Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where is the PUBLIC Apology from Capone, Hongo and the Board of Police Commissioners?

Three days after the United States Department of Justice held a press conference followed by FORMER Mayor April Capone and FORMER Deputy Director Paul Hongo we all are waiting for a PUBLIC apology from the FORMER Mayor and her sidekick Paul Hongo. Why? Well as we discovered one of the Plantiff's in the case Mr. Yadanny Garcia, attempted to withdraw his charges on Officer Michael Sorbo and Sgt. Lennon because he lied about what happened to him on August 8, 2009. It is was reported by Mr. Garcia that the officers used excessive force, beat and tased him that was never true.!

As quoted by FORMER Mayor April Capone, in the East Haven Patch, "Capone: DOJ's Findings 'No Surprise'

Capone — who lost last month's re-election attempt by a handful of votes to returning and current Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. — said she was aware of the nature and certain aspects of the Justice Department's investigation, but was not allowed to comment on the case while it was ongoing.

Because of this, she said, others attempted to fill that information gap with "rumors" and false information suggesting that the Justice Department's investigation was not as serious at it was.

"This is very serious... to hear anyone deny this is a problem or an issue with the police department is frightening," Capone said of officers engaging in racial discrimination against Latino residents.

So if FORMER Mayor Capone is so concerned about justice for all where is her compassion for the two officers who were falsely accused of committing a crime against Mr. Garcia. Why is she not leading the charge to question the Federal Government's investigation that now has falsely accused two of her officers? Why isn't she? Because plain and simple April Capone is full of crap.

April Capone could care less about East Haven or any of the people of East Haven and that also goes for Paul Hongo. You see the day after April Capone Almon lost the election her home went up for sale. Look here.....http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/279-Barberry-Rd-East-Haven-CT-06512/2122979873_zpid/

Her sidekick Paul Hongo also never lived in East Haven and as far as I and many of us here in East Haven could care less about your taxes or you as residents of the Town of East Haven.

So if these two really cared about East Haven why is the FORMER Mayor moving out of town? Could it be she knew this was coming down and she wanted to get out of Dodge? Then of course we couldn't forget this famous quote after FORMER Mayor April was handed her defeat.

We really didn’t think this would turn out this way,” Capone told WTNH-TV News 8, “but at the end of the day, the voters choose the person whose values and work ethic closely resembles theirs, and, you know, that’s their choice, and I respect that, and that’s what makes it a democracy.”

I usually let the readers decide but readers.....April Capone is lying right through her teeth when she gets on the news and says she's sad for the Taxpayers of East Haven. She could give a damn about you or anyone else. FORMER Mayor April's machine was hell bent on destroying the very fabric of this Town and to remake it in her own vision that is still unknown. But one thing is for sure everything FORMER Mayor April did and said was based on vendetta. Just look at who is the Chairman of the Police Commission, Fred Brow and the four casts of characters.

Fred Brow, like the vicious little chihuahua, just has to keep going until the very end but Fred we also know your game. You see if you can remember back to 1997 Fred Brow was a VERY BIG Joe Maturo supporter until Joe said no to him being put of the Board of Police Commissioners he held his breathe and as soon as April won he was put on the EH Police Commission. Who knew that Joe Maturo had such insight to the disposition of Mr. Brow. Joe I guess knew that the Napoleon syndrome ran in this mans veins and that he could be such a hazard. Good call Joe.

James Krebs who has the audacity to serve while owing the Town of East Haven hundreds of dollars in back taxes and drives around a vehicle registered out of Town. What kind of example does this man set for upholding the laws of the Town of East Haven. I've called for him to step down but he's going to keep on the mission.

James Civitello  the public servant with the scowl on his face. He's another one that has been seen driving around Town with a Maine license plate although it is a rare sighting. I wonder why we always see Mr. Civitello walking on foot around Town and not using his car? Inquring minds would like to know.

Frank Perigrossi just a follower and doesn't have the guts to stand up to the other commissioners when they are wrong. You see Frank knows that they are wrong because he wore the gun and badge for years maybe he's just waiting for Brow and Krebs to be kicked off the Board in February. We could only hope that this once respected former cop will start to do the right thing.

