrath has been issued through the ballot box and by the "Special Meeting" they held against Sgt John Miller, their days are numbered. This Board should also know they and certain members of their Administration are the reason why Mayor April lost the election. All these attacks against our Police Department, accusations, denial of hearings for both Gallo and Spaudling, removal of the K9 unit and DARE programs made people fed up. All of these items I bring up were all brought through vendetta for Chief Len Gallo and it's absolutely disgusting.

I applaud Joe Maturo's actions today because Joe knows what many of us already knew, there wasn't enough evidence in the first place to remove Len Gallo. So Mayor April and Town Attorney Patty CoFrancesco decided to be the bully and the bully pulpit and put the taxpayers on the hook for 19 months allowing Len to sit home. Still to this day, we're hearing from the FORMER Assistant Director, Paul Hongo on his justification of why Capone's Administration placed Gallo on leave. I have one message for Mr. Hongo. Cut the crap, cut the lies and stay in Trumbull. You've done enough damage to our Town. Please just go away and let us move on and heal from the last 4 years.

Not being in Mayor Joe's inner circle, I can say so far, this Mayor has conducted the business of the Town the way it should be, in the best interests of the Taxpayer and for the safety of us all. Soon I hope to see the East Haven Police Department back out on the street conducting Community Policing, arresting drug dealers, conducting DUI/DWI check's at locations where they make sense, the return of our K9, the return of our DARE program, keeping the peace and sending a clear message to those who break the laws of our Town, that our Chief has returned and the rule of law has as well. And if you commit a crime in the Town of East Haven you will be dealt with in the most professional police manner but you will be dealt with and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

This kangaroo commission should just stay home until February 1st when we will usher in two new commissioners to replace Fred Brow and the man who owes more than just an apology, Mr. James Krebs. These two leading men remind me of what George Bailey said to Old Man Potter in It's a Wonderful Life, "You're nothing but a warped frustrated old man." In this case two warped frustrated old men. But I think you get my point. February 1, 2012 can't come fast enough.

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