Thursday, December 22, 2011

Racial Profiling or Political Profiling....What's the difference?

It's great to be back! Sorry for the obvious absence but I've been working very long hours and not able to write. So I've been following this story about the DOJ and the East Haven PD for the past few days and at first I was very alarmed by the story breaking but as I continued to watch the television newscasts I could not help but see some profiling myself. Yes I did see some political profiling. I saw all the former Democratic Administration and some of the current East Haven Board of Police Commissioners at the DOJ Press Conference but NOT ONE of the accused, any of the current Administration or any Republicans from East Haven at the DOJ Press Conference.

Could political profiling be as serious as racial profiling? Well I guess it's all in the eyes of the beholder. You see political profiling can be just as serious as racial profiling. Think about it. Is it really any different? In political profiling you hate so much. In racial profiling there is hatred too. In political profiling you target and defame your opponent. In racial profiling you target and defame your victim. In some cases, political profiling ends up in violence against your target as does racial profiling. So the question is will the DOJ look into the political profiling that FORMER Mayor April Capone, Paul Hongo, Fr. Manship, Frank Capone, James Krebs and Fred Brow are conducting? How is it that at this press conference NOT one of the current administration knew anything about the press conference but everyone of the Capone Administration did? Could the United States Department of Justice be favoring one side over the other? Could it be that the DOJ is collaborating in Political Profiling with the former Democratic Administration? Could it be that President Obama's attorney's have zeroed in on East Haven because it is a community of not intolerance of Latino's but a community that holds it's citizens and visitors ACCOUNTABLE for their actions? East Haven unlike New Haven is not a haven for lawlessness and a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and despite what the DOJ thinks or says pulling people over for driving illegally registered cars, having no insurance and no drivers license is JUST CAUSE. In addition why has the DOJ conveniently left off the conviction rates for those illegals? Could it be that they are close to 100%?

Now tonight we discover what I've suspected all along, that some of the plaintiff's in the case against the EHPD want out because they have committed perjury. This Garcia character is a real winner. He accuses Officer Michael Sorbo and Sgt. Ed Lennon of participating in assaulting him and if you know these two officers like I do you would never believe it.

In the 15 years I have known Mike Sorbo I have never once seen him ever lift a finger to anyone in a violent way. He is one of the most subdued people I have ever met. He has a soft heart and cares about human beings. He served as the DARE Officer for several years and every DARE graduation I attended the kids just loved him. He wears Badge #1 for a reason because he's a long serving officer who gets along with just about everyone.

Although I have not known Sgt. Eddie Lennon that long I do know the man and he is a very soft spoken person and non confrontational. Having him participate in what Garcia has said happened on August 8, 2009 is just not in Eddie's character and simply not believable!

Now we learn that from Sgt. Montagna's report that Garcia was going through a DUI Checkpoint, tried to evade it and became combative while he was being placed under arrest. Now that I can believe! Because the "CONSEQUENCES" of going through a DUI checkpoint under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not being licensed and or registered will trigger an citation up to and including arrest. In addition running from the Police after being detained will also trigger "CONSEQUENCES" and may result in physical restraint up to and including deadly physical force if the life of a Police Officer is placed at risk. So as we East Haven parents have learned from our DARE Officer that doing bad things leads to "CONSEQUENCES". Thanks Officer Mike, I understand. I don't drink and drive. I register my vehicles and make sure they are insured and best of all I maintain my citizenship so I can retain all of my Constitutional Rights afforded to me.

So now I have a question for the great United States Department of Justice. In the hundreds of interviews and reviews did not one of the agents know the character of this supposed victim of Latino profiling, Mr. Garcia? Did anyone of these Agents seriously look at the careers of these two officers and say I will afford them the benefit of doubt? Could it be that the Department of Justice Report could have some serious and erroneous flaws in it? Could it be that United States Department of Justice could be wrong and only listening to one side? I'm a Republican in the Town of East Haven and I've have never been questioned about the East Haven Police but it's amazing that there were 6 politically connected Democrats at the the DOJ's press conference.

Could it be that Officer Mike Sorbo could be the victim of political profiling? Wasn't Officer Sorbo the Policer Officer who filled out the arrest warrant that led to FORMER Mayor April Capone's arrest? Wasn't it a fact that in 2007 Officer Mike ran for Town Council in District 2 on the Republican ticket? Wasn't also the fact that FORMER Mayor April said in a recorded phone call to the EHPD that she was tired of Officer Sorbo playing "cute" down at the beach? Could it be that this was the incident that sparked the war between Mayor April and the East Haven Police Department? Could it be that the East Haven Police Department is the victim of political profiling?

The sad part about this whole thing is there are no crimes on the books for political profiling and there should be! It's just as dangerous and both sides play the game to the detriment to the victims who many times don't want anything to do with it. Do you see the similarities?

I know the FBI, DOJ, State Department and other Governmental Agencies are watching everything and reading everything in the Town, this blog included and I welcome it. Maybe they should look at the CONSEQUENCES of political profiling and maybe they could understand what many of us already know that FORMER Mayor Capone, Paul Hongo, Frank Capone,  Fr. Manship, James Krebs and Fred Brow play that game very well!


  1. As allways Dan you have hit the nail on the head with this one,But the question still remains if any of the actual criminals,liars and people who did abuse thier positions of power will ever be charged,And I'm not talking about the EHPD but the former Mayor and her cronies.

  2. Then why has Officer Sorbo turned his gun in??