Carl Perez here's an interesting character. Nice when you talk face to face. Always looking for approval. Tells the men in the rank and file he's going to support them and at the very first opportunity he sticks it to them. Also uses his authority on the Police Commission to flex muscle on Taylor Avenue to place Emergency Orders for no parking signs during the St. Vincent de Paul Church carnival.  Oh I forgot he lives right across the street. Little self serving aren't we Carl? Then of course we can't forget the sign on the bridge during the election incident where The Commissioner didn't like the sign and made a big stink about it.

As I wrote earlier in the week every one of these men with the exception of Perigrossi is a member of the East Haven Democratic Town Committee serving under Gene Ruocco. Their mission is to keep at any cost Democratic Control of the Town and that even means embarrassing the Town just to get to Chief Len Gallo. You see what the general public doesn't know is this has been a political show since the very first meeting on what to do about Chief Len Gallo the actual target.

Back in 2007 the men who are held in confidence met with Mayor April and Town Attorney CoFrancesco to discuss what to do about the Chief. The two men said we need to be diplomatic, fair and retire the Chief but it was Patty who said she wanted a "pint" of his blood and there was the beginnings of the drama and the end result of a very politically charged and weak DOJ investigation. You see Patty and the Chief go back to New Haven where she was terminated as the City Attorney. It's all about the vendetta and where there is vendetta there is never room for an apology, how sad!


  1. None of these dirtbags will ever appologize for the embarrassment and financial ruin that they have brought upon the residents of East Haven,Every move they made was based on thier own agenda and vendettas,The only thing we can do now that they are gone and or on thier way out is to rebuild what they have destroyed and that will take time but we will get there.

  2. Hello Dan, hope you are doing well. I cant believe you are still on the bandwagon saying that the police commission invited the DOJ. I will give you the number to call and you can hear it from the horses mouth that this is false. I just had to comment after reading this post because it is so ironic. Please go back and read what you posted to me on 11/27/10, on the patch when you complained about my service on the commission. "you don't call the party to consult", "you should resign because you dont' represent our opinion", you also invited me to meet with all the new republicans because the old guard of Joe Maturo, Art Desorbo and gang was removed. You said I was "narrowminded" because I thought the old guard was still in place. Now Dan, who is being narrowminded.
    You are dragging these gentlemen through the mud
    because you claim they are doing exactly what you wanted me to do. I think I am going to have a flyer made up of your comments to me on 11/27/10 on one side and this 12/28/11 commentary on the other. Its amazing what changes can take place in one year. The DOJ has said East Haven PD is broken. Joe Maturo, whom you attacked time and again is now Mayor again, and you are back tracking at a rockets
    pace. Nothing personal Dan, but you could give the girl in the exorcist a run for her money the way your head spins around. You accused me
    of trying to always please those in a position of power, well Dan, you out distance me in that
    arena. I respect the office of Mayor, whomever holds it. There's a lot I could say about Joe Maturo, but I won't. What good would it do, if
    people like you are willing to swallow their pride to curry favor with the person sitting in that office. Dan, its time to take a long hard look in the mirror. You are losing peoples respect by flip flopping so much and making such wild claims, especially on the internet. Remember they are here forever and your kids as adults will have to live with their legacy.

    I hope that the FBI is finished soon. This has taken a terrible toll on East Haven. I think this Board has tried its best in circumstances that no person in this town would ever want to be in the middle of. As a former East Haven resident I thank them for their time. I'll say a prayer for you tonight Dan. Put all this energy into your family. They are what's most important. The politics in this town will just keep recycling itself on and on and nothing good ever comes from it. Marie

  3. Marie...Are you SURE about that statement that DOJ wasn't invited? I'll give you some time to think about it. As for back tracking I have not spoken to Joe Maturo since June 2010 and probably never will again. But because I think he's doing the right thing doesn't make me a supporter. I didn't vote for him. So I don't know where this flip flop thing is coming from. I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season