Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Spoiled Child went too far and has been cast out by the people!

“We really didn’t think this would turn out this way,” Capone told WTNH-TV News 8, “but at the end of the day, the voters choose the person whose values and work ethic closely resembles theirs, and, you know, that’s their choice, and I respect that, and that’s what makes it a democracy.”

So that is what your Mayor thinks of the people of the Town of East Haven? I don’t find this statement insulting I find it indicative of Mayor April’s behavior since Day 1. She despised Joe Maturo so let me do a little “devil in the details” of what Ms. Capone truly means by this statement.

The word “values” in this statement implies Joe’s outlook on things and his standards. In the 2007 campaign April Capone said Joe Maturo was a liar, implied that he was a thief and corrupt. As for the work ethic she said that Joe abused his office by taking 10 weeks of vacation, played golf and ran the Town like a playboy.

Get it now fellow East Haven residents? This is not the East Haven Vine making these assumptions these are factual words being spoken with real quotes and statements that April Capone has made in the past and the present.

My response to Mayor Capone…..Just who the hell do you think you are? Who are you calling a liar, thief and corrupt? Whose work ethic are you questioning? For those 3,900 people that voted for Joe Maturo I gather you’re just that, not even worthy of anything. You’re too stupid to realize what you did by voting for anyone else but April.

See it now people? You can’t live without “The Queen” being in charge of your life. You need her and her big government ideas to survive. This all from a person from day 1 was the BIGGEST liar of them all. Remember the “Executive” from Verizon Wireless? Yeah right. She sold cell phones and couldn’t even hold on to that job. Remember the line, “I left my position to concentrate on running for Mayor”. While we’ll never truly know the real story the possibilities of what really happened makes a great punch line. Or how about “If you vote for John Finkle he’ll raise your taxes”; then Mayor Capone 5 months later, raised your taxes 17%. Shall I go on because I could make a laundry list of all the lies Mayor April Capone laid on the people of East Haven?

Getting the message now everyone? Now for the work ethic statement she made. I am not a native East Havener. I was born and raised in New York but have spent the majority of my working adult life right here in East Haven and I wouldn’t trade any of these people for anyone! Because I live here in East Haven I know so many people with such a wealth of talent and expertise that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I know a ton of electricians, a few plumbers, fencing guys, oil company owners, AT&T workers, Builders, Fire Fighters, Police, Sanitation, Public Works amongst many others who I am proud to call my friends, my neighbors and my family. Some of these people that the Mayor is referring to are the very people that built my home and later expanded it. I have two college degrees but am an idiot with a hammer and nails and couldn't even build a bird house without instructions. Well, I think I could do it but hang in there with me I’m trying to lay out a point!

These people who voted for the other guy and not The Queen have more ethics in the dirt under their working fingers than Mayor Capone ever could imagine. These men and women are the back bone of our working class community that Mayor Capone slapped continually in the face until they couldn’t take it anymore. Hopefully Saturday we will hear the beginning of the last of her. Again Mayor Capone just who the hell do you think you are?     

So as the final counts are being drawn on Saturday morning and you are hopefully out the door, this East Haven resident won’t use a back handed remark to imply stupidity but direct words. Mayor April Capone win or lose Saturday you are by far the most incompetent Mayor this Town has ever seen. You are the most disingenuous person I have ever met and I for one am glad you and your three ring circus will be forever leaving this Town.

How’s that for telling it like it is Mayor April?  

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