Monday, November 14, 2011

A second time around Maturo needs to realize who put him in office

Joe Maturo Jr has won his most narrowest decision just by 34 votes. Both April  Capone and Joe Maturo are polarizing figures in East Haven politics and both of them have big ego's, thus the problems begin. If Joe Maturo is going to have a successful two years he must come to grips with two things, first he was not the first choice of the Republican Party and secondly he owes his election to the withdrawal of the Republican nominee John Finkle. There is no doubt that if John stayed in the race as a Republican and Joe as the 3rd line candidate April Capone would still be sitting in the office of Mayor.

Don't get me wrong I am VERY glad to see the exit of April Capone and her cast of characters but I certainly do not forget the fact that it was Joe Maturo's last term in office that caused her to become Mayor in the first place.

I do like what I am hearing from Joe Maturo, that he's here for the people etc. Now you just have to show it. Show the people that the old Joe that was fired in 2007 will never resurface. Show the people that you will not be vindictive and punitive and that you will tolerate open and honest discussion. Be fair with your Board and Commission appointments because you are supposed to be here for the people of East Haven, not yourself.

I know that Joe made some campaign promises. Some will be very easy to accomplish and I expect the first one will start right at the East Haven PD when the 3 Chief issue will be resolved. The more challenging one will be the roll back of the 17% tax increase. While I've heard that it is virtually impossible to do I would not count Joe Maturo out on that. Joe is a fiscal conservative and knows what he is doing with finances. His philosophy will inspire the new culture in Town Hall that there is not an open check book and that we must be prudent in all areas. Lastly, and this is the biggest one, bringing East Haven's reputation back to good standing. I know Joe pretty well and he is not a big press guy so I wouldn't expect the weekly press conferences we've seen for the past 4 years. I would expect him to go about his business under the radar screen, which it is the way it is supposed to be. But what we can not return to is the absentee Mayor who is out playing golf or on vacation in Florida. These were proven downfalls for Joe Maturo.

The people have elected you Joe, we're counting on you to get this Town straight and we will be there for you but you have to be there for us too.

Here's to a successful Maturo Administration! East Haven needs it!

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